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Gloriana( Gloriana (band) )【 共收藏 6 张专辑, 52 首歌 】
Gloriana是2008年创立的美国乡村音乐团体。最初由四位歌唱家组成:Cheyenne Kimball,Rachel Reinert,Tom和Mike Gossin兄弟。 在小组成立之前,Kimball是独奏艺术家。 原始阵容在2009年为Emblem / Reprise唱片公司录制了一张同名专辑,其中包括他们的第一张专辑“Wild at Heart”。 Kimball离开乐队的第二张专辑A Miles Miles Left Behind之前就离开了,他们制作了他们最高的单曲'Kissed You'Good Night',以及前20名的'不能动摇你'。 在第三张专辑“三”之后,Reinert也离开了,有效地解散了乐队。
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Three 英文
2.Ain't Runnin' Outta Summer
3.Are You Ready
4.Nobody But You
5.It's On Tonight
7.Wanna Get To Know You
8.Let's Take A Shot
9.Get Back That Goodbye
11.It Won't Let Go
12.My Somebody
A Thousand Miles Left Behind 英文
1.Wanna Take You Home
2.Kissed You Good Night
3.Gold Rush
4.Sunset Lovin'
5.Carolina Rose
6.Go On…Miss Me
7.Can't Shake You
8.Soldier Song
9.Turn My World Around
10.Doing It Our Way
11.Where My Heart Belongs
12.Lonely Road
13.Wild At Heart (Acoustic)
14.Can't Shake You (Acoustic)
Kissed You Good Night (Single) 英文
1.Kissed You Good Night (Single)
Gloriana 英文
1.How Far Do You Wanna Go
2.Wild At Heart
3.The Way It Goes
4.Lead Me On
5.If You're Leavin'
6.You Said
7.Cry On Command
8.Over Me Now
9.Come And Save Me
10.Even If I Wanted To
11.All The Things That Mean The Most
12.Change Your Mind
13.Time To Let Me Go
The Way It Goes 英文
1.Wild At Heart
2.The Way It Goes
3.You Said
4.Time To Let Me Go
暂存 英文
1.How Far Do You Wanna Go?
2.Over Me Now?
3.Silent Night
4.The World Is Ours Tonight
5.Come & Save Me
6.The Way It Goes (Live)
7.O Holy Night
8.Best Night Ever

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