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The Bellrays【 共收藏 7 张专辑, 94 首歌 】
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Have a Little Faith 英文
1.Lost Disciples
2.Have a Little Faith In Me
3.Tell the Lie
4.Detroit Breakdown
5.Time Is Gone
7.Pay the Cobra
9.Change the World
10.Everyday I Think of You
11.Maniac Blues
12.Third Time's the Charm
13.Beginning from the End
The Red, White & Black 英文
1.Remember (提供)
2.Street Corner (提供)
3.Sister Disaster (提供)
4.Fanfare (提供)
5.You're Sorry Now (提供)
6.Mele Ipu Ekahi (提供)
7.Revolution Get Down (提供)
8.Used to Be (提供)
9.Find Someone to Believe In (提供)
10.You're Sorry Now (Slight Return) (提供)
11.Making Up for Lost Time
12.Some Confusion City (提供)
13.Poison Arrow (提供)
14.Black Is the Color (提供)
15.D-Am (提供)
16.Stone Rain (提供)
17.Noise Epic (提供)
18.Rude Awakening (提供)
19.Voodoo Train (提供)
20.Startime (提供)
21.Mele Ipu Elua (提供)
Grand Fury 英文
1.Noise Fragment (提供)
2.Too Many Houses In Here (提供)
3.Fire On The Moon (提供)
4.Snake City (提供)
5.Ska Driver (提供)
6.Screwdriver (提供)
7.Heat Cage (提供)
8.Evil Morning (提供)
9.Zero P.M. (提供)
10.Do You Speak English? (提供)
11.Stupid Fuckin' People
12.Monkey House (提供)
13.Funky Little Jam (提供)
14.Warhead (提供)
15.Under the Mountain (提供)
16.They Glued Your Head On Upside-Down (提供)
17.Hello Hello (提供)
Let It Blast 英文
1.Future Now (提供)
2.Changing Colors
3.Cold Man Night
4.Today Was
5.Kill the Messenger
6.Blue Cirque
7.Good Behavior
9.Dark Horse Pigeon
10.Hole in the World
12.Killer Man
13.Fuzzhead (提供)
14.King of the World
15.Black Honey
16.Blues for Godzilla
17.Get on Thru
18.Strange Fruit (提供)
In the Light of the Sun 英文
1.Crazy Water
2.Wandering Spirits (提供)
3.Footprints On Water
4.Same Ground (提供)
5.Can I Make You Want Me? (提供)
6.Tell Me What the Sun Said (提供)
7.He's Gone Wrong (提供)
8.Blue, Blue, Blue (提供)
9.You'd Better Find a Way (提供)
10.In the Light of the Sun (提供)
11.The Ghost I'm After (提供)
12.Tell Me What You've Been Working On (提供)
Hard Sweet and Sticky 英文
1.One Big Party
3.Coming Down
4.Blue Against the Sky
5.The Fire Next Time
6.That's Not the Way it Should Be
7.Wedding Bells
8.Footprints On Water
暂存 英文
1.On Top
2.Black Lightning
3.Sun Comes Down
4.Pinball City
5.The Same Way

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