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魔镜歌词网欧美歌手VeggieTales( Veggie Tales )
VeggieTales( Veggie Tales )【 共收藏 13 张专辑, 211 首歌 】
ベジーテイルズ (VeggieTales) は、ビッグ・アイデア・プロダクション制作のコンピュータアニメーションシリーズ。フィル・フィッシャーとマイク・ナーロッチによって作成され、若い子供たちを対象としている。野菜の话を中心としており、主要なキャラクターとしてトマトとキュウリが登场する。话の一部は、圣书の物语に基づいている。
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Veggietunes 英文
1.Some Veggies Went To Sea
Silly Songs With Larry 英文
1.Dance Of The Cucumber
2.Love My Lips
3.Oh, Santa!
4.Song Of The Cebu
5.The Haibrush Song
6.The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything
7.The Water Buffalo Song
Where's God When I'm S-Scared? 英文
1.Fear Not, Daniel
2.God Is Bigger
3.King Darius Suite
4.Oh, No! What We Gonna Do?
5.We've Got Some News, King Darius
6.You Were In His Hand
Noah's Ark Sing-Along Songs 英文
1.Come In Twos
2.I've Got Plans
3.Trust Song
LarryBoy The Soundtrack 英文
1.The Fib / It's Laura's Fault
2.Superhero Slim-Down Remix
3.Trouble Is Afoot / Temptation Song
4.Rock On, LarryBoy
5.LarryBoy Theme Song
Jonah - A VeggieTales Movie (Original Motion Picure Soundtrack) 英文
1.Billy Joe McGuffrey - From 'Jonah: A VeggieTales Movie' Soundtrack
2.It Cannot Be - From 'Jonah: A VeggieTales Movie' Soundtrack
3.Second Chances - From 'Jonah: A VeggieTales Movie' Soundtrack
4.In The Belly Of A Whale - From 'Jonah: A VeggieTales Movie' Soundtrack
5.Message From the Lord (From 'Jonah: A VeggieTales Movie' Soundtrack)
Celery Night Fever 英文
3.Feel the Beat
4.How It Used to Be
5.Tear It Down
6.Together Finale
Beauty and the Beet: The Soundtrack 英文
1.Show You Love
2.Love Is the Song Finale
3.5 Servings of You
4.Love Is the Song
5.La, La, La, La
6.Mac and Cheese
7.If This Were My Home
8.Now That You're Gone
9.The Person God Wants Me To Be
10.Deck the Halls
And Now It's Time for Silly Songs with Larry 英文
1.Sport Utility Vehicle
2.Bubble Rap
3.Where Have All the Staplers Gone?
4.Gated Community
5.Happy Tooth Day
6.Supper Hero
7.The Biscuit of Zazzamarandabo
8.The Song of Cebu
9.Good Night Junior
10.Larry's Blues (提供)
11.Kilts and Stilts
All the Songs, Vol. 1 英文
1.The LarryBoy Theme Song
2.Stuff Stuff, Mart Mart
3.The Bunny Song
25 Favorite Silly Songs 英文
1.Pirates Who Dont Do Anything (提供)
2.Goodnight Junior
3.Pants (提供)
4.Donuts for Benny (提供)
5.Sneeze If You Need To (提供)
6.Biscuit of Zazzamarandabo
7.Monkey (提供)
8.Lance the Turtle (提供)
9.My Baby Elf (提供)
10.Pizza Angel
11.Larrys Blues (提供)
12.School House Polka (提供)
13.Hopperena (提供)
暂存1 英文
1.Proud Mary
2.Count Your Eggs
3.Car Wash
4.Happy Ki-Yi Birthday
5.All The Pretty Horses
6.Rock-A-Bye Baby
7.Itsy Bitsy Spider
8.Fairest Lord Jesus
9.Brahm's Lullaby
10.For The Beauty Of The Earth
11.Amazing Grace
12.Jesus Loves Me
13.Look Olaf!
14.Grumpy Kids
15.Go Tell It On The Mountain
16.Keep Walking
17.Rumor Weed Introduction (提供)
18.I Could Sing Of Your Love Forever
19.Thy Word
20.My Day
21.It's A Miracle
22.Blessed Be Your Name
23.The Lord Has Given (Reprise)
24.Mayor's Dream
25.What My Father Did On Christmas Eve
26.God's Love
27.His Cheeseburger
28.Can't Believe It's Christmas
29.The Lion Sleeps Tonight
30.They Long To Be Close To You
31.Second Chances
32.I Just Want To Celebrate
33.Stand (Reprise)
34.Think Of Me
35.Belly Button
36.Happy Trails
37.Bicycle Built For Two
38.Larry-Boy To The Rescue
39.Jesus Is Just Alright
40.Love Your Neighbor
41.The Dance Of The Cucumber
43.Lost Puppies
44.We Are Family
45.We Are The Grapes Of Wrath
46.Good Morning George
47.Better Is One Day
48.You Put This Love In My Heart
49.Funky Town
50.Oh, No! What We Gonna' Do?
51.Busy, Busy
52.Hope's Song
53.God Of Wonders
54.What We Have Learned
55.We've Got Some News
56.Big Things Too
57.The Rumor Weed Song
59.VeggieTales Theme Song
60.Promised Land
61.Larry's High Silk Hat
62.A Bushel And A Peck
63.I Give You Three Heroes
64.One-Eyed Louie
65.The Cave Medley (提供)
66.It's Laura's Fault
67.In The Secret (I Want To Know You)
68.You Are Holy
69.Come, Now Is The Time To Worship
70.Thankfulness Song
71.Yo Ho Hero
72.One In A Million
73.Feliz Navidad
74.I Love My Lips
75.First Things First
76.I'm Blue
77.I Want To Dance (Disco Version)
78.The Hokey Pokey
79.Lean On Me
80.Friends Are Friends Forever
81.The Funky Polka
82.Jonah Was A Prophet
83.Easter Bunny Hop
84.The B-O-Y-Z Dance
86.Boyz In The Sink
87.How Now Easter Cow
88.Bigger Than The Boogie Man
89.O Christmas Tree
90.Do The Moo Shoo
91.All Around The World
92.An Empty Egg
93.Seek Ye First
94.Crocodile Rock
暂存 英文
1.My God Is So Big
2.The Easter Song
3.Theme Song
4.I Can Be Your Friend
5.Where Have All The Staplers Gone?
6.Opening Title/Spanish Gold
7.Lord, I Lift Your Name On High
8.Friend Of God
9.My Savior My God
10.How Great Is Our God
11.Made To Worship
12.Shout To The Lord
13.Here I Am To Worship
14.Hallelujah (Your Love Is Amazing)
15.Every Move I Make
16.Open The Eyes Of My Heart
17.I Can Only Imagine
18.Alone (Vanna Banana Version)
19.This Little Light of Mine
20.Rock On, LarryBoy (From 'LarryBoy' Soundtrack)
21.Amazing Grace (My Chains Are Gone)
22.Deep & Wide
23.The Eight Polish Food of Christmas
24.The Blues with Larry
25.He's Got the Whole World
26.All Through the Night
27.Old Mcdonald Had A Farm
28.Radio Sweetheart
29.The New and Improved Bunny Song
30.VeggieTales In the House Theme Song
31.I'm a Tomato
32.God Made You Special
33.King Jesus Is All
34.Technical Difficulties
35.Hairbrush Song
36.I Will Always Love You
37.Home on the Range
38.Larry Boy
39.Don't Worry Be Happy
40.The Selfish Song
41.I Am a Promise
42.In the Highways
43.There's a Hole in the Bottom of the Sea
44.You Are My Sunshine
45.On the Road Again
46.Swing Low, Sweet Chariot
47.The Forgiveness Song

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