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Little More


Some mixed feelings
It's still a new thing
I only have now to see who you are today

I know I'll break out in tears
When I look back on these years
Where I am right now right here and loving
every moment found

Just a little more
Don't let go
One day you'll hold the one you love
Until that day hold on to me, take my hand

I want to feel you
And hug you
Then someday you may go your way
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Alone to that vast sky where I will send my love

I feel the magic
You pour into me
Can we freeze this time so it won't go away

You know I will protect you
Show you love so you can too
Give you all the things you need in life and more to get you

Sometimes I will lose my grip
Although I will seal my lips
All I want is see you smiling every day
I'll always believe in you
On your side I'll be so true
Listen to every word you will say