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Frank Zappa( 弗兰克·扎帕 )



【 Civilization Phaze Iii 】【 英文 】【 1995-04 】

1.This Is Phaze Iii (提供)

2.Put A Motor In Yourself (提供)

3.Oh-umm (提供)

4.They Made Me Eat It (提供)

5.Reagan At Bitburg (提供)

6.A Very Nice Body (提供)

7.Navanax (提供)

8.How The Pigs' Music Works (提供)

9.Xmas Values (提供)

10.Dark Water! (提供)

11.Amnerika (提供)

12.Have You Ever Heard Their Band? (提供)

13.Religious Superstition (提供)

14.Saliva Can Only Take So Much (提供)

15.Buffalo Voice (提供)

16.Someplace Else Right Now (提供)

17.Get A Life (提供)

18.A Kayak(On Snow) (提供)

19.N-lite (提供)

20.I Wish Moterhead Would Come Back (提供)

21.Secular Humanism (提供)

22.Attack! Attack! Attack! (提供)

23.I Was In A Drum (提供)

24.A Different Octave (提供)

25.This Ain't Cnn

26.The Pigs' Music (提供)

27.A Pig With Wings (提供)

28.This Is All Wrong (提供)

29.Hot & Putrid (提供)

30.Flowing Inside-out

31.I Had A Dream About That (提供)

32.Gross Man (提供)

33.A Tunnel Into Muck (提供)

34.Why Not? (提供)

35.Put A Little Motor In 'em (提供)

36.You're Just Insultin' Me, Aren't You! (提供)

37.Cold Light Generation (提供)

38.Dio Fa (提供)

39.That Would Be The End Of That (提供)

40.Beat The Reaper (提供)

41.Waffenspiel (提供)


This is Zappa's masterpiece of electronic music, conceived, composed and performed on his Synclavier, a computer system for music composition and recording. Civilization Phaze III is an astounding work, taking Zappa nearly ten years to finish. Released posthumously, this 2 CD set is a testimony to Zappa the composer, containing the pure fruits of his imagination and the hard work he continued until his death in 1993. Continuing the story of the piano people from Lumpy Gravy (and utilizing much of the same tape source material for it's interludes) the album fulfills on the promise of his Grammy-winning Jazz From Hell, the first album released of his Synclavier music. Rather than sounding artificial, the sampled instruments sound other-worldly, as if Zappa's latest band had traveled from a dimension where our own laws of space and time didn't apply. Strings morph into winds in the middle of a phrase, and different instruments trade alternating notes in the most complicated and fast of passages. Anyone interested in new experimental and electronic music will also want to check out Civilization Phaze III, the genre's best-kept secret. --Andrew Boscardin