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Ten Thousand Angels 英文
1.A Girl's Gotta Do (What A Girl's Gotta Do)
2.All That I Am
3.Breakin' It
4.Guys Do It All The Time
5.Have A Nice Day
6.It Ain't A Party
7.Maybe He'll Notice Her Now
8.Tell Me Something I Don't Know
9.Ten Thousand Angels
10.Without Love
If I Don't Stay The Night 英文
1.You'll Never Know
I'm Still Here 英文
1.Guys Do It All the Time
2.Ten Thousand Angels
3.Wrong Again
4.By Her Side
5.I Want A Man
6.I'm Still Here
7.I Want To Love You
8.Songs About You (提供)
9.The Way You Make Me Melt
10.The Dance
11.I Hate That I Love You
12.Fades (提供)
暂存 英文
1.What If I Do
2.This Is Me
3.If I Don't Stay the Night
4.Cross Against The Moon
5.For a Good Time Call
6.Oh Romeo
7.The Other Side of This Kiss
8.Fine Art Of Holding A Woman
9.Only A Whisper
10.Long, Long Time
11.I'm Not So Tough
12.Tumble and Roll
13.All I Want Is Everything
14.Two Different Things
15.Dream On
16.I've Got a Feeling
17.Thunder and Roses
18.Over and Over
19.Lucky Me
20.Hold Me
21.Take Me Apart
22.Lips Like Yours
23.Lovin' Your Man
26.I Just Want Love
27.Why We Love
28.The Fire
30.Don't Speak
31.If I Feel Your Hand
32.Baby You Get To Me
33.Maybe, Maybe Not
34.Not Somebody's Fool
35.I Love You Too
36.One In A Million
37.I Don't Want You To Go
38.Walk in Glory
39.Let's Talk About Love
40.Santa Baby
41.What I Need
42.A Girls Gotta Do
43.Be With Me
44.You Get to Me

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