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Los Lobos( 灰狼一族乐团 )【 共收藏 15 张专辑, 261 首歌 】
Los Lobos(发音为[losloβos],西班牙语为“狼队”)是来自美国加利福尼亚州东洛杉矶的美国摇滚乐队。 他们的音乐受摇滚乐,Tex-Mex,乡村音乐,zydeco,民谣,R&B,蓝调,棕色眼睛的灵魂以及cumbia,boleros和norteños等传统音乐的影响。 这支乐队在1987年获得了国际性的明星,当时他们的Ritchie Valens'La Bamba'的封面版本在美国,英国和其他一些国家的排行榜上名列前茅。 2015年,他们被提名入职摇滚名人堂。
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Gates of Gold 英文
1.Made to Break Your Heart
2.When We Were Free
3.Mis-Treater Boogie Blues
4.There I Go
5.Too Small Heart
6.Poquito Para Aqui
7.Gates of Gold
8.La Tumba Sera el Final
9.Song of the Sun
10.I Believed You So
12.Nachas (Instrumental Demo) (提供)
13.Prenda del Alma (Live) (提供)
Disconnected In New York City 英文
1.La Venganza De Los Pelados
2.Oh Yeah
3.Set Me Free (Rosa Lee)
5.Tears of God
6.The Neighborhood
7.Intro (提供)
8.Gotta Let You Know
9.Maria Christina
10.La Bamba / Good Lovin' (Medley) (提供)
11.Chuco's Cumbia
12.Tin Can Trust
13.Little Things
La Bamba / Charlena(Digital 45) 英文
1.La Bamba2.Charlena (提供)
The Town and the City 英文
1.Hold On
2.No Puedo Más
3.Two Dogs And A Bone
4.Little Things
5.Free Up
6.The Town
7.Don't Ask Why
8.The City
9.If You Were Only Here Tonight
10.The Road To Gila Bend
11.The Valley
13.Chuco's Cumbia
Tin Can Trust 英文
1.When The Circus Comes To Town
2.Burn It Down
3.On Main Street
4.Yo Canto
5.Tin Can Trust
6.Jupiter Of The Moon
7.Do The Murray (提供)
8.All My Bridges Burning
9.West L.A. Fadeaway
10.The Lady And The Rose
11.Mujer Ingrata
12.27 Spanishes
One Time One Night: Live Recordings, Vol.1 英文
1.Colossal Head (Live)
2.My Baby's Gone (Live)
3.Revolution (Live)
4.This Bird's Gonna Fly (Live)
5.Evangeline (Live)
6.I Walk Alone (Live)
7.Don't Worry Baby (Live)
One Time One Night (Live Recordings, Vol. 2) 英文
1.Angel Dance (Live)
2.Hurry Tomorrow (Live)
3.Done Gone Blue (Live)
4.I Can't Understand (Papa Was a Rollin' Stone Intro) (Live)
5.Hearts of Stone (Live)
Los Lobos: Live At The Fillmore 英文
1.Good Morning Aztlan - Live Show / Event Version
2.Charmed - Live
3.Luz De Mi Vida - Live
4.Rita - Live
5.Viking - Live
6.What's Going On - Live
Los Lobos Goes Disney 英文
1.I Wan'na Be Like You (The Monkey Song)
2.I Will Go Sailing No More
3.The Ugly Bug Ball
4.The Tiki, Tiki, Tiki Room
5.Not In Nottingham
7.Grim Grinning Ghosts
8.Bella Notte
9.Cruella De Vil
10.Bare Necessities
11.When You Wish Upon A Star / It's A Small World (提供)
Live at the Ritz (Live) 英文
1.Buzz, Buzz, Buzz - Live
2.Don't Worry Baby (Live)
3.Let's Say Goodnight (Live)
4.I Got Loaded (Live)
5.Walking Song (Live)
6.Our Last Night (Live)
7.Come on Let's Go (Live)
8.I Got to Let You Know - Live
9.Matter of Time - Live
Kiko Live 英文
1.Dream in Blue (Live)
2.Just a Man (Live)
3.Whiskey Trail (Live)
4.Wicked Rain (Live)
5.Two Janes (Live)
6.Short Side of Nothing (Live)
7.When the Circus Comes (Live)
8.Reva's House (Live)
9.Saint Behind the Glass (Live)
10.Kiko and the Lavender Moon (Live)
11.That Train Don't Stop Here (Live)
12.Angels With Dirty Faces (Live)
13.Rio de Tenampa (Live)
Just Another Band From East L.A.: A Collection 英文
1.Let's Say Goodnight (Live At the Hollywood Palládium, 1987)
2.I Wan'na Be Like You (The Monkey Song)
3.Bella Maria de mi Alma
4.Come On, Let's Go
5.Bertha [Live at The Carefree Theatre, 1992]
6.Peace [Live at The Barns of Wolf Trap, 1992]
7.River of Fools [Live at the Alberta Bair Theatre, 1992]
8.Politician (Live At the Barns of Wolf Trap, 1992)
9.What's Going On (Live At the World Music Theatre, 1992)
10.Wicked Rain (Live At the Barns of Wolf Trap, 1992)
11.I Got to Let You Know (Live At the Paradiso, Amsterdam 1987)
Disconnected In New York City (Live) 英文
1.Oh Yeah (Live)
2.Gotta Let You Know (Live)
3.The Neighborhood (Live)
4.Tin Can Trust (Live)
5.Malaque (Live)
6.Little Things (Live)
暂存1 英文
3.Cancion Del Mariachi
5.Mustang Sally
6.This Time
7.Wake Up Dolores
8.Billy 1
9.Don't Worry Baby
11.Shakin' Shakin' Shakes
12.Saint Behind the Glass
13.Let's Say Goodnight
14.Lonely Avenue
16.High Places
17.When the Circus Comes
18.This Bird's Gonna Fly
19.Little Japan
21.All I Wanted To Do Was Dance
23.Everybody Loves A Train
24.On A Night Like This
25.Prenda Del Alma
26.Ya Se Va
27.More Than I Can Stand
28.Hurry Tomorrow
30.Shoot Out the Lights
31.Si Yo Quisiera
32.Wreck of the Carlos Rey
33.Beautiful Maria Of My Soul
35.Somewhere In Time
36.I'm Gonna Be A Wheel Someday
37.Buzz, Buzz, Buzz
38.The Breakdown
39.Manny's Bones
40.Colossal Head
41.Turn Around
42.Down Where The Drunkards Roll
44.What's Going On
45.Why We Wish
46.Some Say, Some Do
47.Chains Of Love
48.Run Away With You
49.Can't Stop The Rain
50.Goodnight My Love
51.Midnight Shift
52.The Bare Necessities
53.Cielito Lindo
54.Ay Te Dejo En San Antonio
55.Wooly Bully
57.Cumbia Raza
58.La Playa
60.La Guacamaya
61.La Pistola y El Coraz�n
62.Rio De Tenampa
63.Serenata Nortena
64.Angel Dance
65.Little Heaven - Cesar Rosas
67.Georgia Slop
68.Walking Song
69.Done Gone Blue
70.Our Last Night
71.Round and Round
72.A Matter of Time
73.Short Side Of Nothing
74.Get To This
75.What In The World
76.Take My Hand
77.Till The Hands Fall Off The Clock
79.My Baby's Gone
81.The Word
82.Corrido #1
83.Route 90
84.One Time One Night
86.That Train Don't Stop Here
87.Will the Wolf Survive?
88.Dream In Blue
89.Kiko and the Lavender Moon
90.Why Do You Do
91.Life Is Good
92.I Can't Understand
93.I Got To Let You Know
94.Angels With Dirty Faces
95.Little John Of God
96.Just A Man
97.The Big Ranch
暂存 英文
1.Tony & Maria
2.River of Fools
3.New Zandu
4.Blue Moonlight
5.Two Janes
6.Is This All There Is?
7.I Walk Alone
8.The Giving Tree
9.River Of Fools [Live]
10.Be Still
11.The Mess We're In
12.The Hardest Time
13.Hearts Of Stone
14.Good Morning Aztlan
15.Peace (Live)
16.Reva's House
17.Jenny's Got A Pony
18.Down on the Riverbed
19.Deep Dark Hole
20.Mas y Mas
21.Whiskey Trail
22.Wicked Rain / Across 110th Street
23.Same Brown Earth - Latin Playboys
24.Tomorrow Never Knows - Previously Unreleased, Live
25.Rip It Up
26.Sabor a Mi
27.Try Me - Previously Unreleased
28.Lemon 'N Ice - Latin Playboys
30.Tin Can Trust ('Tin Can Trust' album)
31.Little Things ('The Town and the City' album)
32.Chuco's Cumbia ('The Town and the City' album)
33.Mas Y Mas (Live) [2016 Remastered]
34.The Walking Song
35.I'm Sorry
36.Hardest Time
37.Marie Marie (Live)
38.Rango Theme Song
39.We'll Meet Again
40.We Belong Together
41.Can't Stop the Rain (live)
42.Jockey Full of Bourbon

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