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Vince Gill( 文斯吉尔 )【 共收藏 29 张专辑, 343 首歌 】
文森特格兰特吉尔(生于1957年4月12日)是美国乡村歌手,词曲作者和多乐器演奏家。他在70年代取得了商业上的成功,并成为乡村摇滚乐队Pure Prairie League的主唱,并于1983年开始担任独唱歌手,他的主音和音乐家的才华让他成为客串歌手和二重奏伴侣。

他录制了超过20张录音室专辑,在美国Billboard排行榜上以40首单曲为热门乡村歌曲,并且销售了超过2600万张专辑。他曾获得乡村音乐协会颁发的18项CMA奖项,包括两项年度艺人奖和五项男性歌手奖。截至2017年,吉尔还获得了21项格莱美奖,超过任何其他男性乡村音乐艺术家。 2007年,他被纳入乡村音乐名人堂。 2016年2月4日,吉尔被老鹰队的乔·沃尔什带入了吉他中心岩石步道。 2017年,Vince Gill和Deacon Frey被Eagles聘请为Glenn Frey补发。

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Down to My Last Bad Habit 英文
1.Reasons for the Tears I Cry
2.Down to My Last Bad Habit
3.Me and My Girl
4.Like My Daddy Did
5.Make You Feel Real Good
6.I Can't Do This
7.My Favorite Movie
8.One More Mistake I Made
9.Take Me Down
10.I'll Be Waiting for You
11.When It's Love (提供)
12.Sad One Comin' On (A Song for George Jones)
Ballads 英文
1.Only Love
Guitar Slinger 英文
1.True Love
2.Guitar Slinger
3.All Nighter Comin'
4.Tell Me Fool
5.Threaten Me With Heaven
6.When The Lady Sings The Blues
7.Who Wouldn't Fall In Love With You
8.When Lonely Comes Around
9.Bread And Water
10.Billy Paul
11.The Old Lucky Diamond Motel
12.Lipstick Everywhere
13.One More Thing I Wished I'd Said
14.If I Die
15.Buttermilk John
Love Songs 英文
1.Faint Of Heart
The Things That Matter 英文
1.Oklahoma Borderline
2.Colder Than Winter
3.With You
4.Ain't It Always That Way
5.Savannah (Don't You Ever Think of Me)
6.If It Weren't for Him
7.She Don't Know
Let's Make Sure We Kiss Goodbye 英文
2.Feels Like Love
3.Let's Make Sure We Kiss Goodbye
4.For The Last Time
5.When I Look Into Your Heart
6.Shoot Straight From Your Heart
7.The Luckiest Guy In The World
8.Little Things
9.Baby Please Don't Go
10.Look What Love's Revealing
11.That Friend Of Mine
12.Hey God
The Key 英文
1.Don't Come Cryin' To Me
2.If You Ever Have Forever In Mind
3.I Never Really Knew You
4.Kindly Keep It Country
5.All Those Years
6.I'll Take Texas
7.My Kind Of Woman / My Kind Of Man
8.There's Not Much Love Here Anymore
9.Let Her In
10.The Hills Of Caroline
11.Live To Tell It All
12.What They All Call Love
13.The Key To Life
Breath Of Heaven 英文
1.Winter Wonderland
2.The Christmas Song
3.O Little Town Of Bethlehem
4.Silver Bells
5.It's The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year (提供)
6.Blue Christmas
7.O Holy Night
8.Let It Snow Let It Snow Let It Snow
9.A Cradle In Bethlehem
10.Breath Of Haven (提供)
11.O Come All Ye Faithful
When I Call Your Name 英文
1.Never Alone
2.Sight For Sore Eyes
3.Oh Girl(You Know Where To Find Me)
4.Oklahoma Swing
5.When I Call Your Name
6.Ridin' The Rodeo
7.Never Knew Lonely
8.We Won't Dance
9.We Could Have Been
10.Rita Ballou
The Way Back Home 英文
1.Everybody's Sweetheart
2.Way Back Home
4.Let's Do Something
6.Baby That's Tough
7.Losing Your Love
8.It Doesn't Matter Any More
9.Something's Missing
Super Hits 英文
1.Baby That's Tough
3.Everybody's Sweetheart
4.Half A Chance
5.Losing Your Love
6.Never Knew Lonely
7.Oklahoma Borderline
9.Savannah(Don't You Ever Think Of Me)
10.With You
High Lonesome Sound 英文
1.One Dance With You
2.High Lonesome Sound
3.Pretty Little Adriana
4.A Little More Love
5.Down To New Orleans
6.Tell Me Lover
7.Given More Time
8.You And You Alone
9.Worlds Apart
10.Jenny Dreamed Of Trains
When Love Finds You 英文
1.Whenever You Come Around
2.You Better Think Twice
3.Real Lady's Man
4.What The Cowgirls Do
5.When Love Finds You
6.If There's Anything I Can Do
7.South Side Of Dixie
8.Maybe Tonight
9.Which Bridge To Cross
10.If I Had My Way
11.Go Rest High On That Mountain
Souvenirs-Greatest Hits 英文
1.Don't Let Our Love Start Slippin' Away
2.I Can't Tell You Why(我说不出原因何在)
3.I Still Believe In You
4.I Will Always Love You
5.Liza Jane
6.Look At Us
7.Never Alone
8.Never Knew Lonely
9.No Future In The Past
10.One More Last Chance
11.Pocket Full Of Gold
12.Take Your Memory With You
13.The Heart Won't Lie
14.Tryin' To Get Over You
15.When I Call Your Name
Vintage Gill 英文
1.'til The Best Comes Along
2.Baby That's Tough
3.It Doesn't Matter Any More
4.Let's Do Something
5.Never Knew Lonely
6.Oh Carolina
7.Oklahoma Borderline
9.Way Back Home
10.What If I Say Goodbye
Vince Gill&Friends 英文
1.Don't Say That You Love Me
2.Everybody's Sweetheart
3.Let's Do Something
4.Oh Carolina
5.Oklahoma Swing
6.Turn Me Loose
7.Way Back Home
8.What If I Say Goodbye
Pocket Full Of Gold 英文
1.I Quit
2.Look At Us
3.Take Your Memory With You
4.Pocket Full Of Gold
5.The Strings That Tie You Down
6.Liza Jane
7.If I Didn't Have You In My World
8.A Little Left Over
9.What's A Man To Do
I Never Knew Lonely 英文
1.What If I Say Goodbye
2.True Love
3.Midnight Train
4.Colder Than Winter
5.Never Knew Lonely
6.Everybody's Sweetheart
7.Way Back Home
8.Losing Your Love
9.Livin' The Way I Do
Turn Me Loose 英文
1.Turn Me Loose
2.Oh Carolina
3.Don't Say That You Love Me
4.Waitin' For Your Love
5.Half A Chance
6.Victim Of Life's Circumstances
7.'til The Best Comes Along
8.Livin' The Way I Do
Let There Be Peace On Earth 英文
1.Do You Hear What I Hear (提供)
2.Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas
3.One Bright Star
4.What Child Is This
5.Santa Claus Is Coming To Town
6.I'll Be Home For Christmas
7.Let Their Be Peace On Earth (提供)
8.Til The Season Comes Around Again
9.It Won't Be The Same This Year
Essential 英文
1.Ain't It Always That Way
3.Colder Than Winter
4.Don't Say That You Love Me
5.Everybody's Sweetheart
6.I've Been Hearing Things About You
7.Let's Do Something
8.Livin' The Way I Do
9.Losing Your Love
10.Midnight Train
11.Never Knew Lonely
12.Oh Carolina
13.Oklahoma Borderline
15.Something's Missing
16.True Love
17.Turn Me Loose
18.Victim Of Life's Circumstances
19.Way Back Home
20.With You
Best Of Vince Gill 英文
2.I've Been Hearing Things About You
3.Let's Do Something
4.Lucy Dee
5.Never Knew Lonely
6.Oh Carolina
7.Oklahoma Swing
9.Turn Me Loose
10.Victim Of Life's Circumstances
I Still Believe In You 英文
1.Don't Let Our Love Start Slippin' Away
2.No Future In The Past
3.Nothing Like A Woman
4.Tryin' To Get Over You
5.Say Hello
6.One More Last Chance
7.Under These Conditions
8.Pretty Words
9.Love Never Broke Anyone's Heart
10.I Still Believe In You
The Imus Ranch Record 英文
1.Satisfied Mind
Platinum & Gold Collection 英文
1.Everybody's Sweetheart - Buddha Remastered - 1999
2.Let's Do Something - Buddha Remastered - 1999
3.The Radio - Buddha Remastered - 1999
4.Cinderella - Buddha Remastered - 1999
6.Victim of Life's Circumstances
Now That's What I Call Christmas 2 英文
1.Do You Hear What I Hear?
Imus Ranch Record 英文
1.A Satisfied Mind (提供)
暂存1 英文
1.Another You, Another Me
2.Let There Be Peace on Earth
3.Riding The Rodeo
4.The Radio
5.I Never Knew Lonely
6.The Way Back Home
7.South Side Oof Dixie
8.Which Bridge to Cross (Which Bridge to Burn)
9.White Christmas
10.Pocket Full Of Gold (1991)
11.When I Call Your Name (1990)
12.Oh Girl
13.Go Rest On That Mountain
14.When Will I Be Loved
15.It Came Upon A Midnight Clear
16.From Where I Stand
17.Real Mean Bottle
18.You Ain't Foolin' Nobody
19.The Sun's Gonna Shine On You
20.Two Hearts
21.Without You
22.She Never Makes Me Cry
23.Young Man's Town
24.Old Time Fiddle
25.This Old Guitar and Me
27.Next Big Thing
28.In These Last Few Days
29.Loving You Makes Me A Better Man
30.I'm No Stranger To The Rain - Keith Whitley
31.Lucy Dee - '89
32.Don't Let Our Love Start Slipping Away
33.My Kind of Woman, My Kind of Man
34.What You Don't Say
35.Sweet Thing
36.Little Brother
37.Workin' On A Big Chill
38.Sweet Little Corrina
39.The Only Love
40.Sweet Augusta Darlin'
41.How Lonely Looks
42.When I Look Into Your Heart (w/ Amy Grant)
43.Give Me The Highway
44.Molly Brown
45.Son Of A Ramblin' Man
46.The Rock Of Your Love
47.Which Way Will You Go
48.Some Things Never Get Old
49.Everybody's Sweetheart - Vince Gill
50.Bet It All On You
51.These Days
52.Almost Home
53.Cowboy Up
54.Breath of Heaven (Mary's Song)
55.Whipporwill River
56.What You Give Away
57.A River Like You
58.All Prayed Up
59.Time To Carry On
60.This Memory Of You
61.Everything And Nothing
62.Take This Country Back
63.Love's Standin'
64.Don't Pretend With Me
65.The Reason Why
66.Ace Up Your Pretty Sleeve
67.I Can't Let Go
68.The Sight Of Me Without You
69.If I Can Make Mississippi
70.No Easy Way
71.Tell Me One More Time About Jesus
72.Out Of My Mind
73.The Rhythm Of The Pourin' Rain
75.Smilin' Song
76.Cold Gray Light Of Gone
77.When I Look Into Your Heart - With Amy Grant
78.Sleigh Ride
79.Silent Night
80.Don't Let Her Get Away
81.These Broken Hearts
82.We Had It All
83.Fool Fool
84.Nothin' For A Broken Heart
85.Bread & Water
86.Oklahoma Swing (1990)
87.Oklahoma Swing (with Reba McEntire)
88.I Hope You Shed A Million Tears
89.If You Ever Leave Me
90.The Way Back Home - Buddha Remastered - 1999
91.Baby That's Tough - Buddha Remastered - 1999
92.Losing Your Love - Buddha Remastered - 1999
93.Something's Missing - Buddha Remastered - 1999
94.Don't Come Crying to Me
95.Whippoorwill River
96.Just Pleasing You
97.Give Me Jesus
98.Dear Old Flag
99.High Lonesome Sound (Bluegrass Version)
暂存 英文
1.That's Who I Am
2.That's All Right
3.I Can't Tell You Why
4.One More Last Chance (remix)

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