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【 Strange Passengers 】【 英文 】

1.Deep Water

1.Deep Water (修改)

I was cut from the womb with a stanley knife
Ran all over town with the butcher's wife
Now I'm on the couch with a fag in my mouth
Just like a good boy should

Have you ever seen such a thing in your life
I don't give a s*** about the motorbike
I already killed somebody for the butcher's wife
Just like a good girl should

I heard all the bad songs as you sang
I listened to lies from your musical friends
I cut my hair just like you said
I wished you were dead when you held my head

Now we're in deep water
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Now we're under the sea
We buried our dead on the estuary bed
There ain't no saving me

Now we're in deep water
Now we're lost to the sea
I'm sinking fast, holding onto the mast
There ain't no saving me

I started smoking now we've something to share
Take your foot off my head 'cos I could use the air
You gave me a reason to leave this town
Just like I knew you would