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魔镜歌词网欧美歌手Lee Ann Womack( 李安·沃马克 )
Lee Ann Womack( 李安·沃马克 )【 共收藏 10 张专辑, 154 首歌 】
李安·沃马克(1966年8月19日出生)是美国乡村音乐歌手兼词曲作者。她2000年的单曲“我希望你跳舞”是一首主打的交叉音乐,在Billboard Country Chart和Billboard Hot 100的前十五首中排名第一,成为她的签名歌曲。

当Womack于1997年成为当代乡村艺术家时,她的作品与Dolly Parton和Tammy Wynette的作品相似,除了Womack的音乐混合了旧式风格和当代元素。她的2000年专辑“我希望你跳舞”有一个完全不同的声音,使用流行音乐元素,而不是传统的国家。直到2005年“更多的来源”发布之后,沃马克又回到了传统乡村音乐的录制之中。在2008年的一场失意之后,Womack于2014年回到了一张新专辑(The Way I'm Livin),以及融合了国家和美国的新音乐。

Womack已经发行了六张录音室专辑和两张专辑。她的四张录音室专辑已经获得美国唱片工业协会颁发的Gold或更高的认证。此外,她还获得了五个乡村音乐学院奖,六个乡村音乐协会奖和一个格莱美奖。她已经在全球销售了600多万张专辑。 Womack是唱片制作人Frank Liddell的妻子,也是歌曲作者兼音乐家Jason Sellers的前妻;她的女儿与后者,Aubrie Sellers也是一位乡村音乐艺术家。
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The Way I'm Livin' 英文
1.Prelude: Fly
2.All His Saints
3.Chances Are
4.The Way I'm Livin'
5.Send It On Down
6.Don't Listen To the Wind
7.Same Kind of Different
8.Out On the Weekend
10.Sleeping With the Devil (提供)
11.Not Forgotten You
12.Tomorrow Night In Baltimore
13.When I Come Around
The Season For Romance 英文
1.The Season For Romance
2.Baby It's Cold Outside
3.Let It Snow/Winter Wonderland
4.Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas
5.Silent Night
6.White Christmas
7.Forever Christmas Eve
8.The Man With The Bag
9.The Christmas Song(Chestnuts Roasting On An Open Fire)
10.What Are You Doing New Year's Eve
I Hope You Dance 英文
1.I Hope You Dance
2.Why They Call It Falling
3.Stronger Than I Am
4.Ashes By Now
5.I Feel Like I'm Forgetting Something
6.I Know Why The River Runs
7.After I Fall
8.Lord I Hope This Day Is Good
9.Lonely Too
10.Thinkin' With My Heart Again
11.Does My Ring Burn Your Finger
12.The Healing Kind
13.Thinkin With My Heart Again
14.Why They Call It Fallin
Some Things I Know 英文
1.I'll Think Of A Reason Later
2.Now You Don't(Now You See Me)
3.A Little Past Little Rock
4.The Man Who Made My Mama Cry
5.The Preacher Won't Have To Lie
6.When The Wheels Are Coming Off
7.Don't Tell Me
8.If You're Ever Down In Dallas
9.I Keep Forgetting
10.I'd Rather Have What We Had
11.Some Things I Know
12.Now You See Me Now You Don't
13.A Little Past Litle Rock
Lee Ann Womack 英文
1.The Fool
2.Am I The Only Thing That You've Done Wrong
3.Get Up In Jesus' Name
4.Montgomery To Memphis
5.Do You Feel For Me
7.Make Memories With Me
8.Never Again, Again
9.Am I The Only Thing You 've Done Wrong
10.A Man With 18 Wheels
11.Make Memories With Me(Duet With Mark Chestnutt)
12.Trouble's Here
13.You've Got To Talk To Me
The Lonely, The Lonesome & The Gone 英文
2.Bottom of the Barrel
3.Talking Behind Your Back
4.Mama Lost Her Smile
5.Someone Else's Heartache
6.The Lonely, The Lonesome & The Gone
7.Take the Devil out of Me
8.Long Black Veil
9.He Called Me Baby
10.End of the End of the World
11.Shine On Rainy Day
12.All the Trouble
Something Worth Leaving Behind 英文
1.Blame It On Me
2.Closing This Memory Down
3.Forever Everyday
4.He'll Be Back
5.I Need You
6.I Saw Your Light
7.Orphan Train
8.Something Worth Leaving Behind
10.Talk To Me Talk To Me
11.When You Gonna Run To Me
12.You Should've Lied
I May Hate Myself in the Morning 英文
1.I May Hate Myself in the Morning
Call Me Crazy 英文
1.Last Call
2.Either Way
3.Solitary Thinkin
4.New Again
5.I Found It In You
6.Have You Seen That Girl
7.The Bees
8.I Think I Know
9.If These Walls Could Talk
10.Everything But Quits
11.The King Of Broken Hearts
12.The Story Of My Life
暂存 英文
1.The Healin' Kind
2.When The Wheels Are Coming Off (with Ricky Skaggs
3.Don't You Come Around Here
4.Liars Lie
5.Never, Ever And Forever
6.Some Things I Know (with Vince Gill)
7.Closing This Memory Down
9.I Keep Forgetting (with Vince Gill)
10.You Should've Lied
11.I Need You
12.Orphan Train
13.Forever Everyday
14.Talk To Me
15.I Saw Your Light
16.I'd Rather Have What We Had (with Joe Diffie)
17.Nothing But A Child
18.Make Memories With Me'(feat. Mark Chestnutt
19.I May Hate Myself In the Morning
20.I Think About You
21.When You Get to Me
22.Time for Me to Go
25.The Christmas Song
26.The Last Time
27.Twenty Years and Two Husbands Ago
28.Waiting for the Sun to Shine
29.The Man Who Made Mama Cry
30.The Wrong Girl
31.One's a Couple
33.Mendocino County Line
34.He Oughta Know That By Now
35.Someone I Used to Know
36.Let's Surrender
37.She's Got You
38.What I Miss About Heaven
39.Finding My Way Back Home
40.There's More Where That Came From
41.Waiting For The Sun
42.Stubborn (Psalms 151)
43.I'm A Honky Tonk Girl
44.There Is A God
45.I'd Rather Have What We Has
46.I Hope You Dance (special guest appearance Sons Of The Desert)
47.Make Memories With Me (duet with Mark Chesnutt)
48.A Little Past Little Rock (with Jason Sellers)
49.Don't Tell Me (with Buddy Miller and Julie Miller
50.I Hope You Dance - iTunes Originals
51.The Weight
52.Honky Cat

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