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Christine Ebersole


Is that all I'm worth to them? A color?

Is that my only claim to fame?
My shot at permanent acclaim
My legend branded with a rose
Immortalized in Posy Pink

On Mamie Eisenhower's Lips
On Mrs. Astor's roots and tips
The boxes packaged with a bow
That cost more than the lotion

That flush of ardor in a man's embrace
My would be baby with a rosy face
And rabbits from the test
Who perished for a nursery converted to a guest room
Dressed in Pink

With an enormous princess bed
The cherubs painted overhead in Pink
Coral Pink
Just Pink.

The undersigned hereby agrees to
licence her likeness and trademark color...

When I was just a farm girl in Ontario
Could anyone have known how far I'd climb?
A multi-millionairess not so long ago
The derby winning cover-girl of Time

A confident to presidents and royalty
Her generation's connoisseur of style
In years to come I wonder how they'll picture me
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A legend, or some aging erstwhile juvenile in Pink

Still the eternal debutante
The only shred of me they want
My one accomplishment to last
When I'm put out to pasture

Oh is pink
My shoes my furniture my clothes
My life, la vie en rose, oh
The glint of sunrise on a frozen pond
The glow of twilight through the dark beyond
The pink rinse of my coif
Reclining on the matching satin lining of my coffin
Swathed in Pink

My life's work withered on the vine
All for a document to sign
In Pink ink.

Fuchsia pink.

Persian pink.

Peachy pink.

Mocha pink, timeless pink,
story pink, fabled pink, glory pink, label pink.

Arden Pink.

Well I never even liked the color.