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Stevie Wonder( 史提夫汪达 )【 共收藏 14 张专辑, 467 首歌 】
史提夫·汪达(Stevie Wonder,1950年5月13日-)汽车城唱片旗下艺人,美国歌手,作曲家,音乐制作人,社会活动家,盲人。擅长多种乐器,如电子琴,钢琴等键盘乐器、口琴、鼓、吉他等。是一位唱乐皆精的全能艺人。

提起史提夫汪达,马上会连想到“I Just Called To Say I Love You”这首几乎人人会哼唱的经典情歌,也会浮现他戴着墨镜、绑着辫子头、随着音乐摇摆的模样;但是很多人不知道他是目前最HOT的黑人嘻哈音乐的鼻祖,他20年前创作的歌曲被知名的嘻哈歌手Ja Rule(杰鲁)和Coolio采样,再度成为排行冠军曲;他也是首批入主摇滚名人堂的歌手,获得“最佳R&B男歌手”、“最佳流行男歌手”、“最佳专辑”…等21座葛莱美奖肯定
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I’ve Changed My Mind A Second Time 英文
2.My Baby's Gone
3.Bam (提供)
4.Ain't That Love
5.Mary Ann
6.Hallelujah, I Love Her So
7.Don't You Know
8.I'm Afraid the Masquerade Is Over
9.Come Back Baby
10.Frankie and Johnny
11.The Square (提供)
13.I'm Into You (提供)
Faith 英文
1.Faith (feat. Ariana Grande)
Fulfillingness First 英文
1.Alll My Life (提供)
2.Nighttime Rider (提供)
3.Give It Hell (提供)
4.On The Dime (提供)
5.Lady Of The Night (提供)
6.Changing (提供)
7.Took It All Away (提供)
8.Bitter Wind In Tanganika (提供)
9.Talk About Love (提供)
10.You'll Never Know (提供)
11.You Can Depend On Me (提供)
12.Further On Up The Road (提供)
13.It Don't Take Much (提供)
14.Gettin' Used To Being Treated Wrong (提供)
15.Forty Feet Tall (提供)
16.Forbidden Love (提供)
17.Telephone Love (提供)
18.Rodeo (提供)
A Greatest Hits[Song Review] 英文
1.Part-Time Lover
2.I Just Called To Say I Love You
4.Sir Duke
5.My Cherie Amour
6.I Was Made To Love Her
8.Hey Love
9.Signed, sealed, delivered I'm yours
10.You Are The Sunshine Of My Life
11.Ribbon In The Sky
12.Master Blaster (Jammin')
13.Living For The City
14.Uptight (Everything's Alright)
16.Do I Do
17.Send One Your Love
19.All I Do
20.That Girl
21.For Your Love
22.I Wish
23.You Will Know
24.Boogie On Reggae Woman
25.Higher Ground
26.These Three Words
27.Stay Gold
28.Love Light In Flight
29.Kiss Lonely Good-Bye
30.Hold On To Your Dream (提供)
31.Redemption Song
Natural Wonder[Live] 英文
1.Dancing To The Rhythm
2.Love's In Need Of Love Today
3.Master Blaster
4.Stevie Ray Blues (提供)
5.Higher Ground
6.Rocket Love
7.Stay Gold
8.Ribbon In The Sky
9.Pastime Paradise
10.If It's Magic
11.Ms. and Mr. Little Ones
12.Village Ghetto Land
13.Tomorrow Robins Will Sing
15.My Cherie Amour
16.Signed, Sealed, Delivered I'm yours
17.Living For The City
18.Sir Duke
19.I Wish
20.You Are The Sunshine Of My Life
22.I Just Called To Say I Love You
23.For Your Love
24.Another Star
Conversation Peace 英文
Motown Records
1.Rain Your Love Down
2.Edge Of Eternity
3.Taboo To Love
4.Take The Time Out
5.I'm New
6.My Love Is With You
7.Treat Myself
8.Tomorrow Robins Will Sing
9.Sensuous Whisper
10.For Your Love
11.Cold Chill
13.Conversation Peace
Characters 英文
1.You Will Know
3.In Your Corner
4.With Each Beat Of My Heart
5.One Of A Kind
7.Get It
8.Galaxy Paradise
9.Cryin' Through The Night
11.Come Let Me Make Your Love
12.My Eyes Don't Cry
Eivets Rednow 英文
2.A House Is Not a Home
3.Alfie (提供)
4.More than a Dream (提供)
5.How Can You Believe (提供)
6.Medley: 'Never My Love/Ask the Lonely (提供)
7.Which Way the Wind (提供)
8.Bye Bye World (提供)
9.Grazin' in the Grass (提供)
10.Lonely (提供)
Someday At Christmas 英文
1.Bedtime for Toys
2.Someday at Christmas
3.The Christmas Song
4.Ave Maria
5.One Little Christmas Tree
6.Silver Bells
7.A Warm Little Home on a Hill
8.What Christmas Means to Me
9.The Little Drummer Boy
10.Twinkle Twinkle Little Me
11.The Day That Love Began
13.The Miracles of Christmas
14.Everyone's a Kid at Christmas
With A Song In My Heart 英文
2.Make Someone Happy
3.Get Happy
4.On The Sunny Side Of The Street
5.Without A Song
6.Put On A Happy Face
8.With a Song in My Heart
9.When You Wish Upon a Star
10.Give Your Heart a Chance
暂存3 英文
1.Sir Duke [Live]
2.My Cherie Amour [Live]
4.I'll Be Loving You Always
5.You & I
6.The Way You Make Me Feel
7.Ai No Sono
8.Voyage to India (提供)
9.The Secret Life of Plants
10.Venus' Flytrap And The Bug
11.Kesse Ye Lolo De Ye
12.Black Orchid
13.Earth's Creation (提供)
14.Outside My Window
15.The First Garden (提供)
16.Ecclesiastes (提供)
17.A Seed's A Star/Tree Medley
18.Power Flower
19.Come Back As A Flower
20.Race Babbling
21.Tree (提供)
23.Same Old Story
24.Send One Your Love (Music) (提供)
25.Finale (提供)
26.Where the Sun Goes
27.Fingertips, Pt. 2 (Live, 1962) [Single Version] (Mono)
28.Living For The City - Edit
29.Superstition - Single Version
30.Fingertips - Pt. 1 / Live In Paris/1965
31.Signed, Sealed, Delivered (I'm Yours) [Live At Talk of the Town 1970]
32.Fingertips, Part 2 - Live At The Regal Theater/1963/ Single Version
33.Isn't She Lovely (Edit)
34.I'm More Than Happy (I'm Satisfied)
35.I Pity the Fool
36.Bridge Over Troubled Water (Live At Talk Of The Town/1970)
37.Sunny - Live/1970
38.Part-Time Lover - 12' Instrumental Version
39.At Last
40.All I Do - Single Version (Alternate Intro)
41.If Ever
42.You and Me
43.Feeding Off the Love of the Land
44.Fingertips (Original Studio Version)
45.Pretty World (Live)
46.For Once In My Life / Thank You Love (Live)
47.Blowin' In the Wind (Live)
48.Down to Earth (Live)
49.Hallelujah (I Love Her So) [Live]
50.Drown In My Own Tears (Live)
51.Yester-Me, Yester-You, Yesterday (Live)
52.A Place In the Sun (Live)
53.Fingertips, Pts. 1 & 2 (Live) [Stereo Mix]
54.Nothing's Too Good for My Baby (Mono Single)
55.Work Out Stevie, Work Out (Mono Single)
56.Hey Harmonica Man (Mono Single)
57.Happy Street (Mono Single)
58.I'm Wondering - Single Version
59.For Once In My Life - 1970/Live At Talk Of The Town
60.Love's In Need Of Love Today - Natural Wonder Live Version
61.Stevie Ray Blues - Natural Wonder Live Version
62.Higher Ground - Natural Wonder Live Version
63.Ribbon In The Sky - Natural Wonder Live Version
64.I Was Made To Love Her - 1970/Live At Talk Of The Town
65.My Cherie Amour - 1970/Live At Talk Of The Town
66.Down To Earth - Live Album Version
67.Never Had A Dream Come True - 1970/Live At Talk Of The Town
68.Pastime Paradise - Natural Wonder Live Version
69.Village Ghetto Land - Natural Wonder Live Version
70.For Once In My Life (Live/1969)
71.Another Star - Natural Wonder Live Version
72.Overjoyed - Natural Wonder Live Version
73.Signed, Sealed, Delivered, I'm Yours - Natural Wonder Live Version
74.Sir Duke - Natural Wonder Live Version
75.I Wish - Natural Wonder Live Version
76.You Are The Sunshine Of My Life - Natural Wonder Live Version
77.Superstition - Natural Wonder Live Version
78.I Just Called To Say I Love You - Natural Wonder Live Version
79.For Your Love - Natural Wonder Live Version
80.Hold On To Your Dream (LP Orchestral Version)
81.Ribbon In the Sky (Live/1995)
82.Redemption Song - Get On The Bus/Soundtrack Version
83.I'll Always Be In Love
84.My Cherie Amour - Live At Talk Of The Town/1970
85.Somebody Knows, Somebody Cares - Single Version - Mono
86.Do I Do - Single Version
87.Higher Ground - Single Version
88.A Place In The Sun - Single Version
89.Someday At Christmas (Alternate Mix)
90.Uptight (Everything's Alright) - Live At Fox Theatre, Detroit, MI/1969
91.Master Blaster (Jammin') - Live/1995
92.My Baby's Gone (Remastered)
93.Fingertips (Original Studio Sersion)
94.Mary Ann (Remastered)
95.Hallelujah (I Love Her So) [Remastered]
97.Stay Gold (Alternate)
98.Love a Go-Go
99.Past Time Paradise
暂存2 英文
1.They Won't Go When I Go
2.Think of Me As Your Soldier
3.Too High
4.Too Shy to Say
5.Tuesday Heartbreak
6.We Can Work It Out
9.Yesterme yesteryou yesterday
10.You Haven't Done Nothin'
11.You Met Your Match
12.You've Got It Bad Girl
13.All I Do (Is Think About You)
14.Mr. Tambourin Man
15.Signed Sealed Delivered
16.Do Yourself A Favour
17.I Never Dreamed You'd Leave In Summer
18.Lookin' for Another Pure Love
19.I Believe (When I Fall In Love It Will Be Forever)
22.You Haven't Done Nothing
23.Knocks Me Off My Feets
24.Ngicuelela - Es Una Historia - I Am Singing
25.A Seed's A Star / Tree Medley
26.Front Line
27.Dancing To The Rythm
28.Ms. & Mr. Little Ones
29.Travelin' Man
30.Keep Our Love Alive
31.What's That You're Doing?
32.Fademy Love
33.Until You Come Back To Me
34.Fingertips (Part 2)
35.True To Your Heart
36.I'm Wondering
38.Travlin' Man
39.So What The Fuss
40.My Cherie Amor
41.My Love Sweet Love (提供)
43.Something to Say
44.Light My Fire
45.My World Is Empty Without You
46.With a Child's Heart
47.Stubborn Kind of Fellow
49.Fool For You
50.Baby, Don't You Do It
51.You and I (We Can Conquer the World)
53.My Girl
54.Teach Me Tonight
55.Seasons Of Love
56.Send Me Some Lovin'
57.The House on the Hill
58.Bang Bang
59.The Lonesome Road
60.Don't Know Why I Love You
61.The Christmas Song (Merry Christmas To You)
62.Please, Please, Please
63.That's What Friends Are For
65.Drown In My Own Tears
66.Fingertips, Pt. 2
67.Ngiculela (Es una Historia)
68.God Bless the Child
69.You Are The Sunshine
70.Anything You Want Me to Do
71.Another Star [Live]
72.Sunshine In Their Eyes
73.Contusion (提供)
74.Do I Love Her
75.You Are the Sunshine of My Life (Single Version With Horns)
76.Ribbon in the Sky (1982 Musiquarium Version)
77.Uptight (Everything's All Right)
78.Living for the City (1982 Musiquarium Version)
79.You Can't Judge A Book By It's Cover
80.Signed, Sealed, Delivered I'm
81.Ribbon In The Sky [Live]
82.Tell Your Heart I Love You
83.Ngiculela-Es Una Historia-I Am Singing
84.I Just Called To Say I Love
85.Something Out of the Blue
87.Livin For The City
88.Village Ghetto Land [Live]
89.I'd Be a Fool Right Now
90.Signed, Sealed, Delivered (DJ Smash Essential Funk Mix)
92.Living For The City [Live]
93.Front Line (1982 Musiquarium Version)
94.Castles in the Sand
95.Uptight (Everything's Alright) [Single Version]
96.You Are The Sunshine Of My Life [Live]
97.A Time To Love
98.Hello Young Lovers
暂存1 英文
1.The Woman In Red
2.Nothing's Too Good for My Baby
3.A Place in the Sun
5.Blowin' in the Wind
6.Don't You Worry 'Bout a Thing
7.I Ain't Gonna Stand for It
8.I Believe
9.Never Had a Dream Come True
10.Yester-Me, Yester-You, Yesterday
11.You and I
13.All in Love Is Fair
14.As If You Read My Mind
15.Big Brother
16.Bird of Beauty
17.Black Man
18.Blame It on the Sun
19.Blowing in the wind
20.Cash In Your Face
21.Chemical Love
22.Come Let Me Make Your Love Come Down
23.Contract On Love
24.Contusion ( Instrumental ) (提供)
26.Did I Hear You Say You Love Me
27.Do Yourself a Favor
28.Don't Drive Drunk
29.All Day Sucker
30.Don't Wonder Why
31.Each Other's Throat
32.Ebony Eyes
34.Fun Day
35.Girl Blue
36.Go Home
37.Gotta Have You
38.Happier Than the Morning Sun
39.Happy Birthday
40.Have a Talk With God
41.He's Misstra Know It All
42.Heaven Help Us All
43.Heaven is 10 Zillion Light Years Away
44.Hold Me
45.I Can Only Be Me
46.I Can't Let My Heaven Walk Away
47.I Don't Know Why
48.I Go Sailing
49.I Gotta Have a Song
50.I Love Every Little Thing about You
51.I Love You Too Much
52.If She Breaks Your Heart
53.If You Really Love Me
54.Isn't She Lovely
55.It Ain't No Use
56.It's More Than You ( Instrumental ) (提供)
57.It's Wrong (Apartheid)
58.It's You
59.Jesus Children of America
60.Joy (Takes Over Me)
61.Joy Inside My Tears
62.Jungle Fever
63.Keep on Running
64.Knocks Me off My Feet
65.Land of La La
66.Lighting Up the Candles
67.Look Around
68.Looking For Another Pure Love
69.Make Sure You're sure
70.Maybe Your Baby
71.Moments Aren't Moments
72.Mr. Tambourine Man
73.Never Dreamed You'd Leave in Summer
74.Never in Your Sun
75.Do Like You
76.Easy Goin' Evening (My Mama's Call) ( Instrumental ) (提供)
77.For Once in My Life
78.Golden Lady
79.How Come, How long
80.I Wanna Talk To You
81.Love Having You Around
82.Ngiculela - Es Una Historia/I Am Singing
83.Ordinary Pain
84.Please Don't Go
85.Queen in the Black
87.Seems so Long
89.Signed, Sealed, Delivered (I'm Yours)
90.Smile Please
91.Spiritual Walkers
92.Stranger on the Shore of Love
93.Summer Soft
94.Superwoman (Where Were You When I Needed You)
95.Sweet Little Girl
97.Take Up a Course in Happiness
98.The Shadow of Your Smile
暂存 英文
1.Yester-Me, Yesterday-You, Yesterday
2.All About the Love Again
3.Singed, Sealed, Delivered I'm Yours
4.He's Mistra Know-It-All
5.Just Called to Say I Love You
6.It's Wrong (Apartheid) [Edit]
7.The Masquerade (Remastered)
8.We Can Work It Out (Live)
9.Part-Time Lover (Live)
10.Contract On Love (Remastered)
11.Little Water Boy (Collection Version) [Remastered]
12.I Call It Pretty Music But the Old People Call It the Blues Pt. 1 (Second Pressing)
13.Some Other Day
14.Get It (Duet with Michael Jackson)
15.Superwoman (Where Were You When I Needed...)
16.Wondering (Remastered)
17.I Just Call
18.Make Someone Happy - Pt. 1 / Live In Paris/1965
19.Fingertips, Part 1 (first pressing)
20.Hey Harmonica Man
21.Misrepresented People
22.Fingertips, Parts 1 & 2
23.Fingertips, Part 2 (live)
24.Can I Get a Witness
25.Fingertips Fingertips Fingertips
26.I Want My Baby Back

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