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Cheatham Street Warehouse 英文
1.Hill Country (提供)
2.How Much Abuse (提供)
3.Terlingua (提供)
4.TJ Was The Drummer (提供)
5.The Songwriter (提供)
6.Reaching For The Stars (提供)
7.Comfort (提供)
8.Be Nice To Them (提供)
9.I've Lived Some Songs (提供)
10.I Will Never Get Over You (提供)
11.Plastic Girl (提供)
12.Cheatham Street Warehouse (提供)
13.Tree (提供)
Happy New Year, Vol. 1 英文
1.Long Year
2.Santa Fe Story Mr. Bojangles (提供)
4.Looking For a Job
5.Can't Complain
6.Beer Run Age Like Wine Bee (提供)
7.Ballad of the Kingsmen
8.Sideshow Blues
9.Alright Guy Hill Country Goo (提供)
Time As We Know It: The Songs of Jerry Jeff Walker 英文
1.Moon Child (提供)
2.Takin It As It Comes (提供)
3.Derby Day (提供)
4.Sangria Wine (提供)
5.Little Bird (提供)
6.Continuing Saga (提供)
7.Hill Country Rain (提供)
8.Railroad Lady (提供)
9.Laying My Life On the Line (提供)
10.Pissin In the Wind (提供)
11.Will There Be Any (提供)
12.Vince Triple O Martin (提供)
13.Jaded Lover (提供)
Agnostic Hymns And Stoner Fables 英文
1.Digger Dave's Crazy Woman Blues
2.Big Finish
3.In Between Jobs
5.Too Soon To Tell
6.New York Banker
7.West Nashville Grand Ballroom Gown
8.Precious Little Miracles
9.The Very Last Time
10.In The Beginning
The Excitement Plan 英文
1.Good Fortune
2.Corpus Christi Boy (提供)
3.The Last Laugh
4.Unorganized Crime
5.Barefoot Chamagne
6.Don't Tempt Me
7.Money, Compliments, Publicity
8.Slim Chance
9.Greencastle Blues
10.America's Favorite Pastime
11.Doll Face
12.Bring 'Em Home
Songs For The Daily Planet 英文
1.Alright Guy2.Talkin' Seattle Grunge Rock Blues (Hidden Track)
Todd Snider Live: The Storyteller 英文
1.America's Favorite Pastime
2.Is This Thing Working?
3.The Devil You Know
4.Good Fortune
5.If Tomorrow Never Comes
6.The Ballad Of The Kingsmen
7.East Nashville Skyline
8.Play A Train Song
10.Doll Face
11.Greencastle Blues
12.Sideshow Blues
13.Stuck On The Corner
14.Just Like Old Times
That Was Me - The Best of Todd Snider 1994-1998 英文
1.Talkin' Seattle Blues
2.Better Than Ever Blues
5.Can't Complain
7.Doublewide Blues
Peace, Love and Anarchy 英文
2.Some Things Are
3.East Nashville Skyline
4.From a Rooftop
5.Combover Blues
6.I Will Not Go Hungry
Near Truths And Hotel Rooms Live 英文
1.Beer Run - Live Version 1
2.Broke (Live)
3.Doublewide Blues (Live)
4.I Spoke as a Child (Live)
5.Long Year (Live)
6.Talking Seattle Grunge Rock Blues (Live)
7.Easy Money (Live)
8.The Ballad of the Devil's Backbone Tavern (Live)
9.I Can't Complain (Live)
10.Statistician's Blues (Live)
11.Lonely Girl (Live)
12.D.B. Cooper (Live)
East Nashville Skyline 英文
1.Conservative Christian, Right Wing, Republican, Straight, White, American Males
2.Age Like Wine
3.Tillamook County Jail
4.Play a Train Song
5.The Ballad of the Kingsmen
Countryfried 英文
1.I Know You Can Hear Me
2.Say You'll Be My Only One
3.I Like Country
4.Who's Sorry Now
6.Sometimes I Wonder
7.I'm Going Nowhere
8.Can You Hear That Knocking
9.A Stone's Throw Away
暂存 英文
1.Beer Run
2.24 Hours a Day
3.You Got Away With It (A Tale of Two Fraternity Brothers)
4.Rocket Fuel
5.Horseshoe Lake
6.Out All Night
7.It All Adds Up
8.Never Let Me Down
9.Mission Accomplished (Because You Gotta Have Faith)
10.Money, Compliments, Publicity (Song Number 10)
11.The Ballad Of Cape Henry
12.All of My Life
13.Fortunate Son
14.Enjoy Yourself
15.Positively Negative
16.Betty Was Black (And Willie Was White)
17.Happy New Year
18.Better Than Ever Blues Part 2
19.Is This Thing On?
20.Dividing The Estate (A Heart Attack)
21.Prison Walls
22.Class Of 85
23.The Highland Street Incident
24.That Was Me
25.Joe's Blues
26.Stuck All Night
27.Alright Guy
28.Waco Moon
29.This Land Is Our Land
30.Just In Case
31.You Think You Know Somebody
32.My Generation (Part 2)
33.All That Matters
34.Thin Wild Mercury
37.Crooked Piece of Time
38.Corpus Christi Bay
39.Barefoot Champagne
40.Amercia's Favorite Pastime
41.Out of Town
42.T.V. Guide
43.Lookin' for a Job
44.You Got Away With It
45.Alright Guy > [Hill Country Goodbye Story] > Alright Guy
46.Waco Moon (Live)
47.The Joker
48.Comin' Down

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