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Mary Goes Wrong

Lyricist:蘇文劭 王宥盛
Arranger:蘇文劭 史丹周

Wandered away, Mary she
lost in the pool of people
Bits of Mary she was
dripping along the road

Stand at her shoes, Mary she
took a stroll down the hill
Oh, young Mary she's got
She's got no clue at all
Where's she supposed to go?

Mary goes wrong Mary goes wrong
Mary goes wrong
Mary, goes, wrong

Closed her eyes, Mary she
carried away by this tune
Slow and steady, she was
back at the first of June

In the field of strawberries
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In her dream of memories
Slow and steady, the tears dry
When she's got no clue at all
will someone come along?

Mary goes wrong Mary goes wrong
Mary goes wrong
Mary, goes, on

Mary you should know
In this beautifully messy world
We have every right to be wrong
So let it go, let it go

Try to learn and learn to try
Let's go and play some other rides
I'll stand by your side this time
No matter why, whenever you cry
And we will be fine, we will be fine

Don't let them tell you what is wrong
Life is just like a song
Mary, goes, on

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