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1 5.Youthless uilt5.Youthless There's a bottomless pit that we've been climbing fromJust to get on level ground Shake your seasick legs around Dead ... d Holding nothing And they're youthless and pretending with their bare hands Holding nothing There's a million horses dragging down a monolith With these trademar ... round saying nothing And he's youthless and forgetting with his bare hands touching nothing And he's helpless and forgetting in the background saying nothing And ...
2 14.Live Old e trumpet blares Of youthly cares Might obscure that view Theres more Theres more Theres more Something a
3 1.OMG Shortstraw-Youthless1.OMG OMG Yesterday you loved me I'm not done You don't even know me
4 2.Heaps Keen Shortstraw-Youthless2.Heaps Keen Round Town You've been hanging round town Round Town Ye
5 3.House Shortstraw-Youthless3.House And it's nice to see you out I'd like to take you out if I c

6 4.Charlotte Carter Shortstraw-Youthless4.Charlotte Carter You kiss your mother with that mouth? Can someone
7 5.Curtains Shortstraw-Youthless5.Curtains if we don't stick around we could be leaving for the week
8 6.When You're Angry Shortstraw-Youthless6.When You're Angry If I was a bettin' man I would bet on you And if
9 1.下個路口 任何的留戀 Let go of our youthly years never to miss those days追悼的青春回不去消散在你眼前 Lament your youth as it vanishes
10 8.ユースレス・シンフォニー ない優越感も役に立たないもの全て so youthless!!痛いくらいの情熱も焦げのついた欲望もかけがえのないもの全てしがみついている自由も古くなってく衝動もかけがえのないもの全て尽きることない情熱も眩しすぎ