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罗伊·奥比森(英语:Roy Orbison,1936年4月23日-1988年12月6日),也被称为“The Big O”,是一位美国创作歌手,最出名是他标志的墨镜,及个性鲜明强而有力的嗓音,所作歌曲曲式较复杂,富幽郁的情感。

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In Dreams 英文
1.In Dreams
2.Lonely Wine
4.No One Will Ever Know
6.House Without Windows
8.Blue Bayou
9.They Call You Gigolette
10.All I Have To Do Is Dream
11.Beautiful Dreamer
12.My Prayer
One of the Lonely Ones 英文
1.You'll Never Walk Alone (提供)
2.After Tonight (提供)
3.Little Girl (In the Big City) (提供)
4.Give Up
5.The Defector
6.Child Woman, Woman Child
7.One of the Lonely Ones
8.Laurie (提供)
9.Sweet Memories
10.Leaving Makes the Rain Come Down (提供)
11.Say No More (提供)
12.I Will Always (提供)
The Last Concert 英文
1.Only The Lonely(Live)
3.Dream Baby(Live)
4.In Dreams(Live)
5.Mean Woman Blues(Live)
6.Blue Bayou(Live)
9.Ooby Dooby(Live)
10.Go ! Go ! Go !(Down The Line)(Live)
11.It's Over(Live)
12.Working For The Man(Live)
14.Oh, Pretty Woman(Live)
Dream Baby 英文
1.I'll Never Tell
2.Trying To Get To You
3.Let's Make A Memory
4.It's Too Late
5.You're Gonna Cry
6.22 Days
7.I'll Say It's My Fault
8.You're My Baby
9.Rock House
10.I'm Hurtin'
11.I Can't Stop Loving You
12.Today's Teardrops
13.Come Back To Me
14.I'd Be A Legend In My Own Time
Mystery Girl 英文
1.All I Can Do Is Dream You
2.A Love So Beautiful
3.California Blue
4.Careless Heart
5.In The Real World
6.She's A Mystery To Me
7.The Comedians
8.The Only One
10.You Got It
A Black&White Night Live 英文
1.All I Have To Do Is Dream
2.Blue Bayou
3.Candy Man
5.Crying(Duet With Kd Lang)
6.Dream Baby(How Long Must I Dream)
7.In Dreams
8.It's Over
10.Mean Woman Blues
11.Move On Down The Line (提供)
12.Oh Pretty Woman
13.Only The Lonely
14.Ooby Dooby
15.Running Scared
16.The Comedians
Big O Country 英文
1.A Mansion On The Hill
2.Hey Good Lookin'
3.I Can't Help It(If I'm Still In Love With You)
4.I Can't Stop Loving You
5.I Heard You Crying In Your Sleep
6.I'd Be A Legend In My Time
7.I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry
10.There'll Be No Teardrops Tonight
11.Too Soon To Know
12.You Win Again
13.Your Cheatin' Heart
14.Your Cold Cold Heart (提供)
Laminar Flow 英文
1.Easy Way Out
2.Friday Night
3.Hound Dog Man
4.I Care
5.Lay It Down
6.Love Is A Cold Wind
8.Poor Baby
10.Warm Spot Hot
11.We're Into Something Good
Regeneration 英文
2.Blues In My Mind
3.Born To Love Me
4.Can't Wait
5.I Don't Really Want You
6.I'm A Southern Man
7.No Chain At All
8.Old Love Song
9.Something They Can't Take Away
10.Under Suspicion
I'm Still In Love With You 英文
1.All I Need Is Time
3.Crying Time
5.Hung Up On You
6.It's Lonely
7.Pledging My Love
8.Rainbow Love
9.Spanish Nights
11.Sweet Mama Blue
An Original[Pair] 英文
1.A New Star
2.Big Hearted Me
3.Blue Blue Day
4.Breakin' Up Is Breakin' My Heart
5.Crawling Back
6.Far, Far Away
7.Give Myself A Party
8.Go Away
9.I'd Be A Legend In My Time
10.I'm Hurtin'
11.It Aint No Big Thing
12.It Aint No Big Thing(But It's Growing)
13.Lonesome Number One
16.Oh Such A Stranger
17.Sweet Dreams
18.The Loner
19.The Same Street
20.Time Changed Everything
21.Too Soon To Know
22.What About Me?
23.Why Hurt The One Who Loves You?
In Dreams[Columbia] 英文
1.All I Have To Do Is Dream
2.Beautiful Dreamer
3.Blue Bayou
6.House Without Windows
7.In Dreams
8.Lonely Wine
9.My Prayer
10.No One Will Ever Know
Crying 英文
2.Crying(Duet With Kd Lang)
4.Dance(Alt Version)
6.Let's Make A Memory
8.Love Hurts
9.Nite Life
10.Running Scared
11.She Wears My Ring
12.Summer Song
13.The Great Pretender
14.Wedding Day
At The Rockhouse 英文
1.Devil Doll
2.I Never Knew
3.It's Too Late
4.Mean Little Mama
5.Ooby Dooby
6.Problem Child
7.Problem Child(Alt Version)
9.Sweet And Easy To Love
10.This Kind Of Love
11.Tryin To Get To You
12.You're Gonna Cry
13.You're My Baby
The Soul Of Rock And Roll 英文
1.An Empty Cup (提供)
2.Guitar Pull Medley (提供)
3.Night Owl (提供)
4.Bad Cat (提供)
5.Love Struck
6.Baby Don't Stop (提供)
7.Love Storm
8.Dream Baby
9.Working for the Man
10.Borne on the Wind
12.Yo Te Amo Maria
13.You're My Girl
14.Blue Rain
15.That Lovin' You Feelin' Again
16.Not Alone Anymore
17.All I Can Do Is Dream You
18.A Love So Beautiful
19.A True Love Goodbye
20.After The Love Has Gone
21.All I Have to Do Is Dream
22.Almost Eighteen
23.Big As I Can Dream
24.Blue Angel
25.Blue Bayou
26.Blues In My Mind
27.Born To Love Me
28.Breakin' Up Is Breakin' My Heart
29.California Blue
30.Candy Man
32.Coming Home
33.Communication Breakdown
34.Crawling Back
40.Go Go Go
42.Heartbreak Radio
43.Hey Miss Fanny
44.Hound Dog Man
45.I Drove All Night
46.I Give Up
47.I'd Be A Legend In My Time
48.I'm Hurtin'
49.In Dreams
50.Indian Wedding
51.It's Over
52.It's Too Late
54.Land of 1,000 Dances
56.Let The Good Times Roll
57.Life Fades Away
58.Love Hurts
60.Mean Little Mama
61.Mean Woman Blues
62.Nite life
63.Oh, Pretty Woman
64.One More Time
65.Only the Lonely
66.Ooby Dooby
69.Pretty One
70.Pretty Paper
71.Problem Child
72.Ride Away
74.Running Scared
75.She's A Mystery To Me
76.So Young
77.Sweet And Easy To Love
78.The Actress
79.The Crowd
80.The Fastest Guitar Alive
81.This Kind Of Love
82.Too Soon to Know
83.Tryin To Get To You
84.Tutti Frutti
85.Unchained Melody
87.Walk On
88.Waymore's Blues
89.Wedding Day
90.We'll Take the Night
91.What'd I Say
92.Wild Hearts Run Out of Time
93.With The Bug
94.You Got It
95.You May Feel Me Crying
96.You Tell Me
97.You're Gonna Cry
98.You're My Baby
99.You're the One
The MGM Years: 1965-1973 英文
1.That's a No No (Remastered 2015)
2.A Mansion on the Hill (Remastered 2015)
3.There'll Be No Teardrops Tonight (Remastered 2015)
4.I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry (Remastered 2015)
5.Break My Mind (Remastered 2015)
6.Only You (Remastered 2015)
7.Go, Go, Go (Down the Line) (Remastered 2015)
8.Scarlet Ribbons (For Her Hair) (Remastered 2015)
9.Penny Arcade (Remastered 2015)
10.God Love You (Remastered 2015)
11.If Only for Awhile (Remastered 2015)
12.Help Me (Remastered 2015)
13.You Win Again (Remastered 2015)
14.Last Night I Heard You Crying in Your Sleep (Remastered 2015)
15.Jambalaya (On the Bayou) (Remastered 2015)
16.Memories (Remastered 2015)
17.Time to Cry (Remastered 2015)
18.Only Alive (Remastered 2015)
19.Unchained Melody (Remastered 2015)
20.I Recommend Her (Remastered 2015)
21.Heartache (Remastered 2015)
22.Amy (Remastered 2015)
23.What Now My Love (Remastered 2015)
24.Walk On (Remastered 2015)
25.Yesterday's Child (Remastered 2015)
26.Try to Remember (Remastered 2015)
27.Cheyenne (Remastered 2015)
28.Changes (Remastered 2015)
29.It Takes All Kinds of People (Remastered 2015)
30.You Lay So Easy on My Mind (Remastered 2015)
31.Sweet Caroline (Remastered 2015)
32.The Morning After (Remastered 2015)
33.So Good (Remastered 2015)
34.Born to Be Loved By You (Remastered 2015)
35.My Friend (Remastered 2015)
36.Southbound Jericho Parkway (Remastered 2015)
37.Tennessee Owns My Soul (Remastered 2015)
38.She Cheats on Me (Remastered 2015)
39.How Do You Start Over (Remastered 2015)
40.So Young (Remastered 2015)
41.Drift Away (Remastered 2015)
42.Blue Rain (Coming Down) (Remastered 2015)
43.Words (Remastered 2015)
44.Remember the Good (Remastered 2015)
45.Memphis, Tennessee (Remastered 2015)
46.Why a Woman Cries (Remastered 2015)
47.Run, Baby, Run (Back into My Arms) (Remastered 2015)
48.Take Care of Your Woman (Remastered 2015)
49.Run the Engines Up High (Remastered 2015)
50.I Fought the Law (Remastered 2015)
51.The Three Bells (Remastered 2015)
52.Danny Boy (Remastered 2015)
53.I Wanna Live (Remastered 2015)
54.You Don't Know Me (Remastered 2015)
55.Here Comes the Rain, Baby (Remastered 2015)
56.Ride Away (Remastered 2015)
57.This Is My Land (Remastered 2015)
58.The Loner (Remastered 2015)
59.Maybe (Remastered 2015)
60.Breaking Up Is Breaking My Heart (Remastered 2015)
61.Go Away (Remastered 2015)
62.A New Star (Remastered 2015)
63.Never (Remastered 2015)
64.It Wasn't Very Long Ago (Remastered 2015)
65.Why Hurt the One Who Loves You (Remastered 2015)
66.You'll Never Be Sixteen Again (Remastered 2015)
67.Pantomime (Remastered 2015)
68.Time Changed Everything (Remastered 2015)
69.It Ain't No Big Thing (Just Say So Long) (Remastered 2015)
70.Crawling Back (Remastered 2015)
71.You Fool You (Remastered 2015)
72.Two of a Kind (Remastered 2015)
73.This Is Your Song (Remastered 2015)
74.I'm In a Blue, Blue Mood (Remastered 2015)
75.If You Can't Say Something Nice (Remastered 2015)
76.Claudette (Remastered 2015)
77.Afraid to Sleep (Remastered 2015)
78.Sugar and Honey (Remastered 2015)
79.Summer Love (Remastered 2015)
80.Big as I Can Dream (Remastered 2015)
81.Wondering (Remastered 2015)
82.Twinkle Toes (Remastered 2015)
83.Losing You (Remastered 2015)
84.City Life (Remastered 2015)
85.The Fastest Guitar Alive (From 'The Fastest Guitar Alive' Soundtrack / Remastered 2015)
86.Rollin' On (From 'The Fastest Guitar Alive' Soundtrack / Remastered 2015)
87.Pistolero (From 'The Fastest Guitar Alive' Soundtrack / Remastered 2015)
88.Good Time Party (From 'The Fastest Guitar Alive' Soundtrack / Remastered 2015)
89.Heading South (Remastered 2015)
90.Best Friend (Remastered 2015)
91.There Won't Be Many Coming Home (Remastered 2015)
92.She (Remastered 2015)
93.Communication Breakdown (Remastered 2015)
94.Girl Like Mine (Remastered 2015)
95.It Takes One (To Know One) (Remastered 2015)
96.River (From 'The Fastest Guitar Alive' Soundtrack / Remastered 2015)
97.Medicine Man (From 'The Fastest Guitar Alive' Soundtrack / Remastered 2015)
98.Whirlwind (From 'The Fastest Guitar Alive' Soundtrack / Remastered 2015)
99.Going Back to Gloria (Remastered 2015)
100.The Same Street (Remastered 2015)
101.Big Hearted Me (Remastered 2015)
102.Sweet Dreams (Remastered 2015)
103.Oh, Such a Stranger (Remastered 2015)
104.What About Me (Remastered 2015)
105.Give Myself a Party (Remastered 2015)
106.Too Soon to Know (Remastered 2015)
107.Lonesome Number One (Remastered 2015)
108.Just Let Me Make Believe (Remastered 2015)
暂存3 英文
1.The World You Live In
2.There Won't Be Many Coming Home
3.Things Go Better With Coke #1
4.Things Go Better With Coke #2
5.Things Go Better With Coke #3
6.Things Go Better With Coke #4
7.Things Go Better With Coke #5
8.This Is My Land
9.This Is Your Song
10.This Little Bird
11.Till The Heart Caves In
12.Time And Again
13.Time To Cry
14.Tired Old Country Song
15.Truly Truly True
16.Try To Remember
17.Turn Some More Lights On
18.Tweeter And The Monkey Man
19.Twenty-Two Days
20.Twinkle Toes
21.Two Of A Kind
23.Waltzing Matilda
24.We Remember The King
25.What Am I Worth
26.What Kind Of Love
27.What Now My Love
28.When I Stop Dreaming
29.When The Blue Hour Comes
30.Where Does All The Money Go
31.Where Have All The Flowers Gone?
32.Where Is Tomorrow
34.Why A Woman Cries
35.Wings Of Glory
38.Working For The Man (1987 Version)
40.Yesterday's Child
41.You Better Stop
42.You Don't Know Me
43.You Fool You
44.You Lay So Easy On My Mind
45.You Were There
46.You'll Never Be 16 Again
47.Zig Zag
48.Zombie Zoo
49.Only The Lonely (Know How I Feel)
50.Workin' For The Man
51.Oh, Pretty Women
52.I'm Hurting
54.Breaking Up Is Breakin' My Heart
55.I'm The Man On Susie's Mind
57.Drifting Away
58.Wild Hearts
59.Pretty Paper - Roy Orbison
61.Truly, Truly, Truly
62.Scarlet Ribbons
63.Only the Lonely (Know the Way I Feel)
64.Go! Go! Go! (Down the Line)
66.Never Love Again
67.Casting My Spell
68.You've Got It
69.Time Changes Everything
70.You'll Never Walk Alone (Remastered 2015)
71.You Got It - Remastered 2007
72.Blue Bayou - A Black and White Night - Live At The Coconut Grove In The Ambassador Hotel - Los Angeles / 1988
73.More - Remastered 2014
74.Plain Jane Country (Remastered 2015)
75.Harlem Woman (Remastered 2015)
76.You Got It (Remastered)
77.Hound Dog Man (Live)
78.Blue Angel (Live)
79.Evergreen (Live)
80.Mean Woman Blues (Remastered)
81.Beautiful Dreamer (Remastered)
82.Blue Bayou (Remastered)
83.Love Star (Remastered)
84.Oh, Pretty Woman (Album Version) (Pretty Woman)
85.Crying (Bonus Track)
86.Let's Make a Memory (Remastered)
87.Mean Woman Blues (live version)
88.I Got Nothing
89.Mean Woman Blues (Blues) [Live]
90.I Like Love (Live)
91.Dream (You've Got Mail)
92.Only the Lonley
94.Only the Lonely (From 'Message in a Bottle')
95.The Way Is Love
96.The Actress (Remastered)
97.Workin' for the Man (Remastered)
98.Oh, Pretty Woman (Re-Recorded Version)
暂存2 英文
1.I've Had My Moments
2.If I Had A Woman Like You
3.If Only For A While
4.If You Can't Say Something Nice
5.The Morning After
6.In Time
7.Indian Summer
9.It Takes All Kinds of People
10.It Takes One (To Know One)
11.It Wasn't Very Long Ago
14.Just Another Name For Rock And Roll
15.Just Let Me Make Believe
16.Just One Time
17.Keep My Motor Running
18.Last Night
19.Last Night I Heard You Crying In Your Sleep
21.Lavender Lace
22.Lawdy Miss Clawdy
24.Looking For Love
25.Losing You
26.Love In Time
27.Love Star
28.Loving Touch
30.Medicine Man
32.Memphis, Tennessee
34.My Friend
35.Mystery Girl
36.No I'll Never Get Over You
37.No One Really Cares
38.Oh Lonesome Me
39.Only Alive
40.Only With You
41.Only You
43.Paper Boy
44.Party Heart
45.Penny Arcade
46.Plain Jane Country (Come To Town)
47.Pretty Woman
48.Poor Baby (Living Legend Version)
51.Remember The Good
52.Remember When
53.Rings Of Gold
54.Rip It Up
57.Rock And Roll (Fais Do Do)
58.Rockabilly Gal
59.Rollin' On
60.Run, Baby, Run (Back Into My Arms)
61.Run For The Sun
62.Run The Engines Up High
63.Sad Eyes
64.San Fernando
65.Sasson Woman
66.Scarlet Ribbons (For Her Hair)
67.See Ruby Fall
68.Seems To Me
70.She Cheats On Me
71.She Won't Hang Her Love Out (On The Line)
72.Shy Away
73.Singing The Blues
74.Sleepy Head
75.Sleepy Hollow
76.So Good
77.So Long I'm Gone
78.Sooner Or Later
79.Southbound Jericho Parkway
80.Spring Fever
81.Suddenly (There's Only You)
82.Sugar And Honey
83.Sugar Love
84.Sugar Man
85.Summer Love
87.Sweet And Innocent
88.Sweet Caroline
89.Sweet Mama
90.Take Care Of Your Woman
91.Tennessee Owns My Soul
92.That Loving You Feeling Again
93.That's A No No
94.The Cause Of It All
95.The Clown
96.The Last Song
97.The Eyes Of Texas
暂存1 英文
1.I Get So, Sentimental
2.I Get So, Sentimental (Alt Version)
3.Love Me Like You Did Last Night
4.Say, You're My Girl
5.Yes, I'm Hurting
6.16 Candles
7.Afraid To Sleep
8.After All
9.All By Myself
12.An Empty Cup (A Broken Date)
13.Another Lonely Girl
14.Baby's Gone
15.Bad Boy
18.Best Friend
19.Beyond The End
20.Big Train (From Memphis
21.Birth Of Rock And Roll
22.Blackie Dalton (Unreleased)
23.Blue Avenue
24.Blue Rain (Coming Down)
25.Blue Suede Shoes
26.Bobby And The Boys
27.Boogie Baby
28.Born To Be Loved By You
29.Borne On The Wind (Alt version)
30.Borne On The Wind (Single Version)
31.Bridge Over Troubled Water
32.Brown Eyed Handsome Man
33.Bye Bye Love
34.California Sunshine Woman
35.Can't Forget
36.I've Been Loving You Too Long (To Stop Now)
37.Cast Iron Arm
38.Casting My Spell On You
41.Chicken Hearted
42.I'm The Man On Suzie's Mind
43.City Life
44.Class Of '55
45.Close Again
46.Cold, Cold Heart
47.Come Back To Me (My Love)
50.Cry Softly Lonely One
51.Danny Boy
53.Daydream (Of You)
54.Dirty World
55.Distant Drums
56.Don't Be Cruel
57.Don't Take Her From Me
58.Double Date
59.Down The Line
60.Dream You
61.Drift Away
62.End Of The Line
63.Fancy Dan
64.'Far, Far Away'
65.Find My Baby For Me
67.Fools Hall Of Fame
68.Girl Like Mine
69.Go On
70.God Love You
71.Going Back To Gloria
72.Good Morning, Dear
73.Good Time Party
74.Growing Up
75.Harlem Woman
76.Heading For The Light
77.Heading South
78.Heartache (1968 Version)
79.Heartache (1974 Version)
80.Heavy Load
82.Help Me
83.Help Me Rhonda
84.Here Comes That Song Again
85.Here Comes The Rain, Baby
87.Hound Dog
88.How Are Things In Paradise
89.How Do You Start Over
90.I Can Read Between The Lines
91.I Fought The Law
92.I Like Love
93.I Recommend Her
94.I Wanna Live
95.I Was A Fool
96.I Was A Fool (Alt Version)
97.I'm In A Blue, Blue Mood
暂存 英文
1.Leah (Bonus Track)
2.Cry (Remastered)
3.Raindrops - Non Usare (Remastered)
4.I'm Hurting (Remastered)
5.Wedding Day (Remastered)
6.Dance (Remastered)
7.I'll Never Tell (Remastered)
8.Almost Eighteen (Remastered)
9.Goodnight (Live)
10.Pretty One (Remastered)
11.Twenty-Two Days (Remastered)
12.Blue Avenue (Remastered)
13.Mama (Remastered)
14.The Crowd (Remastered)
15.Oh Pretty Woman (From 'Pretty Woman')
16.Tryin' to Get You
17.Pretty Woman (live)
18.You Got It (Remaster 2007)
19.Pretty Paper - Single Version
20.Pretty Woman (From 'Pretty Woman')

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