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Mink DeVille & Willy DeVille



【 Collected *1976-2009* 】【 英文 】【 2015 】

1.Spanish Stroll

2.Mixed Up, Shook Up Girl (提供)

3.Cadillac Walk

4.Little Girl (提供)

5.Just Your Friends (提供)

6.Guardian Angel (提供)

7.Soul Twist (提供)

8.Mazurka (提供)

9.Savoir Faire

10.This Must Be The Night (提供)

11.Just To Walk That Little Girl Home

12.Heaven Stood Still

13.Love And Emotion (提供)

14.Maybe Tomorrow (提供)

15.You Better Move On

16.Demasiado Corazon

17.Each Word Is A Beat Of My Heart

18.Stand By Me

19.Italian Shoes (提供)

20.I Must Be Dreaming

21.In The Heart Of The City

22.Miracle (提供)

23.Storybook Love (提供)

24.Assassin of Love

25.Hello My Lover (提供)

26.Beating Like a Tom-Tom (提供)

27.Hey Joe

28.Even While I Sleep (提供)

29.I Call Your Name

30.Voodoo Charm (提供)

31.Still (I Love You Still) (提供)

32.Gipsy Deck of Hearts (提供)

33.Across the Borderline

34.Lay Me Down Easy (提供)

35.The Downing of the Flamingo (提供)

36.Dont Want You Hanging Round My Door (提供)

37.Come a Little Bit Closer

38.Right There, Right Then (提供)

39.I Remember the First Time (提供)

40.When I Get Home (提供)

41.Carmelita (提供)

42.Willy DeVille Acoustic Trio Let It Be Me (提供)

43.Youll Never Know

44.Willy DeVille en Celtas Cortos Cuentame un Cuento (提供)

45.Willy DeVille en Polo Hofer Whos Gonna Shoe Your Pretty Little Foot (提供)

46.Pullin My String (提供)

47.Its So Easy

48.Heat of the Moment (提供)

49.Pride and Joy (提供)

50.Dust My Broom (提供)

51.Italian Shoes [Remix] (提供)

52.I Must Be Dreaming [Remix] (提供)

53.Hard Time (提供)

54.Well Its True So True (提供)

55.Im in the Mood (提供)

56.Early Morning Blues (提供)

57.Whos Gonna Shoe Your Pretty Little Foot (提供)