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1 9.Long Way Home l I'll be winking to the wise owl who always knew And babbling with t
2 28.Honky Tonk Moon- Remastered Stars are winking bright An old hoot owl is calling Everything's all right H
3 1.Thanksラブレター The Winking Owl-Thanksラブレター1.Thanksラブレター Lyricist
4 2.Try The Winking Owl-Thanksラブレター2.Try Lyricist Luiza Composer
5 3.NEW The Winking Owl-Thanksラブレター3.NEW Lyricist Luiza Composer

6 4.片想い The Winking Owl-Thanksラブレター4.片想い Lyricist Luiza Composer
7 5.Confession The Winking Owl-Thanksラブレター5.Confession Lyricist L
8 6.Night&Day The Winking Owl-Thanksラブレター6.Night&Day Lyricist Lu
9 for all The Winking Owl-Thanksラブレター for all Lyricist
10 8.君のままで The Winking Owl-Thanksラブレター8.君のままで Lyricist Luiza作
11 9.The Tears Turn To A Rainbow The Winking Owl-Thanksラブレター9.The Tears Turn To
12 10.Loser Unbeatable The Winking Owl-Thanksラブレター10.Loser Unbeatable
13 11.Just For Tonight The Winking Owl-Thanksラブレター11.Just For Tonight
14 12.Flame Of Life The Winking Owl-Thanksラブレター12.Flame Of Life
15 1.NEW The Winking Owl-NEW1.NEW Lyricist Luiza Composer rui歩き慣れた
16 1.Try The Winking Owl-Try1.Try Lyricist Luiza Composer Yomaなにが答
17 2.Night&Day The Winking Owl-Try2.Night&Day Lyricist Luiza Composer Yo
18 3.Dream Sailor The Winking Owl-Try3.Dream Sailor Lyricist Luiza Composer
19 1.Now What?! The Winking Owl-Into Another World1.Now What?! Lyricist Luiza Composer Yoma Now what?! I'm talking to you Come on the answer is waiting on you Easy to ... Only takes you just as much knowledge to stay At the end of the line私欲や孤独が僕の頭上に押し掛かってきても振り払う知恵奥底に持ち合わせているよね?足踏みしてるようじゃ見えるものも見えない煙の中見出す喜び味わいましょう Maybe there's a ne ... Onl
20 2.Chain of Emotions The Winking Owl-Into Another World2.Chain of Em

21 3.Precious Love The Winking Owl-Into Another World3.Precious Lo
22 4.Eclipse The Winking Owl-Into Another World4.Eclipse
23 5.Let Go The Winking Owl-Into Another World5.Let Go作
24 6.ベクトリズム The Winking Owl-Into Another World6.ベクトリズム作
25 8.Everyone Has A Story The Winking Owl-Into Another World8.Everyone Ha
26 1.Open Up My Heart The Winking Owl-BLOOMING1.Open Up My Heart
27 2.This Is How We Riot The Winking Owl-BLOOMING2.This Is How We Riot
28 3.Bloom The Winking Owl-BLOOMING3.Bloom Lyricist Luiza Composer Y
29 4.Empty In The Crowd The Winking Owl-BLOOMING4.Empty In The Crowd
30 6.Don't Kill My Melody The Winking Owl-BLOOMING6.Don't Kill My Melody
31 7.Here For You The Winking Owl-BLOOMING7.Here For You Lyricist Lu
32 8.Sparkle Light The Winking Owl-BLOOMING8.Sparkle Light I'v
33 11.Your World The Winking Owl-BLOOMING11.Your World Do you remember? About the day we ended everything You were stuck in your world And wouldn't let m ... ttle thing It's a matter of knowledge that makes the differences in u
34 1.Open Up My Heart The Winking Owl-Open Up My Heart1.Open Up My He
35 2.Here For You The Winking Owl-Open Up My Heart2.Here For You
36 3.Fallen Angel The Winking Owl-Open Up My Heart3.Fallen Angel
37 1.Precious The Winking Owl-Voyage1.Precious I don't kn
38 2.Reflection The Winking Owl-Voyage2.Reflection夕暮れに映る明日を
39 3.The Ocean Floor The Winking Owl-Voyage3.The Ocean Floor On
40 4.Orion The Winking Owl-Voyage4.Orionああゆらゆら揺れる光ああ夜に
41 5.Through The Glass The Winking Owl-Voyage5.Through The Glass W
42 6.Precious(Remix) The Winking Owl-Voyage6.Precious(Remix) I d