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The Quireboys( Quireboys )【 共收藏 14 张专辑, 134 首歌 】

该乐队在20世纪80年代末和90年代初期获得成功,其首张专辑“What You Fancy”在英国排行榜中名列第二。他们最高的单曲是“嘿你”的歌曲。

1993年,Quireboys在1995年与不同的成员分手而短暂改革。 2001年,一名更为长期的改革来自于前锋斯派克(Jimmy Grace)和吉他手盖·格里芬(Guy Griffin)组建新阵容。

乐队仍然活跃,不断录制新材料,并在世界各地播放。他们最新的专辑“White Trash Blues”于2017年9月5日发行。
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St. Cecilia And The Gypsy Soul 英文
1.Land Of My Father (提供)
2.St Cecilia (提供)
3.The Promise (提供)
4.Can't Hide It Anymore (提供)
5.Out Of Your Mind (提供)
6.The Hurting Kind (提供)
7.Adaline (提供)
8.The Best Are Not Forgotten (提供)
9.Why Did It Take So Long (提供)
10.Love To Love (提供)
11.I Can't Stop Loving You (提供)
12.Baby It's You (提供)
13.Hello (提供)
14.Pretty Girls (提供)
15.He'll Have To Go (提供)
16.Long Time Comin'
17.Hates To Please
18.King Of New York
19.Can't Stop Loving You (提供)
20.One For The Road (提供)
21.Late Night Saturday Call (提供)
22.I Love This Dirty Town (提供)
23.7 O clock
Gracie B 英文
1.Gracie B (提供)
2.This Is Rock & Roll 2014 (提供)
3.Fear Within the Lie (提供)
4.Halfpenny Dancer (提供)
Black Eyed Sons 英文
1.Troublemaker (Black Eyed Sons)
2.What Do You Want from Me
4.Double Dealin'
5.Stubborn Kinda Heart
6.Lullaby of London Town
7.The Messenger
8.You Never Can Tell
9.Mothers Ruin
10.Monte Cassino (Lady Lane) (提供)
11.Don't Bite the Hand That Feeds You (提供)
12.There She Goes Again
13.Devil of a Man (提供)
14.Mona Lisa Smiled
15.Roses & Rings
17.Have a Drink with Me (提供)
18.Sweet Mary Ann
19.I Don't Love You Anymore
20.Sex Party
Beautiful Curse 英文
1.Too Much of a Good Thing (提供)
2.Chain Smokin' (提供)
3.Talk of the Town (提供)
4.Mother Mary (提供)
5.King of Fools (提供)
6.Homewreckers and Heartbreakers (提供)
7.Diamonds and Dirty Stones (提供)
8.Beautiful Curse (提供)
9.Don't Fight It (提供)
10.For Crying Out Loud (提供)
11.Twenty Seven Years (提供)
12.I Died Laughing (提供)
Homewreckers and Heartbreakers 英文
1.Black Mariah - Live
2.Roses and Rings - Live
3.Mona Lisa Smiled - Live
4.Mayfair - Live
5.Louder (reprise)
6.Mona Lisa Smiled
Masters of Rock 英文
1.I Don't Love You Anymore
This Is Rock 'n' Roll 英文
1.Show Me What You Got
2.Never Let Me Go
3.Enough for One Lifetime
4.To Be (提供)
5.Turn Away
6.Coldharbour Lane
7.Taken for a Ride
8.Seven Days
10.Six Degrees
12.This Is Rock 'n' Roll
A Bit of What You Fancy 英文
1.Man On the Loose (Demo)
2.7 O'Clock
3.Take Me Home
4.There She Goes Again
5.Long Time Comin'
7.Hey You
8.Whippin' Boy
9.Man on the Loose
10.Sex Party
11.Hey You (Demo)
12.I Don't Love You Any More
Well Oiled 英文
1.Good To See Ya
2.The Finer Stuff
3.Lorraine Lorraine
4.Too Familiar
5.You've Got a Nerve
6.What's Your Name?
7.Sweet As the Rain
8.The Last Fence
9.Black Mariah
Bitter Sweet & Twisted 英文
1.White Trash Blues
2.Wild, Wild, Wild
3.Take No Revenge
4.My Saint Jude
5.Hates to Please
6.Ode to You (Baby Just Walk)
7.Brother Louie (提供)
9.Last Time
10.Don't Bite the Hand
11.King of New York
12.Can't Park Here
13.Ain't Love Blind
Best of the Quireboys 英文
1.Long Time Comin' (Live At Donnington 1990)
2.King of New York (Live At the Town & Country Club, London)
3.White Trash Blues (Live At the Town & Country Club, London)
4.Whippin' Boy (Live At the Town & Country Club, London)
5.Sex Party (Live In Japan)
6.Sweet Mary Ann (Live In Japan)
A Bit of What You Fancy / Bitter Sweet & Twisted 英文
1.Roses and Rings
2.Take Me Home Tonight
3.Misled (demo)
4.I Don't Love You Anymore (demo)
5.7 O'Clock (demo)
6.Ode to You (Baby Just Walk) (live)
100% Live 英文
1.Tramps & Thieves (Live)
2.C'Mon (Live)
3.This Is Rock 'N' Roll (Live)
4.Misled (Live)
5.Turn Away (Live)
暂存 英文
1.Whipping Boy
2.Sex Party (live)
3.Hey You (live)
4.I'm a King Bee
5.Leaving Trunk

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