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Eva Cassidy( 伊娃·凯希蒂 )【 共收藏 10 张专辑, 148 首歌 】
伊娃·凯希蒂(Eva Marie Cassidy,1963年2月2日-1996年11月2日),美国通俗音乐歌手。1992年她出版了首张唱片《The Other Side》,这是一张与go-go乐手Chuck Brown的二重唱。1996年,她出版了自己的独唱专辑《Live at Blues Alley》。尽管她获得了the Washington Area Music Association的奖励,但是除了她居住的华盛顿特区,外人对她一无所知,直到她1996年因黑色素瘤死去。四年之后,一个偶然的机会,她的唱片被英国BBC Radio 2的节目主持Terry Wogan听到,他挑选了《Over the Rainbow》一首在电台播放,一下子震憾了英国听众。听众要求详细介绍这位歌手和她的演唱,不久她生前录制的歌曲陆续被介绍给英国听众。不久又从英国蔓延到全球。伊娃·凯希蒂生前的本职工作是在一家植树学校当园丁。唱歌是她的业余爱好。她还爱好画画,留下一些美术作品。

伊娃·凯希蒂演唱的《Over the Rainbow》一歌不是她的首唱,而是翻唱30年代老牌歌星朱迪·加兰的歌曲。但是她唱出了自己的风格,令听众耳目一新。她翻唱的歌曲还有Simon & Garfunkel的《Bridge Over Troubled Water》、路易斯·阿姆斯壮的《What A Wonderful World》。英国作曲家Frederick Weatherly在1913年创作的民谣《Danny Boy》,40年代的爵士老歌《Time after time》,也被凯希蒂用自己的声音重新演绎,挖掘出老歌深藏的意蕴。
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Nightbird 英文
1.You re Welcome To The Club (提供)
2.Something's Got A Hold Of Me (提供)
3.Son Of A Preacher Man
4.Waly Waly
5.Next Time You See Me (提供)
6.Late In The Evening
7.Don't Mean A Thing (提供)
8.Eva introduces the band
9.Bridge Over Troubled Water
10.Route 66
11.Baby I Love You
12.Caravan (提供)
Simply Eva 英文
1.Time After Time
2.Autumn Leaves
3.I Know You By Heart
5.Over The Rainbow
6.Wayfaring Stranger
7.People Get Ready
8.True Colors
9.Kathy's Song
10.San Francisco Bay Blues (提供)
11.Wade In The Water
Somewhere 英文
1.Coat Of Many Colors
2.My Love Is Like A Red Red Rose
3.Ain't Doin' Too Bad
4.Chain Of Fools
5.Won't Be Long
6.Walkin' After Midnight
7.Early One Morning
8.Bold Young Farmer
9.If I Give My Heart
10.Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain
13.If I Give My Heart To You Tonight
Imagine 英文
1.It Doesn't Matter Anymore
3.Who Knows Where The Time Goes?
4.You've Changed
6.Still Not Ready
7.Early Morning Rain
8.Tennessee Waltz
9.I Can Only Be Me
10.Danny Boy
Time After Time 英文
1.Kathy's Song
2.Ain't No Sunshine
3.The Letter
4.At Last
5.Time After Time
6.Penny To My Name
7.I Wandered By A Brookside
8.I Wish I Was A Single Girl Again
9.Easy Street Dream
10.Anniversary Song
12.Way Beyond The Blue
Songbird 英文
1.Autumn Leaves
2.Fields of Gold
3.I Know You by Heart
4.Oh, Had I a Golden Thread
5.Over the Rainbow
6.People Get Ready
8.Time Is a Healer
9.Wade in the Water
10.Wayfaring Stranger
Live At Blues Alley 英文
1.Cheek to Cheek
2.Stormy Monday
3.Bridge Over Troubled Water
4.Fine and Mellow
5.People Get Ready
6.Blue Skies
7.Tall Trees in Georgia
8.Fields of Gold
9.Autumn Leaves
10.Honeysuckle Rose
11.Take Me to the River
12.What a Wonderful World
13.Oh, Had I a Golden Thread
Eva By Heart 英文
1.I Know You by Heart
2.Time Is a Healer
3.Wayfaring Stranger
4.Wade in the Water
5.Blues in the Night
7.Need Your Love So Bad
8.Say Goodbye
10.Waly, Waly
11.How Can I Keep from Singing?
Nightbird (Live) 英文
1.Ain't No Sunshine (Live)
2.You've Changed (Live)
3.Wonderful World (Live)
4.Blue Skies (Live)
5.Cheek to Cheek (Live)
6.Honeysuckle Rose (Live)
7.Bridge over Troubled Water (Live)
8.Autumn Leaves (Live) (提供)
9.Fine and Mellow (Live)
10.Tall Trees in Georgia (Live)
11.Time After Time (Live)
12.Something's Got a Hold on Me (Live)
13.Son of a Preacher Man (Live)
14.Baby I Love You (Live)
15.Route 66 (Live)
16.Chain of Fools (Live)
17.Fever (Live)
18.It Don't Mean a Thing (If It Ain't Got That Swing) (Live)
19.Late in the Evening (Live)
20.Waly Waly (Live)
21.Nightbird (Live)
22.The Letter (Live)
23.Stormy Monday (Live)
暂存 英文
1.Who Knows Where The Time Goes
2.I Doesn't Matter Anymore
3.The Water Is Wide
5.It Don't Mean A Thing (If It Ain't Got That Swing)
6.Hallelujah, I Love Him So (Previously Unreleased)
7.You Take My Breath Away
8.A Bold Young Farmer
9.Hallelujah, I Love Him
10.Dark End Of The Street
11.True Colours
12.Drowning In The Sea Of Love
13.American Tune
14.Baby I Care
15.Dark Eyed Molly
16.Autum Leaves
17.Time After Time - Soundtrack
19.Oh, Had I a Golden Thread (Live)
20.What a Wonderful World (Live)
21.Take Me to the River (Live)
22.Fields of Gold (Live)
23.People Get Ready (Live)
24.The Water Is Wide (Live)
25.You Take My Brath Away
26.Need Your Love so Bad (Duet with Chuck Brown)
27.Warfaring Stranger
28.Silent Night
29.Getting Out
30.Over the Rainbow (from 'the Wizard of Oz')
31.Fields of Gold (Original Mix)
32.Tennesse Waltz
33.Somewhere Over the Rainbow

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