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Talib Kweli Greene(生于1975年10月3日)是美国嘻哈唱片艺术家,企业家和社会活动家。 Kweli早在与布鲁克林说唱歌手Mos Def合作之后就成立了Black Star团队。 Kweli的音乐生涯继续独奏,包括与Kanye West,Just Blaze和Pharrell Williams的合作。 2011年,Kweli创立了自己的唱片公司Javotti Media。
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Train Of Thought Lost Lyrics, Rare Releases & Beautiful B-Sides, Vol. 1 英文
1.Space (提供)
2.Tryin to Breath (提供)
3.Fortified Live (提供)
4.730 (feat. Res) (提供)
5.Ocean Song (fea (提供)
6.Boomerang (提供)
7.Wack Niggaz (提供)
8.Bright as the S (提供)
9.2000 Seasons
Lost Lyrics, Rare Releases and Beautiful B-Sides, Vol.1 英文
1.Bright As The Stars (Feat. Black Star) (提供)
2.Wack Niggaz (Feat. Common & Kanye West & Consequ (提供)
3.Ocean Song (Feat. Mela Machinko) (提供)
4.Fortified Live (Feat. Yasin Bey FKA Mos Def & Mr (提供)
5.Tryin To Breathe (Feat. Killer Mike) (提供)
Indie 500 英文
1.Which Side Are You On (feat. Tef Poe & Kendra Ross)
2.Every Ghetto (feat. Rapsody)
3.Pay Ya Dues (feat. Problem & Bad Lucc)
4.Lo-Fi (feat. NIKO IS)
5.Prego (feat. Pharoahe Monch & Slug)
6.Life Ahead of Me (feat. Rapsody)
7.Great Day in the Morning (feat. Add 2)
8.Don't Be Afraid (feat. Rapsody, Problem & Bad Lucc)
9.These Waters (feat. K'Valentine, NIKO IS, Chris Rob & Jessica Care Moore)
10.King Shit (feat. NIKO IS & GQ)
11.Bangers (feat. MK Asante & Halo)
12.Technicolor Easels (feat. NIKO IS)
13.Understand (feat. Brother Ali & Planet Asia)
Fuck The Money 英文
2.The Venetian
3.Baby Girl
5.He Said She Said
6.Fall Back (提供)
7.Fuck The Money
9.Nice Things
10.Leslie Nope
11.Money Good
Javotti Media Presents: The Cathedral 英文
1.Another Day Feat. Talib Kweli
2.For Who You Are Feat. RES (提供)
3.Hypnotized Snakes Feat. NIKO IS (提供)
4.Chiraq Feat. K'Valentine
5.Doc Shebeleza Remix Feat. Cassper Nyovest& Talib Kweli (提供)
6.What's Real (Live) Feat. Talib Kweli & RES (提供)
7.Roll Me Up Feat. Attitude & Cory Mo (提供)
8.D.R.E.A.M. Feat. Pharoahe Monch& Talib Kweli
9.Dreams Feat. RES & The Piano Tribute Players (提供)
10.Manifest Destiny Feat. Russell Gunn & jessica Care moore (提供)
11.Everywhere I Go Feat. Curren$y, Big K.R.I.T. & Kendra Ross
12.Cherry Beamer Dreaming Feat. NIKO IS (提供)
13.Purest Heart Feat. Bottom Feeder, Talib Kweli, Chris Webby & Joel Ortiz
14.Boomerang Feat. K'Valentine, Cory Mo, NIKO IS & Talib Kweli
15.Ocean Song Feat. Talib Kweli & Mela Machinko (提供)
Prisoner of Conscious 英文
1.Human Mic
2.Turnt Up
3.Ready Set Go
4.Upper Echelon
5.High Life
6.It Only Gets Better
7.Before He Walked
8.Come Here
9.Push Thru
10.Hold It Now
11.Delicate Flowers
12.Hamster Wheel
13.Rocket Ships
14.Favela Love
Gravitas 英文
1.Lover's Peak
2.Colors of You
3.The Wormhole
4.What's Real
5.Art Imitates Life
6.Inner Monologue
8.State of Grace
10.Rare Portraits
11.New Leaders
Gutter Rainbows 英文
2.Gutter Rainbows
3.So Low
4.Mr. International
5.After The Rain
6.I'm On One
7.Wait For You
8.Ain't Waiting
9.Cold Rain
10.Friends & Family
11.Tater Tot
12.How You Love Me
13.Uh Oh
14.Self Savior
15.How You Love Me (Live)
16.Chicken Soup (提供)
Beautiful (Single) 英文
Ear Drum 英文
1.Everything Man
2.NY Weather Report
3.Say Something
4.Country Cousins
5.Holy Moly
6.Eat To Live
7.In The Mood
8.Give 'Em Hell
9.More Or Less
10.Stay Around
11.Hot Thing
12.Oh My Stars
15.The Perfect Beat
16.Soon A New Day
17.Hostile Gospel, Pt. 1 (Deliver Us)
18.Space Fruit (Interlude)
19.Go With Us
20.Hostile Gospel (Part 2) (Deliver Me)
21.Hush (提供)
Right About Now: The Official Sucka Free Mix CD 英文
1.Two & Two
2.Ms. Hill
3.Fly That Knot
4.Drugs, Basketball & Rap
5.The Beast
6.Supreme Supreme
7.Flash Gordon
8.Right About Now
9.Who Got It
10.Roll Off Me
11.Rock On
12.Where Ya Gonna Run
14.So Good
15.Tryin' To Breathe (提供)
Reflection Eternal [Vinyl] 英文
1.Too Late
The Beautiful Struggle 英文
1.Never Been In Love
2.I Try
3.Back Up Offa Me
4.We Got the Beat
5.Ghetto Show
6.Black Girl Pain
7.Beautiful Struggle
8.Broken Glass
9.Going Hard
10.We Know
11.Around My Way
12.Work It Out
13.A game
Radio Silence 英文
1.The Magic Hour
2.She's My Hero
4.Let It Roll
P.O.C. Live! (Live) 英文
1.Human Mic (Live)
2.Turnt Up (Live)
3.Hold It Now (Live)
4.Hamster Wheel (Live)
5.Delicate Flowers (Live)
6.Upper Echelon (Live)
Attack the Block 英文
1.Attack the Block!!!
2.Letter From the Government
4.Make It Classy
5.So Fresh
6.Fly Away
暂存 英文
3.Africa Dream
5.Shock Body
6.Gun Music
8.Talk to You (Lil' Darlin')
9.Get By (Remix)
10.Space Fruit
11.Perfect Beat
12.Wack Niggas
13.On Mission
15.Keynote Speaker
16.The Proud
17.Where Do We Go
18.Put It In The Air
19.Move Somethin'
20.Some Kind Of Wonderful
21.This Means You
22.Down For The Count
23.Ghetto Afterlife
24.Soul Rebels
26.Good Mourning
27.Good To You
28.I Try (Featuring Mary J Blige)
29.Guerrilla Monsoon Rap - Featuring Black Thought & Pharoahe Monch
30.The Manifesto
31.Stand to the Side
32.We Got The Beat (Planet Rock)
33.We Know (Featuring Faith Evans)
34.We Got The Beat (Featuring Res)
35.Won't You Stay
36.Touch You
38.On My Way
39.Name Of The Game
40.Guerrilla Monsoon Rap
41.Get By
42.I Tried (Ft. Mary J Blige)
43.Big Del From The Natti
44.Waitin' For The DJ (Clean, Radio Edit)
45.Over The Counter
46.Funny Money
47.The Function
48.Soul Music
49.What Can I Do
50.Engine Running
51.The Blast
52.Raise The Bar
53.Around My Way (Featuring John Legend)
54.The Show
55.Let Me See (Remix)
56.Get By - Talib Kweli
58.Cold Rain (Single)
59.Twice Inna Lifetime
60.Sharp Shooters
61.For Women
62.Memories Live
63.Move Something
65.K.O.S. (Determination)
66.Love Language
67.B Boys Will B Boys
68.Big Nel from Da Natti
69.Astronomy (8th Light)
71.Children's Story
72.Brown Skin Lady
73.Hater Players
74.Theives In The Night
75.Lord of the Light
76.Get By (Explicit)
77.Push Thru (Instrumental)
78.Here We Go (original)
79.Here We Go
80.What's Real (feat. Res)
81.Where Do We Go (dedicated to Weldon Irvine)
82.We Got the Beat (feat. Res)
83.What's Real - Live
84.Hot Thing (radio edit)
85.Get By (Live at the Apollo)
86.Broken Glass (live)

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