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Sammy Kershaw【 共收藏 15 张专辑, 170 首歌 】
塞缪尔·保罗·萨米·凯歇(出生于1958年2月24日,在卡普兰,路易斯安那州,美国)是美国乡村音乐家。他发行了10张专辑,其中有三份RIAA铂金认证和两项黄金认证。超过25张单曲已经进入Billboard Hot Country Songs排行榜榜首,包括第一名,“她不知道她是美女”,还有10位的10强排名:“凯迪拉克风格”,“无处不在”,“闹鬼”心“,”我的双宽拖车之女王“,”我不能再接触她了“,”全国工作女人节日“,”第三次浪漫“,”要成为“,”维达利亚“,”爱我的生活'。
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The Blues Got Me 英文
1.The Blues Got Me (提供)
2.It's Not My Cross to Bear (提供)
3.Where'd the Money Go (提供)
4.Big Legged Woman (提供)
5.I'm Gone (提供)
6.No Money Down (提供)
7.I'm Your Huckleberry (提供)
8.I'm Goin' Crazy (提供)
9.Hot Night in Kaplan (提供)
10.No Money Blues (提供)
I Won't Back Down 英文
1.Take A Letter Maria
2.Lay Back Down (提供)
3.Grillin' and Chillin'
4.Fixer Upper (提供)
5.Groove (提供)
6.I Won't Back Down (提供)
7.I Had To Give That Up Too (提供)
8.I Can't Wait To Waste a Little Time (提供)
9.Send In the Rodeo Clowns (提供)
10.Don't Move (提供)
11.Why You Wanna Do Me This Way (提供)
12.Let's Lay Here Forever (提供)
Do You Know Me? A Tribute to George Jones 英文
1.Grand Tour (提供)
2.Once You've Had the Best (提供)
3.She Thinks I Still Care (提供)
4.Why Baby Why (提供)
5.Walk Through This World With Me (提供)
6.When The Grass Grows Over Me (提供)
7.Window Up Above (提供)
8.White Lightning (提供)
9.Near You (提供)
10.He Stopped Loving Her Today (提供)
11.Race Is On (提供)
12.Who's Gonna Fill Their Shoes (提供)
13.Do You Know Me? (提供)
14.Route That I Took
Politics, Religion And Her 英文
1.Here She Comes
2.For Years
3.Memphis, Tennessee
4.I Saw You Today
5.These Flowers
6.Little Bitty Crack In Her Heart
7.Same Place
8.Chevy Van
9.Politics, Religion And Her
10.Fit To Be Tied Down
11.Meant To Be
Honky Tonk Boots 英文
2.Tennessee Girl
3.Baby's Got Her Blue Jeans On
4.Leavin' Made Easy
5.Honky Tonk Boots (提供)
6.One Step At A Time
7.High Society (提供)
8.The Battle (提供)
9.Mama's Got A Tattoo (提供)
10.Cantaloupes On Mars (提供)
Covers The Hits 英文
2.Chevy Van
3.Fire And Rain
4.If I Fell
5.I Got A Name (提供)
6.I Know A Little
7.Little Bit More
8.Memphis, Tennessee
9.More Than I Can Say
10.Third Rate Romance
Maybe Not Tonight 英文
1.How Much Does The World Weigh
2.Louisiana Hot Sauce
3.Look What I Did To Us
4.How Can I Say No
6.When You Love Someone
7.I've Never Gone This Far Before
8.Love Me, Loving You
9.More Than I Can Say
10.Without Strings
11.Me And Maxine
12.Maybe Not Tonight
Labor Of Love 英文
1.Love Of My Life
2.Roamin' Love
3.Arms Length Away
4.Little Did I Know
5.Thank God You're Gone
6.Labor Of Love
8.Cotton County Queen
9.One Day Left To Live
10.Shootin' The Bull(In An Old Cowtown)
11.Honky Tonk America
Don't Go Near The Water 英文
1.Harbor For A Lonely Heart
2.Every Third Monday
3.Anywhere But Here
4.Yard Sale
5.What Am I Worth
6.Kickin' In
7.Cadillac Style
8.I Buy Her Roses
9.Don't Go Near The Water
Hits-Chapter 1 英文
1.Anywhere But Here
2.Cadillac Style
3.Don't Go Near The Water
4.Haunted Heart
5.I Can't Reach Her Anymore
6.National Working Woman's Holiday
7.Queen Of My Double Wide Trailer
8.She Don't Know She's Beautiful
9.Still Lovin' You
10.Third Rate Romance
11.Yard Sale
12.Your Tattoo
Feelin' Good Train 英文
1.Never Bit A Bullet Like This
2.The Heart That Time Forgot
3.If You're Gonna Walk, I'm Gonna Crawl
4.Too Far Gone To Leave
5.Paradise From Nine To One
6.Better Call A Preacher
8.National Working Woman's Holiday
9.If You Ever Come This Way Again
10.Third Rate Romance
11.Feelin' Good Train
Haunted Heart 英文
1.Cry, Cry Darlin'
2.You've Got A Lock On My Love
3.What Might Have Been
4.Neon Leon
5.Haunted Heart
6.I Can't Reach Her Anymore
7.She Don't Know She's Beautiful
8.Still Lovin' You
9.Queen Of My Double Wide Trailer
10.A Memory That Just Won't Quit
I Want My Money Back 英文
1.Beer, Bait And Ammo
2.The Paper Heart
3.Miss What's Her Name
4.I've Never Been Anywhere
5.28/83 (She Ain't In It For The Love)
6.I Want My Money Back
8.Sunday Morning On Bourbon Street (提供)
9.Stitches (提供)
10.Gone For Good Goodbye (提供)
11.Are You Having Fun Yet? (提供)
Better Than I Used To Be 英文
1.Better Than I Used To Be
2.Everybody Wants My Girl
3.I Ain't Fallin For That (提供)
4.I See Red
5.Like I Wasn't Even There
6.Saltwater Cowboy
7.Takin' The Long Way Home
8.That Train
9.The Cover Of The Rolling Stone
10.The Snow White Rows Of Arlington
11.Through The Eyes Of A Woman
暂存 英文
1.A Good Year For The Roses
2.Up On The Housetop
3.Christmas Time's A Comin'
4.Real Old-Fashioned Broken Heart
5.You Are The Love Of My Life
6.I Finally Found Someone
7.National Working Women's Holiday
8.Daddy Stuff
9.Cry Cry Darling
10.She Don't Know She's Beautiful (Remastered)
11.You're Still on My Mind
12.Please Come Home for Christmas
13.Racing With My Heart
15.Can't Put My Finger on It

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