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Travis Porter



【 I'm A Differenter (Mixtape) 】【 英文 】【 2009-11 】

1.Freakiest Girl

2.House Party (提供)

3.Gotta Go (提供)

4.Back Door

5.Spiffed Up (提供)

6.Stupid Adlibs (提供)

7.Cut Da Fool (提供)

8.Outro (提供)

9.Shot Me Down

10.Spelling Bee

11.Uh Huh

12.Loud (提供)

13.Career Day (提供)

14.Free 99 (提供)

15.Black Boy, White Boy

16.The Baddest Bitch In The World

17.Fucked In The Car

18.Knee Deep (提供)

19.Gives U Hell (提供)


2009 street mixtape from Travis Porter, one of the hottest Hip Hop groups coming out of Atlanta. The fun-loving Rap trio has already received co-signs from the likes of Drake, Gucci Mane and Lil' Wayne, and dozens of ladies continuously give the crew some well-deserved MySpace love. After one listen to their latest offering I'm A Differenter, it's easy to understand why people are so charmed by their youthful exuberance. Throughout the 19 tracks, the ATLiens supply an assortment of addictive party records that will keep the party bumping and perhaps lead a few lucky bachelors (or bachelorettes) to some late night fun. And really, everybody wants to have some fun - especially Travis Porter.