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One take freestyle

I don't know what the fuck you niggas thought, but
You fucking doughnuts, aren't you, what the fuck?
Come like man's smoking fucking rice or something, I don't know but
16 bars, no filler
Man wanna end my career
I see bare fuckboys, no killers
Go figure
Thinking you're big, I'm bigger
Think my white friends can say nigga?
And I'll stand here like that's jigga?
Going on wicked and bad
Go on then, pick up your strap
But please don't twist up the facts
I see niggas go switch up from rap
But this rap game's long and it's winner-stays-on
So pussy, don't pick up the pad (gassed up, gassed up)
Death threats
So many death threats
So tell me
How comes I ain't dead yet?
Mad ting
How comes I ain't bled yet?
22 but I'm still an old school legend
Like Nedved
Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait start off
Don't make me start off
They go and make diss tracks
Then I go and just chart top
Popped off
This game ain't something that I'm part of
I know real badboys like Narcos
I was a real bad boy, ask Carlos
Man have got Ghetts' spirit inside me
Go and ask Mumzy, bad from primary
Cocoa butter and the afro comb
Used to step out the yard with my face all shiny
You know them ones, dark and reckless
Bluejays ting for my breakfast
I've been keeping my ear to the streets
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And there ain't many niggas that I've been impressed with
Grown arse men saying my name, embarrassing
Big with wife and the kids, embarrassing
Man are like 30+, how embarrassing
Now you wanna start with us, that's embarrassing
What? None of my Gs nominated for BRITs?
Are you taking the piss? Embarrassing
But I've got the force like Anakin
This year, I'll let that slide, stop panicking
But next year, I'm going on dark
Like wah gwan, is my face too dark?
Last year, they told the mandem that to be nominated
You've gotta go on UK charts
So what do we do? We chart
Don't come here with your lies, don't start
Deny our ting, you calm
Deny our ting, I'll bark
Stiff Chocolate, not the edible type
Smoke on a medical vibe
I bring your girl to my show
She said I'm incredible live
Man wanna see me respond
See, I would but my schedule is tight
Man try say that he's better than me?
That was a terrible lie
Man try say he's the fucking best
LOL, I'm fucking dead
You can keep your stupid opinions
In your stupid fucking head
All you do is fucking bred
Here he comes, this fucking beg
Take this mash, remove yourself
Or jump in front of a truck instead
I clocked it
My man's lost it
Man held a beating
The ref should've stopped it
Mopped it
Had one chance and flopped it
Threatening me won't make you the heavyweight champ, rudeboy
Stop this, man
Fucking hell, bruv

It's stopped, it's over