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Crashing Into Daylight


Crashing into daylight is harder than slipping into the night
the light tingles your sullen head
On this day you refuse to be cruel
while people in the streets maintain their ancient excitement

Being in daylight means handing yourself over to the light
and the light might bring you into the worlds of others
These won't necessarily be their inner worlds
but does it matter?
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This is after all a shared world of cement and cicada buzz.
¬––– what kind of a shared world is this?

People in the streets maintain their ancient predicament
your delicate heartbeats are also from a long, long time ago
'At least do not be cruel', you warn
'your freedoms can be counted on the fingers of one hand!'

Among the willows, beside the lotus pond, beneath the thunderbolts, oh heavens!
Despise their pride, and be despised

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