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Laughter’s Good 英文
1.Little League (提供)
2.Hookers Make You Skip (提供)
3.Going to Church (提供)
4.Poison Ivy and the Lord (提供)
5.Shopping at Walgreens (提供)
6.Religions (提供)
7.72 Virgins and a Crown (提供)
8.Living With a Woman (提供)
9.The No Sex Penalty (提供)
10.Be Happy With Your Vanilla (提供)
11.If They Leave, Follow Them (提供)
12.Conversations With My Penis (提供)
13.Role Models (提供)
14.Puss Island (提供)
15.What Do You Say, Boy (提供)
16.To the Couch (提供)
17.That's an Angry Monkey (提供)
19.Fooled Again (提供)
20.If I'm the Only One
21.The Toby Keith Saga (提供)
22.White Shirts in the Rain
El Nino Loco 英文
1.El Nino Loco (提供)
2.Drink More Beer
3.If I'm The Only One
4.Wish She Would Have Left Quicker (提供)
5.White Shirts & Rain (提供)
6.Best You'll Do Tonight
7.Bowling Trophy Wife
8.Do You All (提供)
9.Don't Tell My Wife (提供)
10.Funny Man
King Of The Mountains 英文
1.Intro (King Of The Mountains) (提供)
2.Tee Off (提供)
3.Massage (提供)
4.TV Show (提供)
5.Shopping On Rodeo Street (提供)
6.Real Fancy Place (提供)
7.Give It A Try (提供)
8.Zoo (提供)
9.Yoga Class (提供)
10.Boxing (提供)
11.Christmas With The Kids (提供)
12.Home Movie (提供)
13.Short Arms (提供)
14.Wheel Of Fortune (提供)
15.Travel Pillow (提供)
16.The Apple (提供)
17.Fun (提供)
18.Changes (提供)
19.Baby Back
20.Fat Girl (提供)
21.Put Your Clothes Back On
22.Rap Star
23.Rhymes With Truck
24.Show Them To Me
25.Tribute To Barry Martin (提供)
26.My Angel Friend
Nut Sack 英文
1.Intro (提供)
3.Nut Sack (提供)
4.Tips On Marriage (提供)
5.Men And Women
6.All The Reasons
7.She'd Be A Millionaire
8.Don't Look Now
9.That's Just My Luck
10.That Awful Day
11.Carlos, Man Of Love
12.Just One Beer
13.It's Too Late
14.The Night The Bar Closed Down
15.Letter To My Penis
16.It's Too Late (Radio Edit Version)
Morning Wood 英文
1.Fat Girls, Nebraska Farmers, Japanese Restaurants (提供)
2.Rodney's Wife & Kids, Marriage, Vacations (提供)
3.All About Sex
4.Play Your Cards Wrong
5.Titties & Beer (提供)
6.In Her Day
7.More Of A Man
8.Gay Factory Worker
9.A Dozen Roses (提供)
11.Morning Wood
12.Pickup Truck
13.Older Women
14.Great To Be A Man
hanging with rodney 英文
1.dancing with a man (提供)
Rodney Carrington Live! C'mon Laugh You Bastards 英文
1.Reasons To Call In Sick (Live)
2.Deer Hunting - Snake Hunting (Live)
3.Rodney Gets Drunk and Goes To Jail (Live)
4.C'mon, Sing You Bastards - Burning Sensation (Live)
5.Chicken Song (Live)
6.Grandpa (Live)
7.Masturbation (Live)
8.Yard Sale - Underwear Song (Live)
Live! C'mon Laugh You Bastards 英文
1.Going to Heaven - People That Pissed Me Off (提供)
2.C'mon, Sing You Bastards - Burning Sensation
3.Yard Sale - Underwear Song
暂存 英文
1.A Beer Is Better Than A Woman
3.She's More Of A Man Than I'll Ever Be (2000)
5.Little Things
6.Camouflage & Christmas Lights
7.Dear Penis
8.It's Too Late [Radio Edit]
9.Chicken Song
10.: Momma's Got Her Boobs Out
12.Camouflage And Christmas Lights
13.Deer Hunting - Snake Hunting (提供)

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