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Talk the Talk 英文
1.Personal Thing (提供)
2.No Rhyme Nor Reason (提供)
3.Got a Feeling (提供)
4.Nations Are Falling (提供)
5.You Might Make It (提供)
6.Book of Law (提供)
7.I Come In Peace (提供)
8.Talk the Talk (提供)
9.Got an Itch (提供)
10.Every Man (提供)
11.Broken Windows (提供)
12.Heart of Stone (提供)
40 Years of Rock – Vol. 2: 40 Greatest Live Hits 英文
1.After The Rain
2.Waiting For The World
3.After Dark
4.No Secrets
5.Who Rings The Bell
6.Going Home (提供)
7.Be With You
8.Straightjacket-I Ain't The One-Save Me (提供)
9.Out Of The Blue
10.Dawn Is Breaking
11.No Exit
12.Poor Baby
13.Am I Ever Gonna See Your Face Again
14.Wasted Sleepless Nights Dark Room
15.Ivory Stairs
16.I'm Scared
17.Bad Dream (提供)
18.Face The Day
19.Don't Waste My Time
20.Back Street Pick Up
21.Shadow Boxer
22.Can't Shake It
23.Live It Up
24.Mr Damage
26.Eat City
27.Take A Long Line
28.Comin' Down
29.City Out Of Control
30.Fashion And Fame
31.Into The Heat (提供)
32.No Rhyme No Reason (提供)
Take It to the Streets 英文
1.To the Streets (提供)
2.Wounded Healer (提供)
3.Waiting for the Sun (提供)
4.Life Gets Better (提供)
5.Telephone (提供)
6.No Sleep In Hell
7.The More You Give (提供)
8.Pump It Up (提供)
9.There Comes a Time (提供)
10.Small Price
11.Getting Free (提供)
12.Some Kinda Hell In Here (提供)
13.Free Bird (提供)
14.Ivory Stairs (Live)
15.After the Rain (Live)
16.No Secrets (Live)
17.Marseilles (Live)
18.Outcast (Live)
19.I Ain't the One (Live)
20.Mr. Damage (Live)
21.Face the Day (Live)
22.Take a Long Line (Live)
23.Am I Ever Gonna See Your Face Again (Live)
24.Shadow Boxer (Live)
25.When the Time Comes (Live)
The Angels 英文
1.Can't Get Lucky
3.Goin' Down
4.High On You
5.Hot Lucy
6.Take Me Home
7.You're A Lady Now
8.Am I Ever Gonna See Your Face Again
9.Shelter From The Rain
10.You Got Me Runnin'
No Exit 英文
1.After Dark
2.Dawn In Breaking
3.Ivory Stairs
4.Mr Damage
5.Out Of The Blue
6.Save Me
7.Shadow Boxer
8.Can't Shake It
9.No Exit
10.Waiting For The World
Red Back Fever 英文
1.Bedroom After Bedroom
2.Child In You
3.Don't Need You
4.High And Dry
5.Hold On
6.Lyin' Awake In Bed
7.Natural Born Woman
8.No More Words
9.Once Bitten Twice Shy
10.Red Back Fever
11.Some Of That Love
12.Tear Me Apart
Howling 英文
1.All Night For You
2.Can't Take Anymore
3.Did You Hurt Somebody
4.Don't Waste My Time
5.Hide Your Face
6.Man There
7.Nature Of The Beast
8.Standing Over You
10.We Gotta Get Out Of This Place
11.When The Time Comes
12.Where Do You Run
Beyond Salvation Us 英文
1.Can't Shake It
2.City Out Of Control
3.Junk City
4.Am I Ever Gonna See Your Face Again
5.I Ain't The One
6.Who Rings The Bell
7.Dogs Are Talking
8.Let The Night Roll On
9.Rhythm Rude Girl
Beyond Salvation Aus 英文
1.Back Street Pick Up
2.Beyond Salvation
4.Bleeding With The Times
5.Dogs Are Talking
6.Jump Back Baby
7.Let The Night Roll On
8.Love Waits
9.Pushing And Shoving
10.Rhythm Rude Girl
11.Take An X
Angels Greatest 英文
1.Am I Ever Gonna See Your Face Again
2.Be With You
3.Comin' Down
4.I Ain't The One
6.Out Of The Blue
7.Save Me
8.Shadow Boxer
9.Shelter From The Rain
10.Take A Long Line
11.Who Rings The Bell
12.You Got Me Runnin'
Dark Room 英文
2.Devil's Gate
3.Face The Day
4.I'm Scared
5.Night Comes Early
6.No Secrets
7.Poor Baby
8.The Moment
9.Wasted Sleepless Nights, Dark Room
My Boyfriend's Back 英文
1.I Adore Him
Take It Easy 英文
1.Take It Easy
Breakdown 英文
1.Breakdown 1985
Finger On The Trigger 英文
1.Straight Aces (提供)2.Finger On The Trigger
The Angels Millenium Soundtrack 英文
1.Call Me2.Spooky Night
Liveline 英文
1.Did You Hurt Somebody
2.Eat City (Live)
3.Take a Long Line (Live)
4.Marseilles (Live)
5.Nothin' to Win (Live) (提供)
6.Night Comes Early (Live) (提供)
7.Long Night (Live) (提供)
8.Easy Prey (Live)
9.No Sleep In Hell (Live)
10.Gonna Leave You (Live)
11.Standing Over You
12.City Out of Control (Live)
13.Face the Day (Live)
14.Mr Damage (Live)
15.Shadow Boxer (Live)
16.Love Takes Care (Live)
17.Be With You (Live)
18.Save Me (Live)
19.Back On You (Live) (提供)
20.Stand Up (Live) (提供)
21.Don't Waste My Time (Live) (提供)
22.No Secrets (Live)
Beyond Salvation 英文
1.Tear Me Apart (Terry Manning Mix)
2.Dogs Are Talking (Live)
3.Beyond Salvation (Live)
4.Jump Back Baby (Live)
5.Rhythm Rude Girl (Live)
6.Bleeding With the Times (Live)
7.Love Waits (Live)
8.Bitch (Live)
9.Pushing and Shoving (Live)
10.Let the Night Roll On (Live)
Public Enemy 英文
1.Public Enemy 1980
Face To-Face Us 英文
1.No Exit
2.Waiting For The World
3.Am I Ever Gonna See Your Face Again
4.Comin' Down
6.Out Of The Blue
7.Shadow Boxer
8.Take A Long Line
9.Can't Shake It
10.After The Rain
Face To-Face Aus 英文
1.After The Rain
2.Live It Up
3.Love Takes Care
5.Straight Jacket
6.Be With You
7.Comin' Down
8.I Ain't The One
10.Take A Long Line
暂存 英文
1.She Keeps No Secrets From You
2.Wow Wow Wee
4.These Problems
5.Easy Prey
6.My Boyfriend's Back
7.My Boyfriend Is Back
9.Northwest Highway
10.Let The Night Roll On
11.Dogs Are Talking
12.Jessica Simpson
13.Invisible Man
14.Caught In The Night
15.Live Lady Live
16.My Boyfriend's Back - Single Version
17.My Boyfriend's Back (Rerecorded)
18.Out of the Blue (Live)
19.Who Rings the Bell (Live Version)
21.My Boyfriend's Back (full length version)
23.My Boyfriend's Back (Remastered)
24.My Boyfriends Back (Live)
25.Cry, Baby, Cry
26.Thank You and Goodnight
27.Am I Ever Gonna See Your Face
28.Call That Living (Live)
29.After Dark (Skid Row) (Live)

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