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Thinking About Today – Their Complete Works 英文
1.You Mistreat Me (提供)
2.Sun's Going Down (提供)
3.Felt Like I Wanted To Cry (提供)
4.I Love Her Still, I Always Will
5.Lying All The Time
6.Thinking About Today
7.Keep On Trying
8.That's Your Problem (提供)
9.Touch (Single Version) (提供)
10.Ballad Of John B. (提供)
11.Monkey On Your Back (提供)
12.What's Wrong With You (提供)
13.Story 16 (Live) (提供)
14.Tears Are Falling From My Eyes (Live) (提供)
15.Ain't Gonna Miss You (Live) (提供)
16.I Wish I Could (Live) (提供)
17.Afraid Of The Dark (Live) (提供)
18.Teach Me To Forget You (提供)
19.Filthy Rich (提供)
20.I Would Love You (提供)
21.Don't You Cry (提供)
22.Won't You Listen (提供)
23.If You Don't Treat Me Right (提供)
24.Summer Is Here
25.I've Been Loving You So Long (提供)
26.I'm Only Trying To Prove To Myself That I'm Not (提供)
27.Don't You Worry About Me (提供)
28.Bird In A Cage (提供)
29.Cup Of Hot Coffee (提供)
30.Strange Things Are Happening (提供)
31.I Don't Care (提供)
32.You Remind Me (提供)
35.C.Q. (提供)
36.Daddy Died On Saturday (提供)
37.It Seems Like Nothing's Gonna Come My Way Today
38.Doctor (提供)
39.The Man On The Dune (提供)
40.The Bear (提供)
41.Happyville (提供)
42.You're Everything On Earth
43.Wish You Were Here With Me Today (提供)
44.I Love You No. 2 (提供)
45.Prison Song (提供)
46.Do You Feel Alright (提供)
47.Daddy Died On Saturday (Mono Version) (提供)
48.Touch (Stereo Version) (提供)
49.Bird In A Cage (Live) (提供)
50.Wally's Answering Machine (提供)
Shallow Graves 英文
1.The Words Will Write Themselves (提供)
2.The Credits Roll (提供)
3.My Answer (提供)
4.Life Choices (提供)
5.Voice Of Reason (提供)
6.Thanks For The Memories (提供)
7.Waiting In Line (提供)
8.Under The Stars And Gutters (提供)
9.This House Ain't A Home (提供)
10.Blue Skies (提供)
11.Shallow Graves (提供)
12.The Other Half (提供)
Collectors Series: The Outsiders 英文
1.Girl In Love
3.Time Won't Let Me
Untuned 英文
1.Forced March
2.Let My Soul Fade
4.The Awakening (Time Has Come)
5.The Dark Side
暂存 英文
1.I'm Leaving

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