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My Bubba

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My Bubba


Lonely birds falling down,
hit the lakes with a splash.
Then they swim to the bottom,
slowly down,
and make love in the old volcanic ash.
My banana needs peeling,
I don't know what to do.
I lost both my arms tr­ying to talk to you.
Hell bent,
well spent,
but now I'm not sure what to do.
Myba­nana needs peeling,
what to do?
You left my freck­-
les on the doorstep,
but what am I supposed to do?
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You're flown off with the storm now,
and you forgot to leave me the glue.
Pale face, freckle embraced,
but they won't stay on without the glue.
They'll fly right of my cheeks with the next storm.
They'll fly off with a storm just like you.
Mourning your absence leaves me colorless,
but blue.
Fruit falls heavy at my window,
but I don't seem to know what to do about you.
No, I don't seem to know what to do without you.
What to do without you?

  1. Special thanks to Jules for sharing the lyric.

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