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Michelle Branch( 密雪儿·布兰奇 )



【 Everything Comes and Goes 】【 英文 】【 2010-09-14 】

1.Ready To Let You Go

2.Sooner Or Later

3.I Want Tears

4.Crazy Ride


6.Everything Comes & Goes


'Everything Comes And Goes' represents Branch's first project since she enjoyed her first country smash with 200's acclaimed album 'Stand Still, Look Pretty' by The Wreckers, the duo with which Branch made an inspired vocal and songwriting collaboration that was nominated for both a CMA Award and a Grammy. The popularity of The Wreckers helped establish Branch as a fixture of country radio. True to its philosophical title, 'Everything Come And Goes' documents what became a complicated and emotional time in the life of Branch, who first moved to Nashville four years ago with her musician husband Teddy Landau to make music and start a family. According to Branch, 'Everything Comes And Goes' - produced by John Leventhal and John Shanks ('My Two Johns,' Branch calls them with a laugh) - reflects what she calls 'two break-ups the past year or two.' Born in Sedona, Arizona, Branch took voice lessons at eight, got her first guitar by fourteen, and instantly became obsessed with songwriting. That same passion resulting in Branch releasing her first independent album 'Broken Bracelet' and signing her first major label record deal with Maverick before she turned eighteen.