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Chronixx( Jamar McNaughton )

Ghetto People

Where you gonna run now that the Gideon start
Where you gonna run now that the Gideon, Gideon start
When all the money that you robbed from ghetto youths ain't enough to fly you to mars
When the system you defend start brake down like a leg-go
When the whole world becomes a ghetto
That's when you realized

The whole a wi a ghetto people
Ghetto people
Suh tell mister boasty slave don't forget the people

Ghetto people, ghetto people
Call dem all
Remember highly Selassie never left the people
No time at all, not even an inch

Gimmi a pound a the macka height and no grabber
Meck mi cool and satta pon the riddim proper
Every youth top shatter part the zig zagger
Meck mi show you what a clock a strike in a Jam-Rock yah
Politician dem a chat a tongue sharp like macka
Dem nuh have no vision dem a scammer
Wi a wave the banner
Wa kind a honor unuh naw treat the youth wid honor
Meck mi show unuh a vibes

Nuh true yo living up town when the banks fall down
Then the whole a wi a ghetto youths

A me pore you rich but when the pole shift
Then the whole a wi a ghetto youths

And me black, you white, but when famine strike
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Then the whole a wi a ghetto youths

On that day when you trade yo roserice for a grain of rice
That's when you realize seh


Warning to all the future leaders
Dem don't treat the youths like a different creature
Them seek a friend before you need a friend
Those children in the streets a wi teacher dem
Future soldiers and politician
But a bet you cannot seet
Meck mi adjust yo folly vision
Yo eyes blurred by the guns and ammunition
Suh meck mi show unuh a vibes

When the night turn day
White house turn grey
Then the whole a wi a ghetto youths

And me walk you drive
But when their's no oil
Then the whole a wi a ghetto youths

And when you cyaa tell Ligony different from Tivoly
Then yo si seh wi a ghetto youths

When you cant tell Avendail fro down town parade
Then a then you realize seh the whole a wi


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