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GATA:Hey, Baby--I'm running out to the store right quick--we're outta cat food again. Okay?
You need anything?
Boyfriend:Oh, no--I don't need anything...
GATA:You sure, now?
Boyfriend:I got everything I need, right here.
GATA: Okay. I'll be back...
(door closes)
Boyfriend: Okay... remote--
(remote clicks, tv plays)
Boyfriend: Alright...
(door opens)
GATA: I forgot my phon--
Boyfriend: Oh--
GATA: (scoffs) Oh, c'mon--again?
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Boyfriend (caught): Uhm--
GATA: Really?! Is it this serious?
Boyfriend: Nah--nah, but-- but--
GATA: You know I opened the closet and your whole mag stash fell on my head?
Boyfriend: But--
GATA: On my HEAD, baby!
Boyfriend: It wasn't mine!
GATA: (tch) Uh-uh...(scoffs)
Boyfriend: But--
GATA: Y--y'know what, I ca--
I got something' for your ass right now...
Boyfriend: I mean, baby-- it wasn't mine!

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