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Unusual Way

Lyricist:Maury Yeston
Composer:Maury Yeston

In a very unusual way, one time I needed you
In a very unusual way, you were my friend
Maybe it lasted a day, maybe it lasted an hour,
But somehow it will never end

In a very unusual way,
I think I'm in love with you
In a very unusual way, I want to cry
Something inside me goes weak,
something inside me surrenders,
and you're the reason why,
you're the reason why
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You don't know what you do to me
You don't have a clue
You can't tell what it's like to be me, looking at you
It scares me so that I can hardly speak

In a very unusual way, I owe what I am to you
Through at times it appears I won't stay, I never go
Special to me in my life, since the first day that I met you,
how could I ever forget you, once you had touched my soul?

In a very unusual way, you've made me whole

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