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Chronixx( Jamar McNaughton )

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Chronixx( Jamar McNaughton )

Alpha & Omega (Dub)

Sent by di king, watch dem under ring when mi fly down far
Fi step pon di beast and kick down riddim
Like a sly done bar
wi burning di system weh tell di youths seh fi fight gun far
Uplifting mi sistren, tell are seh selassie hight love star
Peeniewallie, barrel and di system falling
But this is just di beginning
Beginning a di grand finally
Finally because eventually we get di cause
Seh wi fi stand up tall and wi fi gang up
Cause united wi stand divided
Wi father we love

Walk wid di prince of peace selassie a di leader
Praises be to di kings of kings
Alpha and Omega

Selassie a di leader
Alpha and omega

Guiltiness is on their face
And blood shed on their shoulder
Turn from your sinful ways yea
Before lightening strike all over
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Whole heap a actracity weh yo cause pon ghetto youth
Then yuh have di other city fi come gi mi gun fi shoot
And a chat how yo lock di city
Well this is di ugly truth
When yuh bring all di guns come gi mi
Mi give it to my recruit
Big revolution when time di guns dem turn
Turn pon di old politician
Weh being coming di first place
Yuh should a fun education fi meck di youth dem learn
Instead yuh buy ammunition
And yuh waan come run a next turn
Go run up under yo bed bwoy, put yo hand pon yo head
Mi terrible and mi dread, corrupted politician fi dead bwoy
Wa happen to Coral garden, down a Tivoly Garden
Come like yuh pree every garden no revolution breach every garden
Go put this up in di gleaner
Mi want it reach every reader
If yuh no live like oily selassie
Yuh no fit fi be Chronixx leader

(Repeat )