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Up the Dosage 英文
1.Everybody's Fault But Mine
2.Rub it to Death
3.Till the Meat Falls Off the Bone (提供)
4.The South's Too Fat to Rise Again
5.Before the Drugs Wear Off
7.Beginning of the End
8.Up the Dosage
9.Taking It Easy (提供)
10.White and Cloud
11.Hooray for Cocaine, Hooray for Tennessee
12.Pillbilly Blues
13.Pussy's Not a Dirty Word
From Hell To Texas 英文
1.Speed Machine
2.Lazy Jesus
3.Drunk Driving Man
4.Ain't Yo Business
5.I'm So High
6.From Hell To Texas
7.Dead Men Can't Get Drunk
8.Why? Why? Why?
9.Pray For The Devil
10.Late Great USA
11.Stone Cold Down
12.Give Me A Hit Before I Go
13.Ain't You Business
From Hell to Texas (Live and Loud in Europe) 英文
1.Say Something Nasty (live in Durango, Spain)
2.Ain't Your Business
3.The Bitch Just Kicked Me Out (live in Vigo, Spain)
4.Why Why Why (live in Deventer, Netherlands)
5.Snake Eyes (live in Deventer, Netherlands)
6.I'm So High (live in Ris Orangis, France)
7.Hate and Whiskey (live in Prague, Czech Republic)
8.From Hell to Texas (live in Prague, Czech Republic)
9.Dead Men Can't Get Drunk
暂存 英文
1.Hate and Whisky
2.Jack Shack
3.Go To Hell
4.Atlanta's Still Burning
5.Down At The Jack Shack
6.Keep On Fuckin'
7.Words of Wisdom
8.You Give Drugs a Bad Name
9.Say Something Nasty
10.The Bitch Just Kicked Me Out
11.Hell Ain't What It Used to Be
12.Gonna Hitchhike Down to Cincinnati and Kick the Shit Outta Your Drunk Daddy
13.Lazy White Boy
14.Come On Come On
15.One Way Down (Live in Nottingham)
16.Nutbush City Limits (with Ron Heathman) - Live in Nottingham
17.Gonna Hitchhike Down to Cincinnati & Kick the Shit Outta Your Drunk Daddy
18.She's Got the Drugs
19.Good Night for a Heart Attack (Live Version)
21.Can't Get Rid of It

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