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Time time time

Remember days I never had nothing. Yeah yeah yeah yeah a remember days I never had nothing I had turn something and something try get the millions now I'm get it now finally cought me ford fusion. Now hit road remember days I did not have nothing now see me go go go
Versus 1
I told myself was going to make to the top now not the time to fold I don't trust a soul all the bitches all niggas sound the same they really hoes turn little sum yeah trying to turn this rack to million into something yeah don't nobody want to see you win I just cut them loose I just cut them loose seen my day one nigga switch on me
Versus 2
I can't trust a soul I see the same shit every time yeah been the same little dude I been a jit yeah I'm just trying to get some m turn nothing Into something yeah I'm just trying to get m turn nothing into something yeah time time been going through same shit yeah did all right things I never had shit yeah now finally got me something now I'm f*ck it yeah now f*ck it this same niggas that was flex on me back then now finally got some f*ck hating now t finally f*ck hating yeah
Versus 3

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