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Guapdad 4000

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Guapdad 4000

Uncle Ricky(feat. !llmind)

Lyricist:Guapdad 4000, !llmind
Composer:Guapdad 4000, !llmind

My Uncle Ricky f**king crazy, he f**king scary,
His personality is, well, overbearing
The type of Uncle that I hide, that start oversharing
Except when it come to my problems then he over-caring
He's over-listening, he only care about his own problems, own business
My Uncle Ricky don't wash his clothes and four b***hes

I don't even wanna open the door for this ni**a
But this ni**a know I'm here from lights on in the kitchen

Ay nephew take me down the street so I can meet this h**
Nephew, she got EBT refilled then some mo
Nephew, she can get the syrup drank and some dro
Nephew, put this in the back of your truck and go

Drivin' with the devil, it's like time got stuck
He promised me a bag then my mind got stuck
He was high, I was tired so my mind got f**ked
He said nephew, ay nephew, do this for Unc

We gone bend this corner real quick nephew, we sliding
Where we going?
We gone pick up this lil b***h up that owe me 5
5 dollas?
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500 and a ni**a like me needs all dat chicken
So we pulled up, I'm like she good? Why she crying
B***h be tripping

Okay pull up to the p store
With the ATM for fever
And play got 5 on it
I'm 5 degrees from a fever
It's 95 degrees in the car
Cause I broke my heater
And I'm nervous, he got a gun
Hot breath & heavy breathing
So it's humid in the whip
And it's humans in the whip
Plus that black bag from earlier, what's it doing in the whip
Back to the heat, it done turned certain things into steam
I got aromas of ammonia
What the f**k do that mean
He said nephew
You want this tech 9, you gotta get it fixed
I been selling cream and doing h***a s**t
The b***h from the store her baby daddy want some fonk
Go get that gun fix and show 'em you ain't no punk