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Vernon'Vern'Gosdin(1934年8月5日 - 2009年4月28日)是美国乡村音乐歌手。 被誉为“The Voice”的他从1977年到1990年在乡村音乐排行榜上有19首十大独奏曲。其中三首热门歌曲排在第一位:“我可以随心所欲地告诉你(你今晚会爱上我 )','设置'人'乔','我还是疯狂'。
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40 Years of the Voice 英文
1.The first time ever I saw your face
2.Tennessee courage
3.Any old miracle
4.The Sounds of Goodbye (提供)
5.I'll try
6.I fell off of the wagon (提供)
7.Sarah's eyes (提供)
8.It's all coming back to me now
9.Jesus hold my hand
10.Someone I can turn to
11.The last to know
12.Oh me oh my
13.Favorite fool of all
14.Louisiana Man
15.A hangin on
16.Baby that's cold
17.I feel love closin in
18.Your strange love
19.I couldn't love you more
20.The sweeter the lips (提供)
21.My love keeps reachin out for you (提供)
22.To die no more
23.Love is underneath for us to find
24.Living in the jungle (提供)
25.Just enough to keep me lovin you (提供)
26.Bowling green
27.Try and catch the wind
28.Rodeo Princess
29.Nobody's done that yet (提供)
30.Wonder where we'd be tonight
31.If you're gonna do me wrong
32.I'll fly away
33.If Jesus comes tomorrow
34.The Number
35.Slow healing heart
36.Who I came here to forget
37.Stone cold heart
38.I've got a heart full of you
40.Dead from the heart on down
41.Rainbows and roses
42.What a price I've paid
43.Chip off the chip off the old block
44.Dim lights thick smoke
45.We must have been out of our minds
46.Back in the swing of things
47.For a minute there
48.I know what it's like
49.Toe to Toe with the devil
50.A better time to say goodbye
51.All the way thru
52.Dream of me
53.Fire in our bedroom
54.Friday night feeling
55.How can I believe in you
56.The other side of life
57.Maybe then I'll be over you
58.This ain't my first rodeo
59.The wettest dry county
60.Three or Four times a day
61.Let's don't and say we did
62.What I threw away
63.Where do we take it from here
64.Would these arms be in your way
65.Wings of faith (提供)
66.Dixie's on my mind
67.Streets of Gold
68.Hertbreak hall of pain (提供)
69.I'll understand
70.I'm gonna be movin
71.I'm where a memory can die
72.Impossible mile
73.Turn, turn, turn (提供)
74.24kt Heartache (提供)
75.Love rolled away the stone
76.Running out of reasons to leave
77.Slow burning memory
78.The biggest little arms (提供)
79.A picture of me
80.Likes of Jesus lovin me (提供)
81.What's a country comin' to (提供)
82.That Ole Silver tone
83.Let's get down to business
85.Santa's driving a Chevrolet this year (提供)
86.Rockabye Katie (提供)
87.Joy to the World (提供)
88.Coldest Bedroom (提供)
Nickels and Dimes and Love 英文
1.Nickels and Dime and Love
2.Back When
3.Where the Tail Grass Grows
4.Bury Me in a Jukebox
5.Any Old Miracle
6.Two Good People With a Love Gone Bad
7.What Are We Gonna Do About Me
Out Of My Heart 英文
1.Out Of My Heart
2.Month Of Sundays
3.This Song Wrote Itself
4.The Garden
5.I'd Better Write It Down
Alone 英文
The Best of Vern Gosdin 英文
1.All I Want and Need Forever
2.Yesterday's Gone
3.Hangin' On
4.Catch the Wind
5.Never My Love
6.It Started All Over Again
7.Shake, Rattle and Roll
Never My Love 英文
1.Anita You're Dreaming
2.When I Need You
3.I Sure Can Love You
4.Without You There's a Sadness in My Song
5.Lady She's Right
6.Something's Wrong in California
Time Stood Still 英文
1.It's Only Love Again
2.Dim Lights, Thick Smoke (And Loud, Loud Music)
3.Two Lonely Hearts (Out of Hand)
4.Was It Just the Wine
5.What a Price I've Paid
6.That's It
7.For a Minute There
Till the End / Never My Love / You've Got Somebody 英文
1.We Made Beautiful Music Together
2.The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face
3.Till I'm Over Gettin' Over You
4.Took It Like a Man, Cried Like a Baby
5.She's Gone
6.The Rock I'm Leaning On
7.You've Got Somebody, I've Got Somebody
8.The Lady, She's Right
9.Answers to My Questions
10.Woman, Sensuous Woman
11.The Chokin' Kind
12.All I Want & Need Forever
13.Anita, You're Dreaming
The Truly Great Hits of Vern Gosdin 英文
1.If Your Gonna Do Me Wrong (Do It Right)
2.I Can Tell by the Way You Dance
3.What Would Your Memories Do
4.Time Stood Still
5.I Wonder Where We'd Be Tonight
6.I Know the Way to You by Heart
7.I Can Tell by the Way You Dance (remix)
8.Today My World Slipped Away
Silver Eagle Cross Country Music Show Presents Vern Gosdin 英文
1.Break My Mind
2.Way Down Deep
3.If You're Gonna Do Me Wrong (Do It Right)
4.Friday Night Feeling
5.The First Time Ever
6.Don't Ever Leave Me
7.Mother Country Music
8.Today My World Slipped Away
9.Dream of Me
10.Till the End
It's Not Over 英文
1.Your Bedroom Eyes
2.Too Long Gone
3.My Baby Sings the Blues
5.It's Beginning to Look Like the End
6.Cowboys Are Common as Sin
7.Rough Around the Edges
8.Weekends Were Made for Cheatin'
9.It's Not Over (If I'm Not Over You)
10.Loving You Is Music to My Mind
11.Love Is Like an Echo
Friday Night Feeling 英文
1.It Might Have Been
2.Too Far Gone to Find
3.Singer of Sad Songs
4.When Love Takes Over Your Life
5.Tonight I'm Feeling You All Over Again
6.Just Give Me What You Think Is Fair
7.Ain't It Been Love
8.Don't Ever Leave Me Again
3 CD Collection (disc 3) 英文
1.Till the End (Vern Gosdin & Janie Frickie)
2.Out of Minds (Vern Gosdin & Ann Street)
3.Set Em' Joe
4.You Never Cross My Mind
5.Jesus Hold My Hand (Vern Gosdin & Lou Reid)
6.That Just About Does It, Don't It
3 CD Collection (disc 1) 英文
1.A Better Time
2.Right in the Wrong Direction
3.Baby That's Cold
4.I'll Fly Away
5.Do You Believe Me Now
6.Dim Lights (Vern Gosdin & Lou Reid)
7.Chiseled in Stone
9.A Picture of Me (Vern Gosdin & Ann Street)
10.Dream of Me
暂存 英文
1.Till The End (1977)
2.I Can Tell By The Way You Dance (1984)
3.Slow Burning Memory (1985)
4.That Just About Does It (1990)
5.Way Down Deep (1983)
6.Today My World Slipped Away (1983)
8.All I Want And Need Forever
9.Is It Raining at Your House
10.Tight As Twin Fiddles
11.I Can Tell by the Way You Dance (You're Gonna Love Me Tonight)
12.There Ain't Nothing Wrong
13.Was It Just The Wine
14.I'm Still Crazy
15.First Time Ever I Saw Your Face
16.Chiseled In Stone
17.If You're Gonna Do Me Wrong (Do Me Right)
18.That Just About Does It
19.Set 'Em Up Joe
20.How Can I Believe in You When You'll Be Leaving Me
21.This Ain't My Rodeo
22.It's Not Over Yet
23.Who You Gonna Blame It On This Time
24.There Ain't Nothing Wrong (Just Ain't Nothing Right)
25.Right In The Wrong Direction
26.I Can Tell By The Way You Dance
27.I Guess I Had Your Leaving Coming
28.I Guess I Had Your Leavin' Coming
30.I Fell Off the Wagon
31.Just Enough to Keep Me from Leavin You
32.Living In the Love
33.My Love Keeps Reaching Out for You
34.If Jesus Comes Tomorrow, What Then
35.The Wettest Dry Country
36.24 Karat Heartache
37.Heatbreak Hall of Pain
38.What's a Country Coming To
39.Likes of Jesus Loving Me
40.Jesus, Don't Turn Me Away
41.Impossible Dream
42.Turn, Turn, Turn (To Everything There Is a Season)
43.How Can I Believe You (When You'll Be Leavin' Me)
44.Friday Night Feelin'
46.My Heart Is in Good Hands
47.Nobody Calls from Vegas Just to Say Hello

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