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【 Back From The Dead 2 】【 英文 】【 2014 】

1.Feds Intro
2.Paper Feat. Gucci Mane
3.Whole Crowd
5.Blurry Feat. Tadoe
7.Where Is Waldo
14.Who Is That
15.Smack DVD

1.Feds Intro (修改)

Hit a nigga up I don't give a fuck
I'mma smoke tooka 'til I lose it
Hit a nigga with this mothafuckin' Uzi
Leave a nigga mothafuckin' clueless
Take a Swisher blunt and fill it up
I can't hear the noise cause that's how I do it
Smoking sticky weed cause that's how I grew it
Four wheel drive nigga how I flew it
Up this choppa then hit you up
Then pick you up that bitch lift you up
I dropped some racks and I picked it up
Ballin', take the ball and kick it up
Pull on your block with a lot of guns
Let off a lot of shots now it's red nigga
Ain't no yellow tape it's red nigga
Still watching out for the feds nigga

[Verse 1]
Hit a nigga up I don't give a fuck
I'll do drugs 'til I'm dead nigga
Middle fingers nigga no lead nigga
Then get shots to the head nigga
Come through spark when I can nigga
Start running hope yo pussy ass gets winded nigga
There's a gun tucked in my unders and up this bitch thunder
I'ma chase your ass while you running
Smoking sticky pack stinky onion
I come though and I'm stunting
I'm always fresh like I'm going to a luncheon
Spent twenty bands today, got twenty bands this morning
I'm in London with Kanye and we smoking on that chronic
For him throw your ass in a lake
These bullets have your pussy ass running
I wonder, I wonder why these fuck niggas be stunting
That role you ain't even got to play
I know your pussy ass watching


[Verse 2]
Lil' Fufu ass where they do that at
Where who be at where you be at
Pull up on a nigga block where foolie at
Catch your ass nigga where your toolie at
I'm high bitch like Cooly ass
You ain't making no hits yo bootie ass
Come through with my guns and they loonie ass
Shooting at any nigga goofy ass
My cuckoo ass came through with a mac
My Zoes come through and put a tool on your ass
You got a lil dash, I got two in the dash
Rich fuck nigga gon' lose his gas
Got my jewels in the coup and the goo with the loop
We be the goo when the goo in the bag
Moving the crews and I'm moving the loot
Whip pistols, catch you, it's a trap
Never like it nigga know how I move
With tools a gang a crew and goo
Running them hoes get it back them Rolls
I loop I loop I loop I loop
I don't give a fuck I run my shooters
They shoot and shoot and shoot and shoot
R.I.P BL double O D soo woo, soo woo, soo woo, soo woo


2.Paper Feat. Gucci Mane (修改)

[Partial Hook:Gucci Mane]
I ain't really havin' no paper problems
Man I'm just tryna get paper
That young nigga that got a paper problem
He can't get to no paper
I ain't never had no paper problems
Nigga I been gettin' paper
That young nigga got a paper problem
Cause he never had no paper, paper, paper
Paper, man I got so much paper
Don't smoke my weed in papers
Don't buy blunts that got flavors, nah

[Verse 1: Gucci Mane]
I just touched down in Jamaica, I'ma try to smoke two acres
Send a nigga to his maker, be cheaper to cremate ya
Fuck the nigga and the bitch that made ya
You ain't really doing that major
Gotta eat for the water extendo, like bally bally water
Big timer, timer, timer got a timepiece full of diamonds
Sprinkle, sprinkle, sprinkle, got your girl gone off that Molly
Ballin' in the VI-, don't I look so icy
I need to go to rehab, addicted to Ferrari's
My Royce go rollin' like brrrrr nigga
My yellow go rollin', brrrrr, brrrrr, nigga
I concur that you're not real nigga
So man I don't even wanna deal wit ya
And the niggas that you with is some bitch niggas
Cause they know you lame and they still with ya
One to get ya then I'm comin' to get ya
When I shoot nigga it ain't hard to hit ya nigga

[Full Hook: Gucci Mane]
I ain't really havin' no paper problems
Man I'm just tryna get paper
That young nigga that got a paper problem
He can't get to no paper
I ain't never had no paper problems
Nigga I been gettin' paper
That young nigga got a paper problem
Cause he never had no paper, paper, paper
Paper, man I got so much paper
Don't smoke my weed in papers
Don't buy blunts that got flavors, nah
Paper, paper, man I got so much paper
That young nigga got a paper problem
Cause he ain't never had no paper, paper, paper

[Verse 2: Chief Keef]
They like Sosa, why you runnin' thru 100 thousand?
I ain't never had no paper
I ain't 'Wop, I ain't Jay, but I was making 500 every day
Make One Call Send A Stain That's Caper Problem
Caper Gone Pull That K
Run in your house, where your safe
Anything to get that cake
In the club wilin'
Make it rain in this bitch cause it's hot and bitches crawlin'
Let a nigga try me
Fuck around, fuck around, fuck around, fuck around
And meet his daddy
Smokin' on a fattie
And my pocket is a fattie
All I fuck with is fatties
Boy hope you ready
Coming real hard like the G that's after the 'a'in spaghetti
I'm wearin' lunatics, I don't do Nelly
Hey, I'm rolling and I don't know Kelly
Racks up in my jeans and I don't know Billie
Walked up in saks, throwin' up racks, they smell me

[Full Hook: Gucci Mane]

3.Whole Crowd (修改)

I don't like lil bets, I win whole pots
I don't like lil hoes I get old thots
I like new gwop and old gwop
Remember letting tools pop in O-block
Ain't no more verses that shit sold out
I don't like white nigga, bring that gold out
Smoking on this green dope is so loud
I got enough Tooka for the whole crowd

[Verse 1]
Walk up in the show that shit sold out
And we walk up in the show with poles out
Let a nigga try me he get blown down
Referee whistle I am so foul
If you ain't know nigga now you know now
I'm in my BD stance, ten toes down
Life a roller coaster bitch it Glo round
On that scoop so I'm finna go and scoop your ho now
When I hit the bank I am so proud
Just got some money in and it so loud
You smoke dirty weed that ain't no loud
Boy that pack for kids that is so child
Pull up on your bitch then take off wild
I push it to the limit I'm Rick Ross now


[Verse 2]
I got enough Tooka for the whole crowd
Who wanna smoke now, I got dope now
I got a lotta pack, lotta thrax
Lotta X, lotta flats bitch, lotta narcotics bitch
I pop a flat, and I'm in that, at your neck bitch
Catch you lacking, should of had your asses bitch
Pull up in that wolf this is not a Lex bitch
She like 'ain't you Chief Keef,' I'm like 'Yes bitch'
Bitch nigga it's cracking
Get up off the porch no lacking
Ride up on you slide the door back, audience clapping
We take what you taxing, split it up like magic


4.Faneto (修改)

Gang, gang, gang, gang (Sosa on the beat)
Gang in this bitch, gang in this bitch, gang in this bitch
Nigga, nigga, nigga

I'm a gorilla in a fuckin' coupe, finna pull up to the zoo, nigga
Told you, nigga, who the fuck is you? I don't know, nigga
No, nigga, pull up on your blocks, we gon' blow, nigga
Go, nigga, run, nigga, run for the po', nigga (police nigga)
Gas what I smoke nigga
Feds in my door, jump out the window, nigga
Know you can't get no money silly ho
I just hit a stain, faneto

[Verse 1:]
Talkin' out his neck, pistol to his throat
Blow this motherfucker, he gone choke
On the ground, on the floor
Someone pick him up, take him to the morgue
I'm ridin' through New York
Finna go and shoot New Jersey up
Tryna take my chain, I ain't goin'
We gon' come and blow New Jersey up
You want something? Hurry up
Boy who you tryna to rob, bitch we 30'd up
Just like volcano, bitch I'm curried up
Cheese in my pockets, Velveeta


[Verse 2:]
I just hit a stain, fanego
I just hit a stain, faneto
I just got 20 fuckin' 4
I spent that shit on a fuckin' coat
With my ear, now I got one earlobe
But I'ma still put some diamonds on him
Baby girl these diamonds are not phony
This car I got, it came from Barcelona
These shoes I got, came from fuckin' Paris (15hun?)
This bitch mad cause I don't do marriage
Let a nigga slide, no we don't do scary
We tote pistols, no we don't do worry (Bang Bang)


5.Blurry Feat. Tadoe (修改)

[Hook:Chief Keef]
Ask grandma for fifty, grandma she gave me a hundred
I ran off with the money, then brought back some money
Smoking green dope shit reekin like fried onions
I take any money, hoes, money, hoes, money
I be trapping, I ain't lacking, nigga I ain't worried
I will let my Glock blow, nigga I ain't scared
I'm a warrior with a thirty, nigga I ain't Curry
Check out my watch nigga my diamonds nigga, they ain't blurry

[Verse 1: Chief Keef]
I was in volcanos eating on some curry
But wanting to hit thirty-four bitch that's Eddy Curry
I'm still smoking loud even though you hear me
Bitch I'm in the field White Sox Paul Konerko
Get my hittas on you, Ronald Belasario
To that bitch that gave me head last night nerdy ho
Throwing money in the club I'm a pitcher run your's up
And I swear my watch a thot, it is a lil flirty ho
Pull up doing hits, eating on some cereal
White chocolate, white milk, red cheerios
Shoot the red guts out a nigga [?]material
Bitch I'm trapping in my trap dancing like Lil TerRio


[Verse 2: Tadoe]
White 'vette, pull up red interior
Engine too damn loud, I'm not hearing ya
Four nickel on my hip, I'm not fearing ya
Hollows hit your face it's bacteria

[Verse 2: Chief Keef]
Bitch I'm trapping out the hemi-a
Bitch I'm trapping with the semi tucked
Got a thousand for a hundred pack then pick it up

[Verse 2: Tadoe]
Nigga said can he be Glo I'm not feeling ya
Bitch I'm in the trap I'm counting all these silly bucks
Dirty money, but it came in clean as fuck
All this jewelry on got me blinging up
Nigga want war, tell him send it up


6.Cops (修改)

My watch is so flirty, take your bitch, I bet he can
My gun is so dirty, yours Hi-Point, I bet he jam
This ain't peanut butter, I can't be up in these jams
Pussy niggas tell it, y'all can't be up in these slams
Cops done met us on your block, we in that jam, out that jam
Pussy niggas stop that flexin', you know you ain't 'bout that there
Say you're a shooter, nigga stop right there
Red beam your head, put the dot right there
With the 50 niggas with Glocks right there
Vroom vroom nigga then the cops right there

[Verse 1]
Pull up on your strip with the hollow tip, startin' shit
Take a whiff of this here, my gun fun and shit, pardon it
Bulldog with the 4 5th, and I target it, I did it
30 shots on my hip, and I bargained it, I did it
30 karats on my wrist, they just shine and shit, pardon it
Fuck niggas act like fish, pulled up and sardined it, I did it
Ridin' down your block, just came from [?]
Bitch we lightin' shit
Bitch I run this shit, this ain't a rally, bitch we climbin' shit
Jumped out the porch when I was 9 and shit
On the block totin' a 9 and shit
Runnin' up, committin' crimes and shit
Them bein' on that grimy shit
Now my jewelry bling as shit
Now I'm the biggest thing and shit
Smokin' on dope, the blue dream and shit
This shit got me dreamin' and shit


[Verse 2]
You got a Hi-Point, aye, nigga what?
You think with that Hi-Point, aye, you finna bust?
You think you're a hard boy, aye, nigga what?
Creepin' down the pavement, aye, finna buck, up
With them slugs
Shoot you in your face and your nuts
Nigga, aye, what's up
With all these fuck niggas, talkin' a bunch of nothin'?
Scooby Doo shucks, when we pullin' up
Shootin' up trucks, shootin' up your cars
Nigga run up, done up, hah, yeah, wish you luck
Click clack these guns, make 'em hot, these hoes fizzin' up
Sizzlin' up


7.Where Is Waldo (修改)

Done nigga, done nigga, you're done nigga
Done nigga, done nigga, you're done nigga
Done nigga, done nigga, you're done nigga
Done nigga, done nigga, you're done nigga
You're done nigga, you're done, you're done
You're done nigga

Niggas think this Swisha Sweet
I got niggas that come through shootin'
Shootin' at you, where your crew? Where your guwap?
Where's your loot
You don't get this shit back
I advice your ass to get back
Your ass can get wacked
With this click-clack
I'm the man around this bitch man
Check on my wrist watch
Check on my necklace
Check on my bitches
Hoes call my phone though
Knock knock, it's money at my front door
Then I pull up in the black thing
The kids like oh where Waldo at

[Verse 1:]
Finna hit Wells Fargo
Pick up about four
Oh comma
Triple zero
I'm bout my Dinero like Robert Deniro
Being real ain't hard, shit so simple
Doing this shit ain't hard, this shit so simple
I don't like niggas comin' through, bust a niggas pimple
All this choppa click clack gla gla
Nigga do the limbo
I'm a king, I'm a lion, check out my sign I'm a symbol
Pull up on your block bow bow bow bow
Now we running from the damn folks*
Bitch it's Glo Gang and 06406 are my kinfolks
Pull up to the show in bout 10 cars now we shootin' up your damn limo
I remember Spinning up steamers and runnin' from the cops in a rental


[Verse 2:]
I'm the man around this bitch baby
Or should I call you little lady
I'll call your ass bitch though, cause I'm so crazy
This nigga think he gone play me
Shoot dice, let your ho fade me
Blood gang I'm so brazy (?)
Pistol to a lil nigga forehead
Call up money, she so fine, she be in my pocket
She in my wallet, she at my shows, she at my concerts
She buy me shoes and she buy me ganja
She buy me guns, she bought my watch
She bought my necklace, she bought my ice
She bought everything I own
She bought my house, she bought my life
Niggas want war? Then aite
We don't pop out, bitch we slide
Hop in the cars then ride
Pull up on an op block, blast his ass inside
I be like okay, okay, okay
Say hello to my lil thang
The lil thang got 100 in the thang 1 in the chamber
Stoppin' traffic, switchin' lanes

Gang gang gang, nigga
Bang bang bang, nigga
Bang bang bang, nigga


8.Farm (修改)

Bitch I'm beaming beaming smoking stinky
Earring looking like they supposed to be on my fucking pinky
Tearing up the mall, I be speedin'
What you wearing ain't even up to fucking season
Take the fucking ball, and I knee it
Cause I'm fucking balling for no reason
I spent a car on a M.O.N.C. Moncler
I smoke kush like I grow it on a farm yeah

[Verse 1]
Bitch I smoke trees like I grow dem
Who is these niggas I don't know dem
They don't be smoking dope like me and bro'nem
Folks'nem, Glo'nem
Got a weed license like I grew him I smoke him
I'm in the Beamer catch his Benz, blow them
I caught him shooting dice and I rolled him
My pistol's fabulous I call him Los'nem
Smoking on this Tooka cause I know him
You can't stop a Amtrak railroad him
Bitch I'm Sosa Joc, it can go down
2-4 Black Disciples, ten toes down


[Verse 2]
I be smoking tons yeah
Too much kush for my lungs yeah
Walk in the mall spending money having fun yeah
I'm Gloing LED 4K TV and Suns yeah
1080p I was born in '83 I'm lying yeah
I been doing this shit since I was a youngin' ask my mom yeah
Smoke so much crop like I grew up on a farm yeah
Bitch steady talking I'm like 'Is you done?' she like 'Yeah'
I'm gliding in that bitch skert skert bitch I be stunting
Your boyfriend talking shit huh huh huh I get money
Pull on his block and shit duh duh duh I be gunnin'
Here come the cops and shit skuh skuh skuh I be runnin'


9.Homie (修改)

Bitch, I got the SIG on me, I got the big on me
And I got the pump, get a swig, homie
You dig, homie, did you hear, homie?
If you dig, put these pistols to your ear, homie
Yeah, homie, shoot for a year, homie
You think you fly? We shooting down your Lear, homie
Yeah, homie, I love my bricks, I swear, homie
Try to take it, nigga, I dare, homie

[Verse 1]
Call Johnny Dang up, I need some bling
Remember one night I said, nah, I can't, anything
You see me in traffic, I be speeding
Now the cops behind me, they don't want anything
Rolling with the goon on the way to the loot
Remember posting on 0-6-2 with rocks all in my shoes
Bitch, I cook the coop, this ain't nothing new
You ain't know, I'm off the wall, I thought you knew
My daughter is 2, my son name is Krüe
If they know you ain't got money, they will laugh at you
Pull up with my shooters, they shoot, I say who
Niggas can't act foolish, they know how they do


[Verse 2]
Smoke a nigga like a one hunnid
This a gun holder a one hunnid
You can hold 'bout one somethin'
You act like you on somethin'
You call my phone, you want somethin'?
You call my phone, you got money?
I got rap money, rock money
Got some weed and a Glock on me
Bullets we can swap, come through like a SWAT, homie
Your town is running out of the goddamn clock, homie
I'm from Chiraq, got these white socks on me
Got the semis in the cut, keep something slight on me


10.Sets (修改)

Sosa why you walking like that
Cause the check nigga
Why your bitch walking like that
Cause of sex nigga
Told your bitch I'd call her right back
Cause I text nigga
Boy you ain't no wolverine
These rugers Luther Lex nigga
Put these TECs to your chest nigga flex nigga
Pull up in that M thing [?]
I'm a young nigga fucking facts nigga
Gangbanging wildin' throwing sets nigga

[Verse 1]
I can't lose bitch I'm so used to winning
All I do is keep it real while you pretending
The same car I drive for free why don't you just rent it
Pull up in that ADHD Down syndrome my toolie spitting
He truly blessed, truly with it
Me and the gang in my shows, no security with me
I fucked your bitch, ooh she didn't
We came through shooting, ooh he didn't
I swear I go so loony with it
[?]a hundred and the toolie's fifty
Hundred hoes keep calling my phone, stupid bitches
I fly with fishes and smoke with pigeons?


[Verse 2]
Wildin' in the club with my guys
A nigga act hot he get fried
He say he beef with Sosa he's a lie
The only I beef with is [?]
I counting money you ain't got no life
You ain't got no green, you ain't got no rice
And my old ho went and throw money like it's rice
Got a Glock 40 on me don't get light this pipe
Got a two million dollar [?]right now
I'm two hours late I was supposed to be there at five
I get that money and I be quiet yeah I'm quiet
In the mall buying shit when I walk out I hear sirens


11.Dear (修改)

Aye, Chief Sosa man
Almighty Sosa nigga
Good Sosa man
Aye, rest in peace Big Glo
Rest in peace Morgan
Free Wop, free Slick nigga
Gang gang nigga
Know how we bang bang nigga
Fuck you talkin bout?
Niggas swear they comin'
We ain't comin'
What the fuck you thought my nigga
We rockin' and we rollin' and
We pumpin' up and we don't pop out
Pop out with Glocks out nigga
Skoodooskoo nigga
Dooladoo niggas
Bang nigga, aye
3 double O nigga
6 double O nigga
Rest in peace real Lil Steve nigga
Fuck with y'all niggas
Free Rose man

I just hit a lick, I'm finna take a trip
Might go to China, with a lotta grip
Grip up on my hip, Imma let it rip
And my pocket money, I'm professor built
Blood gang, I fuck with crips
Nigga I'm fuckin' dipped
Glo Gang, nigga we the fuckin' shit
I'm high bitch, I'm smokin'
They play me on your fuckin' strip
I got a letter, Imma start it off with 'Dear'

[Verse 1]
Come thru in all black
White chocolate whistles
I got a gun
Why the fuck would I call some niggas?
A nigga said that he went on Chief Sosa, neva
I'm a fuckin' dog, ruff ruff get em'
Bentley Hunnas, ridin' thru your block shiftin'
If you gon bring a knife nigga don't bring not a weapon
I'm smokin' on the skunk and this is smelly
Chief Sosa Buddha cuz I got a big old belly
She said she want my time, but I can't tell it (thotty)
Its bling blingy, a nigga felt it
Swear these niggas always jokin'
Fuckin Mike Eppin'
Bitch I'm gettin' money, how am I jealous?
I ain't got no jets so I ride first class
I swear my fuckin' seat turn into a bed
The pilot saw my eyes and said they awfully red
I told him 'I get high as you, I'm the man'


[Verse 2]
Dear miss, I'm that fuckin' nigga
Hot as ice, swear that I'm so sicka
Ruler in that contagious, that sicka
It's lookin' like a fuckin' sticker
I caught a stain, he get stepped up
With my zo's in Miami, flipped up
They bring them sticks out and stuck ya
You thinkin' that you hard, they push ya
I'm finna take a trip to Russia
Just get 10 thousand to my fuckin' mother
And 20 to my grandma
I left and told em' that I love em'
Called Kay Kay on the phone she like 'Hey daddy'
'I like what you doin' swear she so happy
She want all the clothes
She wanna be so swaggy
I named my son Your Highness
I named my MAC Macky


12.Stupid (修改)

Since I've been eating now I like a bunch of food
Who the fuck is you I don't run with you
I run with the Glo, I run with the crew
I run with the gang, I run with some shooters
Rolling in that stupid car
This big ass gun I'm toting this bitch stupid
Counting rolls holy this shit stupid
I don't believe in cupid that shit stupid

[Verse 1]
I'm blood gang bitch I'm booling bitch I'm booling
Fuck with the crips we cooling bitch we cooling
Nigga don't slip you lose it then you lose it
You ain't got your toolie then your dumb ass stupid
Shawty know I pull up in that foolish
You know how we roll know how that we maneuver
I got some top like adios I got to get this mula
Racks up in my ugly trus I've been doing this shit since [?]


[Verse 2]
Fifteen hundred for these shoes and that shit stupid
I don't even know the name of them but I just do it Nike
She don't give me brain then she maneuver
Merge the other way to the left like Beyonce
I ain't got to say this twice this ain't no delay
Doing one eighty up on the fucking freeway
Put my CD in put myself on replay
I can cut my dreads and sell them on Ebay


13.Cuz (修改)

Sosa on the beat (x2)

Car color soo woo
Seats same color crip
I'mma do me or do you
Cuz I got the stank on my hip
Baby I'm a fuckin' loose screw
Cuz I used to hang on the deck
All these fuckin' niggas fufu
I'm flashin' from my chain to my wrist

[Verse 1]
I'm smokin' on that fuckin' TuTu
With a fuckin' bang on my hip
Walk up on me, I do you
Ain't shit change over here
But my address and my jewels
All I do is blang over here
All the rims on the truck are [?]
All I do is switch lanes over here
Hop up in that fuckin' soo woo
Then I go and hang with the crips
Hop up in that fuckin' Blue's Clues
But bitches blood gang over here


[Verse 2]
Bang with the gang, gang bang gang
All I do is blang, look at my wrist Big Tymer's bling bling
I done named my son your highness, bitch that's a young king nigga
Pull up in that thing, what's her name
Trunk go wang wang, gang gang
Caught you at the light, that gun go bang bang, bang bang
Pull up in that ride in the left lane lane, lane lane
Baby I'mma fire on that flames flames, flames flames
All I do is get higher bitch I'm coolin' with the rain rain
Chopper bullets make 'em rain, rain
Pull up in that all red gang 'stang
All with that money up in my veins gang
Best to stay in back cuz you can't hang with gang


14.Who Is That (修改)

Boy my fucking watch cost a brick
And my favorite car, the X6
Stop the fucking flexing boy you not with the shits
Point this pistol at his stomach , blow it nigga shit
Once we start taking streets, we start locking these shits
We popping shells, same size as Budweiser 6
Got some money still tote choppas and shit
Knock knock at my door, I'm at the peep hole like who is that?

[Verse 1 ]
What you need a fucking six pack ?
Knocking on my door, is you with the damn feds ?
What you need a fucking 10 pack ?
Give me a hundred, pussy you can get that
You say fuck Glo out your mouth we push your fucking wig back
We got pistols in the club, fuck security we slid that
I flow so hard, it made bullet proof shit crack
I'm Snoop Dizzle I'm the motherfucking shiznat
Im rolling in that (?), that (?)
All these hoes wanna give a kiss
Im smoking on that piss sack
It smell like I just gone done taking a piss
You smoking on that shit pack
And it smell like you just got done taking a shit
Imma customize a SIG MAC
Cause you ain't never seen that shit
She suck my dick and i gave that bitch a tic-tac
Then told that ho to get the fuck out my shit
They come through gates, now we coming in the back
Catch yo ass barbecue you in with that
Dear Mr your honor I ain't sinning it yet
Im just getting money I'm all in with that
HE should've could've would've he boy you couldn't shit
It's Back From the Dead 2, I'm zombie-ing bitch


[Verse 2 ]
Pull off coming back, turn you into a running back
Pull up in New Jersey, maybe in Bergen nigga, slump yo ass
Im off the Henny, and the Pepsis, Xanax, and the Thrax
In the flesh, pull up leave a nigga flat
Leave a nigga on his back, he should've fucking had his backup
Bullets gave him a disease, now this pussy need a fucking checkup
Bullets gave his ass the hiccups, you want war nigga get up
On my auntie I paint pictures nigga, I bang nigga


15.Smack DVD (修改)

[Hook:Chief Keef]
Fuck nigga act like he want beef
Chopper spin his ass no DVD
Want beef get smacked no TV
Come through with the gat so 3-D
Straight war shit no peace treaties
Click clack up this chopper let it speak speak
I'm overflowing bitch you just a weak leak
I'm an overgrown lion you a weak peach

[Verse 1: Chief Keef]
I let the beat drop bitch
Up and let the heat pop bitch
Pull up you want the beef, stop bitch
We a moving truck, the beef shop bitch
I hang with a lot of fucking killers
And if you disrespect my niggas
Respect with the TEC my nigga
That's what you gon' get my nigga
Don't forget my nigga
Chief Sosa the shit my nigga
My watch cost a brick my nigga
And [?]fuck nigga


[Verse 2: Chief Keef]
I'm an overgrown lion you a weak peach
I'm a strong link you'se a weak leak
Bitch I got the beef links
And I got the full chain let the heat speak
Young snake cross the line you a tweak
You MC? What it be B?
I won't tell I keep a secret
But I'mma bust your ass if you tweak B
Pistols coming wet you surface street leak
The fire hydrant no nigga the big beef
You little niggas sweet tea
Rolling with that thing a nigga call a sweet t


16.Cashin (修改)

Sosa on the beat
Know I'm rockin', man
I call it starter money
Keep kush in my pockets, all designer
Ay, bang bang, Sosa baby, GBE baby, ay ay ay ayy

When it's ugly, I bring that gat wit'
I up this motherfucker ain't with that shit
You be smokin' dirty, I smoke that cat piss
I kill a track, kill a beat on black shit
Niggas actin' funny, but I ain't laughin'
I pull up, pull up, pull up, it's a tragic
Cause I ain't buy her none, she think I ain't got shit
I walk up in the mall straight cashin'

[Verse 1]
She said she love me, whatever that is
Baby, you ain't love me cause I'm cashin'
I walk up in the mall, and I buy shit
No, baby, I don't look at tags and
I hop up in my 'Rari, now I'm ridin'
Doin' 80 past a cop, straight laughin' (HaHa)
Ridin' in that 'Oo, that bitch nasty'
I'm a NASCAR driver, it's a passion
I up this fuckin' uzi and blast it
Keep on laughin', you gon' get yo' ass hit
I swear I be on that new lick, fuck last year
Red dot up on the toolie it be the mac-10 (Ball ball ballll)


[Verse 2]
I walk up in the bank straight laughin'
I walk out the bank with bags like cashin'
Hop up in my 'Rari, I pass your thot
I seen her walkin', told her 'Hop in the 'Rari' (THOTTY)
Baby I'm a pimp, straight Cadillac shit
I get money straight out the ass shit
Life's a box of chocolate, not Nesquik
I'm quick to shoot, pussy get your ass hit
Baby girl, I'm smooth, somethin' like satin
Come through, wipe a nigga block down straight waxin'
Bought a house with a pool, and I got in
I don't need no security, I got it


17.Moral (修改)

The moral of the story is the glory
The moral of the story, these niggas shorty
The moral of the gas I smoke a week
The moral of the cash I blow a week
The moral of the X, I pop an E
The moral of these niggas, they act like a lot of me
The moral of the story, hear the shots, my G
The moral of the story, bitch I brought my guap with me

[Verse 1]
The moral of the story, gang, gang
The moral of the story, gang bang
Chain on, nigga, bling bling
The moral of the story, Johnny Dang
He sayin' somethin', he hears shots for days
The moral of the story, I ain't playin'
My dick feel like, 'fuck I don't, not today'
Moral of the story gotta get this paper
You don't wanna work for me? I'll slave yah
The moral of the story, I'm a president, not a mayor
Roll up in the shop, I be spendin' paper
Moral of the story, nigga, I be gettin' paper
Moral of the story, if I see your thot I take her
Moral of the story, that bitch rape me, I don't rape her
I'm flexin' real hard, shoes cost 2 scoops, just grab a paycheck
Moral of the story, my shoes cost what you ain't get paid yet


[Verse 2]
The moral of the car I drive
The moral of the thots that I got
The moral of the cash that I spend
The moral of the numbers I get
The moral of the TECs that I pop
The moral of the shots in my Glock
Yeah I'm cool but I've been a hot nigga
Moral of the story, can't trust, watch niggas
On the fuckin' piss, here piña colada, nigga
Moral of the story, I ain't worried 'bout nada, nigga
Bitch I'm from the 'Glo, straight A-Team, we'll ride a nigga
Moral of the story I'm Black Disciple nigga


18.Swag (修改)

Hop in my car, swag in a swag
Niggas mad cuz I got swag in a bag
He bought his bitch a bag
I put his bitch in a bag
It can't fit in my pocket cash, put that shit in a bag
Michael Jackson I'm bad
I'm moonwalking with the cash
Walk in the bank with bags
Moonwalking with the cash
Blitzing these niggas straight Madden
Hail Mary in the cash
Walk up in it and it's bout swagging
Gettin' every bitch that's bad with my swag

[Verse 1]
I'm getting every bitch that's bad with my swag
I walk up in the spot and I'm spending cash
I'm getting cash nigga look at my pants
I got big ass pants nigga look at them bands
Franklin's he got hit with the smith n wesson
Stankin' get that cash I'm in to winning
Thank you don't think cuz of the clothes I'm in
Ain't got a banger, I up the smith n wesson
And I sank her,[?]
I'm a stranger yo life ain't got the price my shoes is in
And that's danger, I tipped the thottie cuz I'm swagging
And I swang her, [?]
Aye, aye, aye


[Verse 2]
Smokin' on dope my swag
I be totin' no hoes my swag
Bitch I'ma be in my bag nigga
Come in my mansion countin' all this cash nigga
Get blast nigga
Now he loss and I'm glad nigga
Pull off skuddaskuh duhduhduh duhduhduh blam nigga
Get hit with this swag nigga
Got some choppas up in my Louis bag nigga
Got some gwuapa in my Gucci bag nigga
Got some blocker shottas blockas and they blast niggas
Swag, Aye, aye, aye


19.Wayne (修改)

Think I'm Wayne
You say you wanna fight nigga swing
You say you wanna blow pipes nigga bang
I'm riding in that Fighting Liu Kang
That's why I can fuck your wife and you can't
Young Batman, Bruce Wayne
Don't make me torch it nigga blue flames
In that big body, riding two lanes
And I'm grindin hard like I'm fucking Wayne nigga
Like I'm Wayne nigga

[Verse 1]
This Back From The Dead 2 this ain't Tha Carter 3
You owe me money I want an apology
I want your fingers so you cannot count to 3
We pullin up in trilogies we poppin 3
I'm never studying a nigga no astrology
Walk up in the mall like I just hit the lottery
And I'm still rollin dice no monopoly
I can't be controlled this ain't no colosseum
Don't fuck with boys this ain't no everybody-ology
I only speak money they only talk shit
I'm examining money, you broke-a-ology
But when we bring these guns up acknowledge these


[Verse 2]
Bitch I got them birds man
Automatic 30
Pull up in a clean car, do em dirty
Yeah, Sosa Wayne, I got Young Money and Mack Maine
Pull up in that Cash Money thang
Big Tymers blang, blang, blang, blang
I be balling like I'm Stunna
Nigga you be balding like you Stunna, bald head nigga
I'm a shotter with some dreads nigga
Send bullets like brrrrr, Sosa Birdman nigga


20.Bs (修改)

Swag, throwing b's up
I got my gat and I'm throwing b's up
I'm throwing b's up, smoking trees up
She top me, then I leave her
I'm blood gang I be throw b's up
Them diamonds in my chain put them c's up
Seazy I throw a b's b
Blood gang pistols knock down tree tree

[Verse 1]
What I'm doing, smoking tree tree
Getting that knee knee
With a thot name Kiki, her nigga wanna be me
I'm throwing that bibi bullet fine like Lil bbs
Watching my chain go bling bling, this shit like Lil Peepee
Almighty Sosa Big Glo, made that boss shit look easy
Say you wanna catch me though if you walk in you won't see me
Pull up playin' repo takin' every nigga I'm seeing
What I ain't I'll never be, what I am I'm being


[Verse 2]
These choppas knocks down trees trees
Choppas knock down heads and knees knees and feet, feet
Shooting up feet, feet
We shootin' targets we don't shoot no teetee
I'm too turnt, bitch I'm TT
We know drama just like TnT
It's no comparin' he and me
Up this gun shoot his ass, cause it's he or me