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The Do( The Dø )【 共收藏 10 张专辑, 87 首歌 】
dø是2005年在巴黎成立的法国/芬兰独立流行乐队。乐队由Olivia Merilahti(歌手兼音乐家)和Dan Levy(多乐器演奏家)组成。 这对组合由三位不同的鼓手支持:JérémiePontier(2007-08),JoséJoyette(2008-09)和Pierre Belleville(自2009年起)。 他们的第一张录音室专辑“A Mouthful”于2008年在法国排行榜上名列前茅,成为法国第一部以英语歌唱并达到该位置的歌曲。
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Both Ways Open Jaws 英文
1.Dust It Off
2.Gonna Be Sick!
3.Too Insistent
4.Bohemian Dances
5.Smash Them All (Night Visitors)
6.Leo Leo
7.B.W.O.J (提供)
8.Slippery Slope
9.The Calendar
10.Was It A Dream?
11.Quake, Mountain, Quake
12.Moon Mermaids
13.Open C (提供)
14.No Clue
15.The Wicked & The Blind
A Mouthful 英文
1.Playground Hustle
2.On My Shoulders
3.Song For Lovers
4.The Bridge Is Broken
5.Stay (Just A Little Bit More)
6.Unissasi Laulelet
8.Queen Dot Kong
9.Coda (提供)
10.Searching Gold
11.When Was I Last Home?
12.Travel Light
14.In My Box (提供)
15.At Last !
Spotify Sessions 英文
1.Despair, Hangover & Ecstasy - Spotify Sessions
2.Opposite Ways (Spotify Session)
3.On my Shoulder (Spotify Session
4.Keep Your Lips Sealed (Spotify Session)
5.Despair, Hangover & Ecstasy (Spotify Session)
6.A Mess Like This - Live from Spotify Paris
7.Opposite Ways - Live from Spotify Paris
8.Instant Crush - Live from Spotify Paris
9.Keep Your Lips Sealed - Live from Spotify Paris
10.Opposite Ways - Spotify Sessions
11.Instant Crush - Spotify Sessions
12.Keep Your Lips Sealed - Spotify Sessions
13.A Mess Like This (Spotify Session)
Shake, Shook, Shaken 英文
1.Keep Your Lips Sealed
2.Despair, Hangover & Ecstasy
3.The Watchtower (Unreleased B-side)
4.Going Through Walls
Shake Shook Shaken B-Sides – EP 英文
1.Poppies (Unreleased B-side)
2.The Watchtower (Unreleased B-side)
3.Only Takes A Night (Unreleased B-side)
Shake Shook Shaken (B-Sides - Singles) 英文
2.The Watchtower
3.Only Takes a Night
Live Sessions at Studio Pigalle 英文
1.Gonna Be Sick! (Studio Pigalle Version)
2.Bohemian Dances (Studio Pigalle Version)
3.The Wicked & The Blind (Studio Pigalle Version)
4.Too Insistent (Studio Pigalle Version)
5.Dust It Off (Studio Pigalle Version)
King of Leon Cover 英文
1.Sex is on Fire
Both Ways Open Jaws Extended: Live Sessions at Studio Pigalle, Paris, June 2011 英文
1.Gonna Be Sick! (extended)
2.Slippery Slope (extended)
3.Too Insistent (extended)
4.Dust It Off (extended)
暂存 英文
1.Trustful Hands (London Future Remix)
2.The Bridge
3.On My Shoulders (Chamber version)
4.Playgound Hustle
5.Smash Them All
6.Was Is a Dream
7.Mind Police
9.Dust It Off (C-Berg remix)
10.Too Insistent (Trentemöller remix)
11.Slippery Slope (Vitalic remix)
12.The Bridge Is Broken (Nasser remix)
13.Too Insistent (Extended) [Live At Studio Pigalle]
14.Dust It Off (Extended) [Live At Studio Pigalle]
15.Trustful Hands
16.Nature Will Remain
17.Lick My Wounds
18.Anita No!
20.Miracles (Back in Time)
21.At Last (Radio Edit)
22.On My Shoulders (Live)
23.The Bridge Is Broken (Live at l'Olympia, Paris)
24.Aha (Live at l'Olympia, Paris)

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