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Ron Sexsmith【 共收藏 7 张专辑, 175 首歌 】
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Carousel One 英文
1.Sure As the Sky
2.Saint Bernard
3.Loving You
4.Before the Light Is Gone
5.Lucky Penny
6.Getaway Car
7.Nothing Feels the Same Anymore
8.Sun's Coming Out
9.Lord Knows
10.All Our Tomorrows
11.Can't Get My Act Together
12.Tumbling Sky
13.Many Times
14.The Other Side
15.Is Anybody Going to San Antone
Forever Endeavour 英文
1.Nowhere To Go
2.Nowhere Is
3.If Only Avenue
4.Snake Road
5.Blind Eye
6.Lost In Thought
7.Sneak Out the Back Door
8.Back of My Hand
9.Deepens With Time
10.Me, Myself and Wine
11.She Does My Heart Good
12.The Morning Light
13.Life After a Broken Heart
14.Autumn Light
15.Least of My Worries
16.Real Pandora
Long Player Late Bloomer 英文
1.Eye Candy
3.Late Bloomer
4.Love Shines
5.Michael And His Dad
6.Middle Of Love
9.Believe It When I See It
10.The Reason Why
11.Get In Line
12.No Help At All
13.Every Time I Follow
Exit Strategy Of The Soul 英文
1.Spiritude (提供)
2.This Is How I Know
3.One Last Round
4.Ghost Of A Chance
5.Thoughts And Prayers
6.Brandy Alexander
7.Travelling Alone
8.Poor Helpless Dreams
9.Hard Time
10.Impossible World
11.Music To My Ears
12.Chased By Love
13.Brighter Still
14.Dawn Anna (提供)
Retriever 英文
2.How On Earth
3.Not About To Lose
4.Whatever It Takes
5.From Now On
6.Wishing Wells
7.Imaginary Friends
8.Tomorrow In Her Eyes
9.Hard Bargain
10.I Know It Well
11.For The Driver
12.Dandelion Wine
The Last Rider 英文
1.It Won't Last for Long
3.Who We Are Right Now
4.Our Way
5.Worried Song
6.Man at the Gate (1913)
7.Dreams Are Bigger
8.Every Last One
9.Only Trouble Is
10.Upward Dog
11.Dead End Dream
13.West Gwillimbury
14.Breakfast Ethereal
暂存 英文
1.Strawberry Blonde
3.You Were There
4.These Days
5.Secret Heart
6.Cheap Hotel
7.Former Glory
8.At Different Times
9.So Young
10.Not Too Big
11.While You're Waiting
12.Speaking With the Angel
13.Still Time
14.Right About Now
16.In a Flash
17.Beautiful View
18.One Grey Morning
19.Just My Heart Talkin'
20.Reason For Our Love
22.Every Passing Day
23.Seem to Recall
24.Tell Me Again
25.Thinking Out Loud
26.This Song
27.The Grim Trucker
28.Snow Angel
29.Hands Of Time
30.And Now The Day Is Done
31.Never Been Done
32.The Less I Know
33.Some Dusty Things
34.Never Give Up
35.Ship Of Fools
36.In Place of You
37.Least That I Can Do
38.Gold In Them Hills (Remix)
39.Jazz At The Bookstore
40.Thirsty Love
41.I Think We're Lost
42.Cold Hearted Wind
43.Disappearing Act
44.On A Whim
45.Average Joe
46.Nothing Good
47.April After All
48.Thinly Veiled Disguise
50.From A Few Streets Over
51.Best Friends
52.Moonlight Becomes You
53.Words We Never Use
54.Wastin' Time
55.Honest Mistake
56.Child Star
57.Clown In Broad Daylight
58.There's a Rhythm
59.Summer Blowin' Town
60.Several Miles
61.Galbraith Street
62.Pretty Little Cemetery
63.God Loves Everyone
64.Heart With No Companion
65.First Chance I Get
66.Keep It In Mind
67.It Never Fails
68.Dragonfly On Bay Street
69.All In Good Time
70.Up The Road
71.For A Moment
72.Don't Ask Why
73.Miracle In Itself
74.Lebanon, Tennessee
75.Heart's Desire
76.Feel for You
77.The Idiot Boy
78.Maybe This Christmas
80.Must Have Heard It Wrong
81.Michael & His Dad
82.Reason Why
83.Gold In Them Hills
84.Small Emotions
85.All In Good Time (Live At the Verge)
86.Jazz At the Bookstore (Live At the Verge)
87.Since I Don't Have You (The Skyliners Cover)
88.Gold in Them Hills (feat. Chris Martin)
89.The Impossible World
90.Traveling Alone

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