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1.Bach Air song

1.Bach Air song (修改)

I ... I need You like I need air,
for You are the lover of my soul,
and I need your love more and more,
for it's so good, better than anything
that I can get in the whole world

I ... I love You like I love breathing clean air,
for You are the reason I breathe,
the very next breath I need,
I take your love, I take it to my spirit,
let it fill up my whole heart.

Now from You I learn love
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by that life makes sense
and everything got purpose, I know it's worth it,
something that I can live for.

Love wants to love, live and burn - wants to be loved in return
I want it so bad and for that I give my everything,
for real love takes sacrifice
so I am willing to pay that price,
there's no greater love for someone
than who lays down his life for the other one.