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杰克森五人组(英语:The Jackson 5,又名The Jackson Five或The Jackson 5ive)是美国一支前流行音乐乐团,来自印第安纳州加里。成员包括杰奇、狄托、杰曼、麦可和马龙,前名The Jackson Brothers,是由三位大哥组成。活跃于1966年至1990年,他们的音乐类型包括R&B、灵魂、流行和后期加入的的士高。在摩城唱片公司短短6年,杰克森五人组已成为1970年代最强大的流行尖端。

Jackie Jackson
Tito Jackson
Jermaine Jackson
Marlon Jackson
Michael Jackson(殁)
Randy Jackson
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Triumph 英文
1.Give It Up
Destiny 英文
1.Things I Do For You
2300 Jackson Street 英文
2.Private Affair
4.Play It Up
5.Art Of Madness
I Want You Back! Unreleased Masters 英文
1.Medley: I Want You Back/ABC/The Love You Save
2.That's How Love Is
3.Listen I'll Tell You How (提供)
4.Man's Temptation
5.Never Can Say Goodbye (Alternate Version)
6.Love Comes In Different Flavors
7.ABC (Alternate Version)
8.Love Call (提供)
10.Lucky Day
11.I'll Try You'll Try (Maybe We'll All Get By) (提供)
12.Dancing Machine (Alternate Version)
Ultimate Christmas Collection 英文
1.Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas
2.Santa Claus Is Coming To Town
3.The Christmas Song
4.Up On the House Top
5.Frosty the Snowman
6.Little Drummer Boy
7.Rudolph the Red- Nosed Reindeer
8.Christmas Won't Be the Same This Year
9.Give Love On Christmas Day
10.Someday at Christmas
11.I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus
12.Season's Greetings From Michael Jackson (提供)
13.Little Christmas Tree
14.Season's Greetings From Tito Jackson (提供)
15.Season's Greetings From Jackie Jackson (提供)
16.Season's Greetings From Jermaine Jackson (提供)
17.J5 Christmas Medley
Diana Ross Presents The Jackson 5 英文
2.Nobody - Jackson 5
3.I Want You Back
4.Can You Remember
5.Standing In The Shadows Of Love
6.You've Changed
7.My Cherie Amour
8.Who's Loving You
10.I Know I'm Losing You - Jackson 5
12.Born To Love You
Greatest Hits 英文
1.Mama's Pearl
2.Maybe Tomorrow
3.Never Can Say Goodbye
4.The Love You Save (Stop)
5.Goin' Back to Indiana
6.Who's Lovin' You
Victory 英文
3.We Can Change The World
Third Album 英文
1.I'll Be There
2.Ready Or Not Here I Come
3.Oh How Happy
4.Bridge Over Troubled Water
5.Can I See You In The Morning
6.Goin' Back To Indiana
7.How Funky Is Your Chicken
8.Mamas Pearl
9.Reach In
10.The Love I Saw In You Was Just A Mirage
11.Darling Dear
The Jackson 5 Christmas Album 英文
1.Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas
2.Santa Claus Is Coming To Town
3.The Christmas Song
4.Up On The Housetop
5.Frosty The Snowman
6.The Little Drummer Boy
7.Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer
8.Christmas Won't Be The Same This Year
9.Give Love On Christmas Day
10.Someday At Christmas
11.I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus
Abc 英文
1.The Love You Save
2.One More Chance
3.A B C
5.come 'round Here I'm The One You Need
6.Don't Know Why I Love You
7.Never Had A Dream Come True
8.True Love Can Be Beautiful
9.La-la Means I Love You
10.I'll Bet You
11.I Found That Girl
12.Young Folks
The Very Best Of The Jacksons and Jackson 5 英文
1.Torture - Single Version
2.Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough - Live
4.This Place Hotel (A.k.A. Heartbreak Hotel)
5.Enjoy Yourself
6.2300 Jackson Street
7.Blame It On the Boogie
The Jacksons: Live 英文
1.Things I Do for You
2.Shake Your Body (Down to the Ground) (Live)
3.Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough (Live from the 1981 U.S. Tour)
4.Working Day and Night
5.Rock With You
6.I'll Be There
7.I Want You Back / ABC / The Love You Save
8.She's Out of My Life
9.This Place Hotel
11.Off the Wall
12.Lovely One
Live 英文
1.Can You Feel It - Live Album Version
2.Things I Do for You - Live
3.Ben - Live
4.This Place Hotel - Live
5.Lovely One - Live
6.Shake Your Body (Down To The Ground) - Live
7.Rock with You - Live
8.Off the Wall - Live
9.I'll Be There - Live
The Real Thing 英文
1.Ain't Nothing Like the Real Thing
2.I Want You Back
4.Doctor My Eyes
5.Ain't No Sunshine
6.Bridge Over Troubled Water
7.Doggin' Around
8.Love Is Here and Now You're Gone
9.You've Got a Friend (提供)
12.We've Got a Good Thing Going
13.Got to Be There
14.People Make the World Go 'round
15.I'll Be There
The Jacksons 英文
1.Enjoy Yourself
2.Strength Of One Man
3.Think Happy
4.Blues Away
6.Keep On Dancing
7.Living Together
The Jackson 5 英文
1.Jam Session
2.Big Boy
3.My Girl
4.Saturday Night at the Movies
5.The Tracks of My Tears
The Best Remixes 英文
1.Heartbreak Hotel
Skywriter 英文
Pre-History 英文
1.Big Boy
Now That's What I Call Christmas 3 英文
1.Up On The Housetop
Maybe Tomorrow 英文
1.The Wall
Lookin' Through The Windows 英文
1.To Know
He's the King, I'm the DJ 英文
1.Never Can Say Goodbye (DJ Jazzy Jeff mix)
2.Shake Your Body (Down to the Ground) (DJ Jazzy Jeff mix)
3.Blame It on the Boogie (DJ Jazzy Jeff mix)
4.Heartbreak Hotel (DJ Jazzy Jeff mix)
5.The Love You Save (DJ Jazzy Jeff mix)
6.I Want You Back (Jump mix)
7.I'll Be There (FFEJ remix)
8.ABC (DJ Jazzy Jeff mix)
9.2 4 6 8 (MJ/Pete Rock mix)
10.Can You Feel It (DJ Jazzy Jeff mix)
Free Soul: The Classic of Jackson Five 英文
1.I Will Find a Way
2.The Love You Save
3.I Want You Back
5.That's How Love Goes
6.We're Almost There
7.I Wanna Be Where You Are
8.Farewell My Summer Love
10.Live It Up
11.I'll Be There
Dancing Machine 英文
1.The Life Of The Party2.I Am Love
Come and Get It: The Rare Pearls 英文
1.Since I Lost My Baby
3.Feelin' Alright (studio version)
4.You Can't Hurry Love
5.Makin' Life a Little Easier for You
6.Would Ya Would Ya Baby
7.That's How Love Is (original complete version)
8.Mama's Pearl (demo) ('Guess Who's Making Whoopee')
The Stripped Mixes 英文
1.Who's Lovin' You (Stripped Mix)
2.I Want You Back (Stripped Mix)
3.Abc (Stripped Mix)
4.Darling Dear (Stripped Mix)
5.Never Can Say Goodbye (Stripped Mix)
Pure Michael - Motown A Cappella 英文
1.I Want You Back (A Cappella)
2.Abc (A Cappella)
3.The Love You Save (A Cappella)
4.I'll Be There (A Cappella)
5.Never Can Say Goodbye (A Cappella)
6.Mama's Pearl (A Cappella)
7.Dancing Machine (A Cappella)
Michael The Lover 英文
1.Stormy Monday
2.Big Boy
3.A Change Is Gonna Come
4.Boys & Girls We Are The Jackson Five
5.My Girl
Michael Jackson: The Remix Suite 英文
1.I Want You Back (Element Remix)
2.ABC (Verde Remix Edit)
3.Dancing Machine (Dave Aude' vs. Havana Brown Remix)
4.Forever Came Today (Frankie Knuckles 'Director's Cut Late Night Antics' Remix)
Michael Jackson: The Complete Remix Suite 英文
1.Who's Lovin You (No ID Remix)
2.I'll Be There (Wayne Wilkins Remix)
3.The Love You Save (DJ Cassidy Remix)
4.Darling Dear (Rejuvenated By MURO Remix)
5.Abc (Mark Hoppus/Chris Holmes Remix)
6.I Want You Back (Kenny Hayes Sunshine Funk Remix)
7.Dancing Machine (Paul Oakenfold Remix)
8.Maybe Tomorrow (Sturken & Rogers Remix)
9.Hum Along and Dance (Morales Giamsta Mix)
10.Forever Came Today (Frankie Knuckles 'Directors Cut Late Night Antics' Remix)
11.Skywriter (Stargate Remix)
Live At the Forum 英文
1.I Want You Back (Live At the Forum, 1970)
2.Lookin' Through the Windows (Live At the Forum, 1972)
3.Ain't Nothing Like the Real Thing (Live At the Forum, 1972)
4.Ben (Live At the Forum, 1972)
5.Rockin' Robin (Live At the Forum, 1972)
6.Got to Be There (Live At the Forum, 1972)
7.Ain't No Sunshine (Live At the Forum, 1972)
8.I Wanna Be Where You Are (Live At the Forum, 1972)
9.That's How Love Goes (Live At the Forum, 1972)
10.Never Can Say Goodbye (Live At the Forum, 1972)
11.The Love You Save (Live At the Forum, 1972)
12.I Found That Girl (Live At the Forum, 1972)
13.Bridge Over Troubled Water (Live At the Forum, 1972)
14.Feelin' Alright (Live At the Forum, 1970)
15.Who's Lovin' You (Live At the Forum, 1970)
16.Don't Know Why I Love You (Live At the Forum, 1970)
17.Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah (Live At the Forum, 1970)
18.Abc (Live At the Forum, 1970)
19.Mama's Pearl (Live In Indiana, 1971)
20.Sugar Daddy (Live At the Forum, 1972)
21.I'll Be There (Live At the Forum, 1972)
In Japan! 英文
1.Lookin' Through the Windows (Live In Japan / 1973)
2.Got To Be There (Live In Japan / 1973)
3.Daddy's Home (Live In Japan / 1973)
4.Ben (Live In Japan / 1973)
5.That's How Love Goes (Live In Japan / 1973)
6.Never Can Say Goodbye (Live In Japan / 1973)
7.Ain't That Peculiar (Live In Japan / 1973)
8.I Wanna Be Where You Are (Live In Japan / 1973)
Hiroshi Fujiwara & K.U.D.O. Presents Michael Jackson - Jackson 5 Remixes 英文
1.Never Can Say Goodbye (HF & K.U.D.O. Remix)
2.I Want You Back (HF & K.U.D.O. Remix)
3.Ben (Hf Remix #3)
Hello World: The Motown Solo Collection 英文
1.Teenage Symphony
2.I Hear a Symphony
3.Love's Gone Bad (Looking Back To Yesterday Version)
4.You're Good For Me
5.I Was Made To Love Her
Gold 英文
1.I'll Bet You (Original Unedited Version)
2.Mama's Pearl
3.Little Bitty Pretty One
4.The Love You Save
5.I Want You Back
6.Doctor My Eyes
7.Daddy's Home (Live)
8.Maybe Tomorrow (Promo Single Version)
9.I Am Love (Parts I & II)
10.I'll Be There
Goin' Back to Indiana / Lookin' Through the Windows 英文
1.I Want You Back (Bill Cosby and Tommy Smothers Intro) (1971 ABC Special)
2.Doctor My Eyes
3.Who's Lovin' You (Live)
4.Ain't Nothing Like the Real Thing
5.Goin' Back to Indiana (Live)
6.Stand! (Live)
7.Maybe Tomorrow (1971 ABC Special)
8.Little Bitty Pretty One
Best Of The Jackson 5 Remix - Compiled By Soul Source Production 英文
1.Darling Dear (rejuvenated by MURO mix)
2.I Want You Back (readymade 524 mix)
3.The Love You Save (Asakusa S.C.'01 Mix)
4.ABC (Love Stream Mix)
5.Never Can Say Goodbye (OSAWA 3000 REMIX)
6.Ain't No Sunshine (SSY Remix)
暂存2 英文
1.Ain't Nothing Like The Real Thing
2.Tracks of My Tears
3.Forever Came Today
4.Whatever You Got, I Want
5.If I Don't Love You This Way
6.We've Got Blue Skies
7.Hum Along and Dance
8.All I Do Is Think of You
9.It's Great to Be Here
10.Mama I Gotta Brand New Thing
11.Lookin' Through the Windows
12.Pride and Joy
13.The Young Folks
14.E-Ne-Me-Ne-Mi-Ne-Moe (The Choice Is Yours to Pull)
15.Don't Let Your Baby Catch You
16.If I Have to Move a Mountain
17.'Ooh, I'd Love to Be With You'
19.Love Is the Thing You Need
20.She's a Rhythm Child
21.What You Don't Know
22.It All Begins and Ends With Love
23.Through Thick and Thin
24.Girl You're So Together
25.She's Good
26.Feelin' Alright
27.I Can't Quit Your Love
28.Love's Gone Bad
29.We're Here to Entertain You
31.The Mirrors of My Mind
32.Moving Violation
34.Corner of the Sky
35.Daddy's Home
36.Just a Little Bit of You
37.It All Begins & Ends With Love
38.Call Of The Wild
39.Never Can Say Goodbye (Single Version)
40.Through Thick & Thin
41.Under the Boardwalk
43.I'm So Happy
44.I Want You Back '98
45.Children of the Light
46.It's Your Thing (The J5 In '95 Extended Remix Version)
47.Reach Out I'll Be There
48.Love Song
49.La La (Means I Love You) (Original Unedited)
50.Coming Home
51.You Can't Hurry Love
52.I Ain't Gonna Eat Out My Heart Anymore
53.Under the Boardwalk (Rare Historical Recording)
54.Sugar Daddy (Stereo Promo Version)
55.You've Really Got a Hold On Me
56.The Jackson 5 Medley (Immortal Version)
57.I'll Be There - Immortal Version
58.Give Me Half A Chance
59.I'll Be There (Minus mix)
60.Who's Lovin' You - Single Version
61.The Love You Gave
62.It's Too Late To Change The Time - 1987 Remix
63.Corner Of The Sky - Single Version
64.You Made Me What I Am
65.You Need Love Like I Do (Don't You)
66.You've Got A Friend - Live at the Forum, 1972
67.I Found That Girl - Live at the Forum, 1970
68.The Love You Save - Live at the Forum, 1970
69.I'm So Happy - Live at the Forum, 1972
70.Forever Came Today - Disc-O-Tech #3 Version
71.Time Explosion
72.Ben (live - Michael Jackson)
73.Superstition (live)
74.Lookin' Through the Windows (live)
75.Stand! - Live In Gary, Indiana / 1971
76.I Want to Take You Higher
77.Don't Want to See You Tomorrow
78.Oh, I've Been Bless'd
79.Medley: I Want You Back / ABC / The Love You Save (live)
80.Don't Stop 'til You Get Enough (live 1981)
81.Shake Your Body (long version)
82.Don't Want to See Tomorrow
83.I Can Only Give You Love
84.Joyful Jukebox Music
85.Let Me Tickle Your Fancy
86.Love Don't Want to Leave
87.I Want You Back (remix)
88.I Want U Back
89.Body Language
90.I Want You Back (PWL remix '88)
91.Life of the Party
92.Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer
93.Forever Came Today (Frankie Knuckles Late Night Antigs remix)
94.Torture (album version)
95.Hum Along and Dance (Morales Giamsta remix)
96.I Want You Back - ABC (live medley)
97.Sixteen Candles
暂存1 英文
1.Blame It On The Boogie
2.Dancing Machine
3.Hallelujah Day
4.I Am Love (parts 1 & 2)
6.Never Can Say Goodbye
7.I Am In Love - Pts. I & II
8.Where Almost There
9.Santa Claus Is Comin' To Town
10.You're My Best Friend, My Love
11.Ask The Lonely
12.World Of Sunshine
13.Stop! The Love You Save
14.Alright With Me
15.With A Child's Heart
16.Body Language (Do The Love Dance)
17.La-La (Means I Love You)
18.Sugar Daddy
19.The Christmas Song (Merry Christmas To You)
20.Don't Say Good Bye Again
21.If You'd Only Believe
22.My Little Baby
23.Get It Together
24.I Ain't Gonna Eat My Heart Out Anymore
25.Dancing Machine (Single Version)
26.ABC (Salaam Remy Krunk-A-Delic Party Mix)
27.Little Bitty Pretty One (Single Version)
28.One Day In Your Life
29.The Eternal Light
30.It's Your Thing [The J5 in '95 Extended Remix]
31.Everybody Is A Star
32.I Want You Back (Z-Trip Remix)
33.I'll Find A Way
34.It's Your Thing
35.It's Too Late To Change The Time
36.Midnight Rendezvous
37.Especially For Me (You Were Made)
38.Your Ways
39.Music's Takin' Over
40.A Fool For You
41.Make Tonight All Mine
42.Never Can Say Goodbye - The Jackson Five
43.Got To Be There - Michael Jackson
44.Rocking Robin
45.You Ain't Giving Me What I Want (So I'm Taking It All Back)
46.Honey Love
47.Can't Get Ready for Losing You
49.Money Honey
50.Let's Have A Party
51.Music And Me
52.Can You Feel It
53.Little Bitty Pretty One
54.Mama I Gotta Brand New Thing (Don't Say No)
55.The Hurt
56.Motown Medley
57.I Know I'm Losing You
58.Time Waits for No One
59.Wondering Who
60.Be Not Always
61.We're Gonna Change Our Style
62.Window Shopping
63.Heaven Knows I Love You, Girl
64.Enjoy Yourself (Extended Version)
65.Jump for Joy
66.Got to Be There
67.Man of War
68.I Want You Back (Single Version)
69.Nothin (That Compares 2 U)
70.Rockin' Robin
71.Goin' Places
72.Even Though You're Gone
73.This Place Hotel (Heartbreak Hotel)
75.Style Of Life
76.The Boogie Man
77.Forever Came Today (Disc-O-Tech No. 3 Version)
78.State Of Shock
79.Walk Right Now
80.Show You The Way To Go
81.Good Times
82.Bless His Soul
84.Come 'Round Here I'm the One You Need
85.Ready or Not (Here I Come)
86.I'm The One You Need
87.I'm Glad It Rained
暂存 英文
1.16 Candles
2.Honey Chile
3.Dancin' Machine
4.Jackson 5 Medley
5.ABC (readymade super 524 mix)
6.Looking Through the Windows
7.Fool for You
8.Boogie Man
9.Lookin' Through the Window
10.My Girl (original session)
11.Lonely Hearts
12.Someday at Christmas (Stripped mix)
13.The Day Basketball Was Saved
14.I Saw Mammy Kissing Santa Claus
15.21. Blame It On The Boogie
16.Can You Feel It (7″ version)
17.Working Day and Night (live)
18.I Want You Back - Jackson 5
19.Show You the Way to Go - Single Version
20.Motown 25 Performance (Live)
21.Different Kind of Lady
22.Heaven Knows I Love You
23.Enjoy Yourself (Michael Jackson's Vision) [Bonus Video]
24.Shake Your Body (Down to the Ground)
26.I Want You Back '88
27.We Don't Have to Be Over 21
28.You Changed
29.Forever Came Today (Frankie Knuckles Directors Cut Late Night Anticsh Remix)
30.Find Me a Girl
31.ABC - Single Version
32.Don't Stop Till You Get Enough
33.Walk Right Now (12' version)
34.Push Me Away

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