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魔镜歌词网欧美歌手Freddy Fender( 佛莱迪凡德 )
Freddy Fender( 佛莱迪凡德 )【 共收藏 6 张专辑, 70 首歌 】
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Golden Voice of the Texas Gulf Coast 英文
1.Before the Next Teardrop Falls
2.I Love My Rancho Grande
3.You'll Lose A Good Thing
4.Vaya Con Dios
5.Wild Side of Life
6.Sugar Coated Love
7.The Rains Came
8.The Clock (提供)
9.When It Really Rains It Really Pours (提供)
10.Tell It Like It Is
11.These Arms of Mine
12.It's Gonna Be Easy (提供)
13.Across The Borderline (提供)
14.Man Can Cry (提供)
15.Holy One (提供)
16.Trying (提供)
17.Ando Muy Borracho (提供)
18.The Gardens (提供)
19.Pancho & Lefty
20.Piensa En Mi (提供)
21.Perfidia (提供)
Wild Side of Life (Live) 英文
1.Before the Next Teardop Falls (Live)
2.Crazy Baby (Live)
3.Get Out of My Life Woman (Live)
4.Mathilda (Live)
5.Just Because (Live)
6.Wild Side of Life (Live)
Freddy Fender - Songbook 英文
1.These Arms of Mine
2.Wild Side of Life
3.Just Because
4.The Wild Side of Life
5.Going Out With the Tide (提供)
Country Masters: Freddy Fender (Live!) 英文
1.Before the Next Teardrops Fall (Live Version)
2.Jambalaya (Live Version)
3.Sugar Coated Love - Live Version
4.Whiskey River (Live Version)
5.Tell It Like It Is (Live Version)
6.Since I Met You Baby (Live Version)
7.Secret Love (Live Version)
8.The Rains Came (Live Version)
9.I Can't Stop Loving You (Live Version)
Before The Next Teardrop Falls 英文
1.Before The Next Teardrop Falls
暂存 英文
1.Wasted Days and Wasted Nights
2.honey open that door (提供)
3.Before the next dear drop falls
4.Secret Love
5.All These Things
6.Since I Met You Baby
7.Behind Closed Doors
8.Get Out Of My Life Woman
9.Before The Next Teardrop Falls - Single Version
10.Wasted Days And Wasted Nights (Live) - Live
11.I Really Don't Want to Know
12.Roses Are Red, My Love
13.Living It Down (En Espanol)
15.I'm Leaving It All Up to You
16.Your Cheatin' Heart
17.Wasted Day and Wasted Night
18.You'll Lose A Good Thing (Live)
19.Wasted Days & Wasted Nights (Live)
20.Almost Persuaded
21.Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye
22.The Chokin' Kind
23.I Almost Called Your Name
24.Blue Monday
25.But I Do
26.I Can't Stop Loving You
27.I Can't Help It (If I'm Still in Love with You)

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