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艾蕾莎·贝丝·摩儿(英语:Alecia Beth Moore,1979年9月8日-),艺名P!nk,中国通常译为粉红佳人或“红粉佳人”,美国摇滚女歌手,截至2009年10月已在全球售出3000万张唱片。红粉佳人的第一首单曲“你走了”以及节奏蓝调曲风的专辑《不要带我回家》在2000年推出后,获得了不错的销售记录并使红粉佳人一举成名。

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Beautiful Trauma 英文
1.Beautiful Trauma
2.Revenge(feat. Eminem)
3.Whatever You Want
4.What About Us
5.But We Lost It
7.Where We Go
8.For Now
10.Better Life
11.I Am Here
12.Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken
13.You Get My Love
Nobody Knows 英文
1.Nobody Knows2.Words(Tom Lord - Alge Alt Version)
Just Like Fire (Single) 英文
1.Just Like Fire
有爱有真相 - 豪华揭密版(The Truth About Love) 英文
1.Are We All We Are(我们不过如此)
2.Blow Me - One Last Kiss(给我 - 最后一个飞吻)
4.Just Give Me A Reason(feat. Nate Ruess)(给个理由)
5.True Love(feat. Lily Rose Cooper)(真命天子)
6.How Come You're Not Here(为什么你不在我身边)
7.Slut Like You(花花公主)
8.The Truth About Love(有爱有真相)
9.Beam Me Up(解放我)
10.Walk Of Shame(丢脸上路)
11.Here Comes The Weekend(feat. Eminem)(周末终于到了)
12.Where Did The Beat Go ?(爱火何在 ?)
13.The Great Escape(爱情大逃亡)
14.My Signature Move(我的大绝招)
15.Is This Thing On ?(开始了没 ?)
17.Good Old Days(美好旧时光)
Blow Me(One Last Kiss) 英文
1.Blow Me(One Last Kiss)(Clean Radio Edit)
Greatest Hits... So Far!!! 英文
1.Heartbreak Down
2.Raise Your Glass
3.Whataya Want From Me
4.Fuckin' Perfect
5.So What
Funhouse 英文
1.I Don't Believe You
2.Bad Influence
3.One Foot Wrong
4.Crystal Ball
7.Could've Had Everything
8.Why Did I Ever Like You
9.Please Don't Leave Me
11.This Is How It Goes Down
13.It's All Your Fault
14.Ave Mary A
15.Glitter In The Air
16.So What
I'm Not Dead 英文
1.Stupid Girls
2.Who Knew
3.U + Ur Hand
4.Leave Me Alone (I'm Lonely)
5.Dear Mr President
6.Cuz I Can
7.Long Way To Happy
8.Nobody Knows
9.I'm Not Dead
11.The One That Got Away
12.I Got Money Now
13.Conversations With My 13 Year Old Self
15.I Have Seen The Rain
18.Blow Me (One Last Kiss) (Single)
Try This(给我试试看) 英文
2.God Is A DJ
3.Last To Know
4.Tonight's The Night
5.Oh My God
6.Catch Me While I'm Sleeping
7.Waiting For Love
8.Save My Life
9.Try Too Hard
10.Humble Neighborhoods
11.Walk Away
13.Love Song
Missundaztood 英文
1.18 Wheeler
2.Dear Diary
3.Don't Let Me Get Me
5.Family Portrait
6.Get The Party Started
7.Gone To California
8.Just Like A Pill
9.Lonely Girl
11.My Vietnam
Can't Take Me Home 英文
1.Can't Take Me Home
2.Hell Wit' Ya
4.Is It Love
5.Let Me Let You Know
6.Love Is Such a Crazy Thing
7.Most Girls
8.Private Show
9.Split Personality
10.Stop Falling
11.There You Go
12.You Make Me Sick
13.Do What U Do
Red 英文
3.Mad Night
Raise Your Glass (Single) 英文
1.Raise Your Glass (Single)
PCD 英文
1.Stick wit u
The Truth About Love 英文
1.Are We All We Are (The Truth About Love) [Live From Los Angeles]
2.Slut Like You
4.The Truth About Love
6.Walk of Shame
7.F**kin' Perfect (Live from LA)
8.Try (The Truth About Love) [Live From Los Angeles]
9.Blow Me (One Last Kiss) [The Truth About Love] [Live from Los Angeles]
The Truth About Love - Track by Track Commentary 英文
1.Are We All We Are (Commentary)
2.Try (Commentary)
3.True Love (Commentary)
4.Slut Like You (Commentary)
5.The Truth About Love (Commentary)
6.Beam Me Up (Commentary)
7.Walk Of Shame (Commentary)
8.Where Did The Beat Go (Commentary)
暂存1 英文
1.Get The Party Started/Sweet Dreams
2.who knew
3.Stupid Girls (Explicit)
6.Blow Me (One Last Kiss)
7.Are We All We Are
8.I Don't Believe You (Main Version)
9.Just Give Me a Reason
10.True Love
11.How Come You're Not Here
12.Blow Me (One Last Kiss) (Explicit Radio Edit)
13.The Truth About Love
14.Beam Me Up
15.Walk of Shame
16.Here Comes the Weekend
17.Where Did the Beat Go?
18.The Great Escape
19.Chaos And Piss
21.My Signature Move
22.Is This Thing On?
24.Good Old Days
25.The King Is Dead But the Queen Is Alive
26.Do What You Do
27.Lady Marmalade (featuring Lil Kim, Mya, Christina
29.The Love Song
30.Extra Track
31.Pretty Girl (The Way)
32.Nobody Liver
33.When I Saw You Girl (提供)
34.Get The Party Started Radio Disney Edit
36.Stupid Girls (Edited)
37.Better Off Alone
38.Get The Party Started (Pink Noise Disco Edit)
39.It's Over
40.You And Your Hand
41.Looks Like A Job 4...
42.Oh My God (Featuring Peaches)
43.Living In My World
44.Let Me Go
45.Key To My Heart
46.Push You Away
47.Lady Marmelade
48.Don't Leave Me
49.Crash & Burn
50.Hazard To Myself
51.Get The Party Started (Sweet Dreams Remix)
53.God Is a DJ (D-Bop Remix)
55.I Touch Myself [Live]
56.Babe I'm Gonna Leave You [Live]
57.Crazy [Live]
58.Tell Me Something Good
60.F**Kin' Perfect
61.Bohemian Rhapsody [Live]
62.Feel Good Time
63.Just Like Fire (From the Original Motion Picture 'Alice Through the Looking Glass') [Wideboys Remix]
64.Just Like Fire - From 'Alice Through the Looking Glass'/Soundtrack Version
65.Leave Me Alone (I'm Lonely) - Main Version/Clean
66.Please Don't Leave Me (The Funhouse Freak Show Edition)
67.Bad Influence (Main Version)
68.Don't Let Me Get Me (LP Version) [Radio Edit]
69.Fingers - w/30 sec. of silence
70.Stupid Girls (Making Of The Video)
71.Dear Mr. President (Live Performance)
72.'Cuz I Can - Main Version/Clean
73.I'm Not Dead (5.1 mix)
74.'Cuz I Can (5.1 mix)
75.Stupid Girlz
76.Who Knew (Music Video)
77.Just Like Fire (From 'Alice Through the Looking Glass')
78.True Love - feat. Lily Allen
79.Get The Party Started - Live
80.Misery (with Steven Tyler)
81.U + Ur Hand - Radio Edit
82.Today's The Day
83.F**kin' Perfect (Perfect) - Clean Radio Edit
84.Me And Bobby McGee - Live From Clive Davis' Pre-Grammy Party
85.Numb - Dallas Mix / LP Version
86.Respect (feat. Scratch)
87.Misery (feat. Steven Tyler)
88.Lonely Girl (feat. Linda Perry)
89.Just Give Me A Reason Feat. Nate Ruess
90.Bad Bad Day
91.The King Is Dead But the Queen Is
92.Blow Me One Last Kiss (Color Version)
93.Wicked Game
94.Slut Like You (Bluegrass version)
95.Can't Take Me Home (medley)
96.Time After Time
97.Raise Your Glass (Explicit Version)
暂存 英文
1.So What (Bimbo Jones radio mix)
2.Bohemian Rhapsody
3.Babe I'm Gonna Leave You
4.Highway to Hell
5.Blow Me (One Last Kiss) (Dirty Version)
6.Blow Me (One Last Kiss) (Radio Edit)
7.Family Portrait (Live Lounge)
8.Blow Me (One Last Kiss) (Clean Version)
9.So What (Main Version - Clean)
10.Just Like a Pill (Main)
11.U + Ur Hand (Main Version)
12.U + Ur Hand (Explicit)
13.Don't Let Me Get Me (Maurice's nu soul mix)
14.There You Go (live)
15.Blow Me (One Last Kiss) (Explicit Version)
16.Sober (Main Version)
17.F****n Perfect
18.There You Go (Hani mix)
19.Stupid Girls (Kardinal Beats remix)
20.Familiy Portrait (radio edit)
21.Chaos & Piss
22.What's Up
23.God Is a DJ (radio edit)
24.Sober (remix)
25.Please Don't Leave Me (Junior Vasquez Tribal Dub)
26.7.Please Don't Leave Me
27.Get the Party Started/Sweet Dreams (feat. Redman)
29.Who Knew (Sharp Boys' Love Jonathan Harvey remix)
30.F***in Perfect
31.Bridge of Light
32.Just Like a Pill (Maurice's Nu Soul mix)
33.You Make Me Sick (instrumental)
34.Last to Know (dirty version)
35.F**kin' Perfect (Perfect) (clean)
36.Most Girls (radio edit)
37.You Make Me Sick (HQ2 Smooth Vibe vocal mix)
39.Trouble (radio edit)
40.Oh My God (feat. Peaches)
41.Humble Neighbourhood
42.Love Song / Hooker
43.Feel Good Time (Boris & Beck Massive vocal)
45.Stupid Girls (D-Bop 3am at Crash mix)
46.Stupid Girl
47.U and Ur Hand (Bimbo Jones radio edit)
48.Funhouse (Digital Dog radio edit)
49.Family Portrait (radio edit)
50.My Vietnam (live at Scala)
51.We've Got Scurvy
52.Get This Party Started
53.Feel God Time
54.Leave Me Alone
55.Please Don't Leave
56.Leave Me Alone (I'm Lonely) (Digital Dogs Edit)
57.U and Ur Hand (Bimbo Jones remix)
58.Raise Your Glass (122 BPM)
59.Please don't leave me (Digital Dog Remix)
60.F**kin' Perfect (Perfect)
61.Blow Me (One Last Kiss) (Squeaky clean radio edit)
62.Glitter In the Air (Live At the 52nd Annual Grammy Awards)
63.U & Ur Hand (Bimbo Jones Edit)
64.F**kin' Perfect (Explicit Version)
65.What About Us (Tiësto's AFTR:HRS Remix)
66.What About Us (Cash Cash Remix)
67.Halfway Gone
68.Beautiful Trauma (E11even Remix)

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