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Aggressive Measures 英文
1.Intro:The Upcoming (提供)
2.Aggressive Measures
3.Beyond The Superstition
4.Into The Forgotten
5.Enslave The Weak
6.Fake Redemption
7.Chained In Reality
8.Emerged With Hate (提供)
9.Blood Follows The Blood
Syncretism 英文
1.Neurophobic (提供)
2.Convulsion Of Christ (提供)
3.Blood Soaked Domain
4.Dominance By Acquisition (提供)
5.Syncretism (提供)
6.Black Slithering Mass (提供)
7.Rite Of The Blood Eagle (提供)
8.The Canonical Rights (提供)
9.Confession Before Slaughter (提供)
Dark Memorials 英文
1.The Malicious (Intro) (提供)
2.Beneath the Remains
3.Exhume to Consume
4.Unleashed Upon Mankind
5.Master Killer
6.Beyond the Unholy Grave
7.Under the Guillotine
8.Ridden with Disease
10.Radiation Sickness
11.Blasphemies of the Flesh (提供)
12.Spiritual Immolation (Re-recorded) (提供)
13.Compulsory Resignation (Re-recorded) (提供)
The Post-Apocalyptic Servant 英文
1.The Post-Apocalyptic Servant
2.The Art of Skin Decoration
3.Fall From Grace (提供)
4.The Burden of Mayhem
5.Unstoppable Force (提供)
6.Deadly Inner Sense (提供)
7.The Sculpture of Insanity
8.The Macabre God
9.The Science of Prophecy
10.The Dome of Pleasure
11.The Masquerade of an Angel
12.The End of All That Conquers
13.The Saviour
The Carnage Ending 英文
1.Gates of Bloodshed (提供)
2.Unheavenly Domain
3.Transylvania (City Of The Damned)
4.My Casual Enemy
5.Crown Of Thorns
6.The Carnage Ending
7.Oath Of Rebirth (提供)
8.Regarding The Imagery (提供)
9.Blood Ecstacy (提供)
10.Defamatory Content (提供)
11.Final Destroyer
Years of Massacre 英文
1.Republic of the Grave
2.Summit of Sacrifice
3.If It Bleeds
4.Into the Blind World
5.The Sin of Sodomy
6.The Hornest's Nest
7.Blood Ecstasy
8.Spit on Your Grave (Whiplash cover)
9.Succubus (Massacre cover)
10.Swing of the Axe (Possessed cover)
11.Dethroned Emperor (Celtic Frost cover) (提供)
12.Face Fate (Bloodfeast cover)
13.The Grey Massacre (demo)
14.Afterburner (demo)
15.Altruistic Suicide (demo)
16.Men Down (demo)
Diabolical Summoning 英文
2.Mystical Illusions
3.Sense Of Demise
4.Tribes Of The Moon
5.Desecrated Flesh
6.Diabolical Summoning
7.Magnified Wrath
8.Sadistic Intent
Hate/bastard Saints 英文
1.18th Century Hellfire
2.Art Of The Damned
3.Awaiting The Absu
4.Embodiment Of Chaos
5.The Bloodfeast
6.The Cursed Mayhem
7.To Mega Therion
8.Intro (提供)
9.Unseen Darknees
Savage or Grace 英文
2.Apocalypse In Time
3.Rise of the Predator (Intro) (提供)
4.Savage or Grace
5.Barbaric Order
6.The Age of Murder
7.Conception of Sin
8.Chapel Desecration
9.Collapse Rewind
Legacy of Ashes 英文
1.The Enemy of My Enemy
2.Legacy of Ashes
3.The Living Sacrifice
4.Into the Blind World
5.The Sin of Sodomy
暂存 英文
1.Cross The Styx
3.Bleeding Towards The Wendigo
4.Bastard Saints
5.Barbaric Order (Live)
6.Sacramental Carnage

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