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Weeping Birth

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Weeping Birth

Kyung Sook

I built and built my castle on my pain
Trying to escape from the maze of my veins
Kyung Sook
Cold, she appeared in the night
Hiding the pale moonlight
Nihilist of Nihilism
Beyond the essence of Good, beyond sadism

Gnawing my face as denying my faith
To what thinks to be she gives chase
Kyung Sook
Immaterial though human
Her ungaze shall forever tear me
Haunting the shores of my mind
Annihilating the notion of liberty

No chaos, divinity or sense
Just the illusion
Given by an unworld in a trance
Just an illusion...

Denying both feelings and thoughts
Just illusions
Of an unrace that has always fought
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To build illusions

Spiting in my wide open eyes
And scattering all my dreams
The Wolf bites the Wolf
Refuting the exact question of the I

Lunatic and hateful she stands before me
Blinding her grief with a destructive rage
Kyung Sook
You cannot escape your state
It is not because you haven't found anything yet
That there is nothing to find
Doubt be your weapon

Through the countless eddies of Love and Hatred
Let me show you the path
Open your deaf ears and your blind mind to my word
You don't need my being but I might enlighten your I... Your darkened I
Open one Eye... Then the other one
Don't drink my thoughts like the flowers drink water
But don't wither yet! Don't be burnt by blight!