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Running Out of Love 英文
2.Sloboda Narodu
3.We Got Game
4.Thieves of State (提供)
5.This Thing Was Bound to Happen (提供)
6.Can't Be Guilty
7.Committed to the Cause
8.Running Out of Love (提供)
9.Teach Me to Forget (提供)
Occupied 英文
2.It Looked Like Heaven (But Feels Like Hell) (提供)
3.Down Down Down (Liminals Remix) (提供)
Lesser Matters 英文
1.Too Soon
2.Where Damage Isn't Already Done
3.Keen On Boys
4.Its Been Eight Years
6.Slottet #2 (提供)
8.Against The Tide
9.Strange Things Will Happen
10.Your Father
11.Lost And Found
Pet Grief 英文
1.It's Personal (提供)
2.Pet Grief
3.A Window
4.I Wanted You To Feel The Same
5.South Side (提供)
6.Every Time
7.What Will Give?
8.Gibraltar (提供)
9.Sleeping In
11.Always A Relief
动‧静‧一瞬(Passive Aggressive) 英文
1.Why Won't You Talk About It ?
2.Where Damage Isn't Already Done
3.Annie Laurie
5.Pulling Our Weight
6.This Past Week
7.The Worst Taste In Music
8.We Made The Team
9.Bachelor Kisses
10.Freddie And The Trojan Horse
12.Heaven's On Fire
13.Never Follow Suit
14.The New Improved Hypocrisy
15.Liebling (提供)
16.We Would Fall Against The Tide (提供)
17.You And Me Then ?
18.Peace Of Mind
19.Taget (提供)
20.Slottet (提供)
21.What You Sell
22.Mad About The Boy (提供)
23.Closing Scene (提供)
24.Messy Enough (提供)
25.The Idle Urban Contemporaries (提供)
26.All About Our Love
27.On Your Side (提供)
28.The One
墨守秘密(Clinging To A Scheme) 英文
1.Domestic Scene
2.Heaven's On Fire
3.This Time Around
4.Never Follow Suit
5.A Token Of Gratitude
6.The Video Dept.
7.Memory Loss
9.Four Months In The Shade (提供)
10.You Stopped Making Sense
This Past Week 英文
1.This Past Week
3.I Don't Like It Like This
4.Let Me Have This
Pulling Our Weight EP 英文
1.We Climb the Wired Fences
2.I Don't Need Love, I've Got My Band
3.Someone Else
4.The City Limit
暂存 英文
1.Freddie & The Trojan Horse
2.You & Me Then?
3.Never Swallow Fruit (Dub Remix By Pistol Disco)
4.The Worst Taste in Music (extended)
5.Swedish Guns
6.This Repeated Sodomy
7.In America
8.We Made the Team (Extended)
9.Bad Reputation
10.Tell You About My Job (提供)
11.The Things That Went Wrong
12.The Hide Away
13.The Room, Tarzana
14.Freddy and the Trojan Horse
15.David (The Rice Twins remix)

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