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Trisha Yearwood( 特里莎·叶尔伍德 )【 共收藏 20 张专辑, 240 首歌 】
91年春天,来自乔治亚州的Trisha Yearwood以轻快的“She’s In Love With The Boy”初试啼声,一鸣惊人的拿下全美乡村单曲榜冠军,揭开亮丽的歌唱事业序幕,出道迄今已发行了10张专辑、张张获得金/白金唱片的销售认证,缔造20首乡村榜Top 10单曲(其中包括9首冠军曲)。’96年,她获邀于亚特兰大奥运闭幕典礼上献唱;’97及’98年间,她二度蝉联美国乡村音乐协会音乐奖“年度乡村女歌手”殊荣;’94、’97与’98年分别荣获葛莱美奖“最佳乡村女歌手”与“最佳乡村合唱”等三座大奖肯定;2000年,Trisha Yearwood 更风光入列乔治亚音乐名人堂。
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PrizeFighter: Hit After Hit 英文
1.PrizeFighter (Feat. Kelly Clarkson)
2.I Remember You
3.Walkaway Joe (Feat. Don Henley)
4.End Of The World
5.In Another's Eyes (duet with Garth Brooks)
6.Met Him In A Motel Room
7.She's In Love With The Boy
8.Your Husband's Cheatin' On Us
9.You Can't Trust The Weatherman
10.XXX's And OOO's
Ballads 英文
1.Maybe It's Love
2.When We Where Still In Love (提供)
3.You're Where I Belong
4.I Would've Loved You Anyway
Love Songs(恋歌集) 英文
1.That's What I Like About You
2.She's In Love With The Boy
3.Down On My Knees
4.I Don't Fall In Love So Easy
5.If I Ain't Got You
6.The Nightingale
7.Thinkin' About You
8.Maybe It's Love
9.Powerful Thing
10.I'll Still Love You More
11.One Love
12.Love Alone
13.Baby Don't You Let Go
14.Sweet Love
Greatest Hits(经典) 英文
1.She's In Love With The Boy
2.Like We Never Had A Broken Heart
3.The Woman Before Me
4.Wrong Side Of Memphis
5.Walkaway Joe
6.The Song Remembers When
7.XXX's And OOO's (An American Girl)
8.Thinkin' About You
9.Believe Me Baby (I Lied)
10.Everybody Knows
11.How Do I Live
12.Perfect Love
13.There Goes My Baby
14.Powerful Thing
15.I Would've Loved You Anyway
16.Just A Cup Of Coffee* (提供)
17.Nothin' To Lose* (提供)
Jasper County 英文
Universal Music&Vi2
1.Who Invented The Wheel
3.Trying To Love You
4.River Of You
5.Baby Don't You Let Go
6.Standing Out In A Crowd
7.Georgia Rain
8.Sweet Love
9.Try Me
10.Gimme The Good Stuff
11.It's Alright
Everybody Knows 英文
Mca Nashville
1.I Want To Live Again
2.It's Alright
3.Believe Me Baby (I Lied)
4.I Need You
5.Little Hercules
6.Under The Rainbow
7.Everybody Knows
8.Hello, I'm Gone
9.Maybe It's Love
10.A Lover Is Forever
Inside Out 英文
Mca Nashville
1.Love Alone
2.I Would've Loved You Anyway
3.For A While
4.Seven Year Ache
5.I Don't Paint Myself Into Corners
6.Harmless Heart
7.Inside Out
8.Love Let Go
9.Melancholy Blue
10.Second Chance
11.Love Me Or Leave Me Alone
12.When We Were Still In Love
13.You're Where I Belong
Real Live Woman 英文
Mca Nashville
1.Where Are You Now
2.One Love
3.Sad Eyes
4.Some Days
5.I Did
6.Try Me Again
7.Too Bad You're No Good
8.Real Live Woman
9.I'm Still Alive
10.Wild For You Baby
11.Come Back When It Ain't Rainin'
12.When A Love Song Sings The Blues
Where Your Road Leads 英文
Mca Nashville
1.There Goes My Baby
2.Never Let You Go Again
3.That Ain't The Way I Heard It
4.Powerful Thing
5.Love Wouldn't Lie To Me
6.Wouldn't Any Woman
7.I'll Still Love You More
8.Heart Like A Sad Song
9.I Don't Want To Be The One
10.Bring Me All Your Lovin'
11.Where Your Road Leads
Songbook-A Collection Of Hits 英文
Mca Nashville
1.How Do I Live
2.The Song Remembers When
3.Wrong Side Of Memphis
4.In Another's Eyes
5.The Woman Before Me
6.Perfect Love
7.Thinkin' About You
8.Down On My Knees
9.She's In Love With The Boy
10.Walkaway Joe
11.XXX's And OOO's(An American Girl)
12.Like We Never Had A Broken Heart
A Collection Of Hits 英文
1.How Do I Live
2.In Another's Eyes Duet With Garth Brooks
3.The Wrong Side Of Memphis
4.The Flame
5.A Lover Is Forever
6.XXX's And OOO's(An American Girl)
7.Like We Never Had A Broken Heart
8.Believe Me Baby (I Lied)
Thinkin' About You 英文
1.Thinkin' About You
2.XXX's And OOO's (An American Girl)
3.You Can Sleep While I Drive
4.The Restless Kind
5.On A Bus To St. Cloud
7.Those Words We Said
8.O Mexico
9.I Wanna Go Too Far
10.Till I Get It Right
The Sweetest Gift 英文
1.Sweet Little Jesus Boy
2.Reindeer Boogie
3.Take A Walk Through Bethlehem
4.Santa Claus Is Back In Town
5.It Wasn't His Child
6.Away In A Manger
7.The Sweetest Gift
8.There's A New Kid In Town
9.Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!
10.The Christmas Song(Chestnuts Roasting On An Open Fire)
The Song Remembers When 英文
1.The Song Remembers When
2.Better Your Heart Than Mine
3.I Don't Fall In Love So Easy
4.Hard Promises To Keep
6.The Nightingale
7.If I Ain't Got You
8.One In A Row
9.Here Comes Temptation
10.Lying To The Moon
Hearts In Armor 英文
1.Wrong Side Of Memphis
2.Nearest Distant Shore
3.You Say You Will
4.Walkaway Joe
5.Woman Walk The Line
6.Oh Lonesome You
7.Down On My Knees
8.For Reasons I've Forgotten
9.You Don't Have To Move That Mountain
10.Hearts In Armor
Trisha Yearwood 英文
1.She's In Love With The Boy
2.The Woman Before Me
3.That's What I Like About You
4.Like We Never Had A Broken Heart
5.Fools Like Me
6.Victim Of The Game
7.When Goodbye Was A Word
8.The Whisper Of Your Heart
9.You Done Me Wrong (And That Ain't Right)
10.Lonesome Dove
The Passion: New Orleans (Original Television Soundtrack) 英文
1.My Love Is Your Love
3.I Won't Give Up
4.You'll Never Walk Alone
Heaven Heartache and the Power of Love 英文
1.Heaven, Heartache and The Power Of Love
2.This Is Me You're Talking To
3.They Call It Falling For A Reason
4.Nothin' 'Bout Memphis
5.We Tried
6.Let The Wind Chase You
7.Dreaming Fields
8.Cowboys Are My Weakness
9.Help Me
10.Not A Bad Thing
11.Nothin' About You Is Good For Me
12.Drown Me
13.Sing You Back To Me
Big Bang Concert Series: Trisha Yearwood (Live) 英文
1.Under the Rainbow (Live)
2.She's in Love With the Boy (Live)
3.On a Bus to St. Cloud (Live)
4.Little Hercules (Live)
5.Nearest Distant Shore (Live)
6.The Song Remembers When (Live)
7.I Need You (Live)
8.Wrong Side of Memphis (Live)
9.Walkaway Joe (Live)
暂存 英文
1.Honey Can You Squeeze Me In?
2.Follow the Wind
3.For Only You
4.How Do I Live(Swedish Version)
5.Santa on the Roof Top
6.To Make You Feel My Love
7.Jackie's House
8.Take A Walk Thru Bethlehem
9.Another Angel Gets It's Wings
10.I Can't Understand
11.An American Girl
12.I've Been Thinking About You
13.Bartender Blues
14.Like We Never Had A Broken Heart (1991)
15.Woman Before Me (1992)
16.How Do I Live Without You
17.Just A Cup Of Coffee
18.Nothin' To Lose
19.Two Days From Knowing
20.Baby I Lied
21.The Chance I Take
22.Blue Beyond
23.I Would Have Loved You Anyway
24.Katie And Tommy
25.Even A Cowboy Can Dream
26.You're The Devil In Disguise
27.Where Your Road Leads (The Duet With Garth Brooks)
28.She's In Love with A Boy
29.'Til I Get It Right
30.Love Will Always Win
31.How Do I Live - Single Version
33.I Fall To Pieces
34.How Do I Live (Songbook Version)
35.A Perfect Love (Songbook Version)
36.A Perfect Love (Single Version)
37.Forever's As Far As I'll Go
38.The Christmas Song
39.You're Where I Belong (Soul Solution remix)
40.How Do I Live (Con Air)
41.How Do I Live (Without You) (video version)
42.Coming Back to You

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