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The Searchers( 搜寻者乐团 )【 共收藏 4 张专辑, 56 首歌 】
搜索者是一个英国的节拍组织,这是60年代Merseybeat现场的一部分,随着披头士乐队,Hollies,Fourmost,Merseybeats,Swinging Blue Jeans,Gerry和Pacemakers。

乐队的热门歌曲包括1961年Drifters重拍的“我的甜点甜点”。 Jackie DeShannon的“Needles and Pins”和“当你走进房间里”的重制。为他们写的原创歌曲,“糖和香料”; Orlons'不要抛出你的爱'的封面;还有三叶草“爱情药水9号”的封面。 “摇摆蓝色牛仔裤”中,搜索者们在披头士乐队之后并列第二组来自利物浦,当他们的“Needles and Pin”和摇摆蓝牛仔裤的“嬉皮士嬉皮士摇滚”都进入了Hot 100 1964年3月7日。


1963年 - 遇见搜索者
1963年 - 糖和香料
1964年 - 听到! (我们。)
1964年 - 这是搜索者
1964 - 听起来像搜索者(U.K.)/新搜索者LP(Chris,John,Mike,&Frank)(美国)
1964年 - 这就是我们(美国)
1965年 - 带我去做我的价值
1972年 - 针和针(立体声重新录制)
1979年 - 搜索者
1981年 - 爱的旋律
1987年 - 播放系统
1989年 - 饥饿的心
2002年 - 后门会议


1963 – Meet The Searchers
1963 – Sugar and Spice
1964 – Hear Hear! (U.S.)
1964 – It's The Searchers
1964 – Sounds Like Searchers (U.K.) / The New Searchers LP (Chris, John, Mike, & Frank) (U.S.)
1964 – This Is Us (U.S.)
1965 – Take Me for What I'm Worth
1972 – Needles and Pins (Re-recordings in stereo)
1979 – The Searchers
1981 – Love's Melodies
1987 – Play the System
1989 – Hungry Hearts
2002 – Back Door Sessions
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The Searchers 英文
1.Hearts In Her Eyes
2.Switchboard Susan (提供)
3.Feeling Fine (提供)
4.This Kind Of Love Affair (提供)
5.Lost In Your Eyes (提供)
6.It's Too Late (提供)
7.No Dancing (提供)
8.Coming From The Heart (提供)
9.Don't Hang On (提供)
10.Love's Gonna Be Strong (提供)
Greatest Hits Collection 英文
1.Bumble Bee2.Each Time
The Iron Door Sessions 英文
1.Sweets for My Sweets (Recorded Live at the Iron Door Club, 1963)
2.All My Sorrows (Recorded Live at the Iron Door Club, 1963)
3.Jambalaya (Recorded Live at the Iron Door Club, 1963)
4.Maggie Mae (Recorded Live at the Iron Door Club, 1963)
暂存 英文
1.Love Potion Number Nine
2.Don't Throw Your Love Away
3.Love Potion #9
4.Needles and Pins
5.What Have They Done To The Rain
6.When You Walk in the Room
7.Where Have You Been
8.Take Me for What I'm Worth
9.Love Potion No. 9
10.Magic Potion
11.Innocent Victim
12.Sweets for My Sweet
13.Everybody Come Clap Your Hands
14.Have You Ever Loved Somebody
15.Ain't That Just Like Me
16.Goodbye My Love
17.He's Got No Love
18.Sugar and Spice
19.Hungry For Love
20.Needles & Pins (Original Version)
21.This Empty Place
22.Needles & Pins (New Version)
23.I Don't Want to Go on Without You
24.Ain't Gonna Kiss Ya
25.Love Potion No. 9 (Mono)
26.Hearts in Her Eyes
27.Sweets for My Sweet (Recorded Live At the Iron Door Club, 1963)
28.Sugar & Spice
29.Needles and Pins (Performed Live On The Ed Sullivan Show 4/5/64)
30.Love Potion Number 9 (Re-Recorded)
31.September Gurls
32.Da Doo Ron Ron
33.Goodbye My Love - Mono Version
34.Walk in the Room
35.I (Who Have Nothing)
36.Needels and Pins
37.Needles & Pins
38.Farmer John
39.Where Have All the Flowers Gone
40.Twist and Shout

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